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August 10, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Well, the best news I have for TGI Wednesday. I mean, it is TGI Wednesday because today the moon wobble peaks, I’m telling you that is a happy day there. The moon wobble peaks today at 12. 20 7:00 PM Eastern time. Now, as long as I’ve been observing this little phenomenon, I’ve not seen the last seven days after the aspect peaks that it has a lot of stinger in it left.

It really has kind of done everything it does before the sun and the nodes of the moon. Either conjoin or square. As they are this time. So what are we talking about here? Well, it’s a little known phenomenon. Not a lot of people follow it, but I do think it has some merit and it is something that we have to put on our little astrological calendar, every about 89, 88 days, the sun either conjoins or squares, the nodes of the moon.

Now, if you search this up online, you’ll see a couple of different timeframes. I was taught that you back up 21 days from that exact day, which is today. Others say 14 days. And for example, nine 11, September 11th, 2001 was 15 days back from that sun square to the nodes on September 26th. So there’s, I mean, if there’s a little bit of evidence for the little bit wider orb, but this is a time during that window.

Mostly again the time before the exact aspect. Oh. And then it trails off for seven days. If you were to follow the whole time period, it’s a time of earthquakes, volcanoes, airplane crashes, nine elevens death symbolisms on high consciousness trips to the mountains, or, eh, couple of days before it peaks rating a former president’s home by the FBI.

Aren’t you glad it peaks today. And we have a full moon tomorrow. Nice thing is the chart gives us a break. So after tomorrow’s full moon tomorrow evening, we get Friday, Saturday, Sunday with no major aspects. Now Luna can always trigger something, but no major other aspects or sign changes through the weekend.

Now we don’t go into politics here and I would not politicize what happened on Monday. In fact, show you why the universe is underscoring. This, I had recorded this before and I did go into the chart a little bit and. Through some complications. And the fact that I’m still a little bit tired from the trip, I didn’t save the file properly and it was gone.

So that was the universe saying, Nope, but I will say this I’ll just point this out that in Donald Trump’s solar arc and transit chart, there is a yacht between the planets that have been. So with us over the last month or so Mars, Uranus, and the north node in TA. Form a yacht to Donald Trump’s solar arc.

Pluto and Neptune Pluto being in the second house of money, finances, possessions, and Neptune being in the fourth house of home family or in his case, certainly you could say Homeland as well. So the question we have to ask under the premise of the moon wobble is what other implications are going to follow?

This? Was this just an initial shock or is this the first trip of the first Dom? Robert Glasscock who has been studying astrology for 57 years has been saying since the beginning of 2018, that this kind of progression was likely according to the chart also potential health issues is the other thing that he had his eye on.

Then whatever side of this you are on, however, you’ve interpreted it for yourself. You have to agree on one thing. And that is that this certainly. Has the characteristics to move us closer to the other thing that Robert sees in the next, over the next two years. And that would. Highly divisive conflict.

Let’s just put it that way. Are we moving closer to that as a country or are we moving farther away now? Let’s look at this through a different lens. So once again, astrology has pointed to a certain direction. Like I said, Robert’s been looking at this for over four years. How are we going to respond as it continues to unfold?

there is a high timeline and there is a low timeline. The low timeline is anger, fear pride. In other words, superiority saying I’ve never sinned. also angst in security over the future. It’s also putting your trust in others like a corrupt government. I mean, whether you see it through the blue lens or the red lens or the in between lens, it’s all obviously corrupt Neptune in the chart has showed us that if you, if you’d never read a newspaper, you could look at the chart and go, wow.

This thing is in a mess, right? It’s also having a Pluto return of which we don’t have a historical precedent, not like this, not in modern times. So you get, what I’m saying is there’s a lower path with lower emotions and there’s a higher timeline that we can choose. The higher timeline is confidence that we chose this time to be.

It’s confidence that we can send love into the situation, whether we agree with it or not. We can send love to the human beings who are involved, what they represent the country. They represent the freedom. They represent the challenge to that freedom. The whole situation represents love. Even as I’m saying this I’m feeling resistance.

Can you choose the timeline that says. I’m willing to set the politics aside and choose love as my response love. That means no name calling no keyboard. Warrioring on forums, no Hardy har har, or we’re going to go March in the streets and shoot things and burn things. I mean, have you read some of the comments?

I did so that I could get an idea of where the consciousness was responding to this. And that’s pretty much it. I mean, a little bit of embellishment, but you get the idea. The better place is love and here’s the paradox. If you choose love, you put your energy into the zone where you will be shown everything that you need when you need it in order to respond.

But if you put your emotions on the lower timeline, at least from an energetic perspective, chances are you will block the very thing you’re trying to get. And there may be times in the future where we do have to take some different actions than we are now, but for now healing, convergence love is a great place to be and truly mean it.

Send it from your heart, open your heart to high energy. Follow the high timeline, have a good TGI Wednesday full moon tomorrow. We’ll be howling to start the show.