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May 11, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome into the Wednesday, May 11th edition of the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. Hello, Thomas. I cannot thank you enough. I’ve always dabbled in astrology, but you have been a welcoming force with no judgment and have made even my husband, who is a spiritual skeptic at best a fan of yours as well.

Um, I was born in Moscow, Russia during the communist era and my mother, uh, cannot remember the exact time I was born. I have a two hour window. I know that within my chart, but now being the astrological sleuth that I am, I’m reaching out to you for help to ask you if something like rectification astrology is worth looking at.

Is there a way for me to figure out my rising sign without, depending on my records from Russia, that I probably will not be able to obtain. Thank you, Daria. And I would like to ask you a question in return, where did you leave your accent between here and Moscow? I would love to know what you did to speak such pristinely, beautiful English.

And thank you for bringing your husband into the conversation as well. And I’m glad that it serves both of you. Let’s answer this and I’m going to tell you the answer straight up. I’m going to give you the short answer up front. So those of you who don’t want to Wade through the rest of this, it might go a little long.

I’m going to, I am going to give you some details. So those of you who just want the quick answer can roll on. The answer is absolutely. Yes. You want the most accurate birth time you can get now, why is that? Well, because it affects, as she said, the ascendant, which affects the way that the houses are laid out in your chart.

You know, I think about somebody like Wayne Dyer, Dr. Wayne Dyer lived in multiple orphanages before he was 10 or 12 years. How is somebody like that going to find the exact time of their birth mean there, you might even not have the right day. And that’s important because just like what happened yesterday?

If you were off that far, you could miss Jupiter’s sign. It could be 29 Pisces or it could be zero Aries. The moon, obviously changing signs on a given day. So sign changes is one big area houses would be the other in the natal chart. And then of course, we’re talking about the placement of the ascendant and the Midheaven.

Now those two ripple down and become enormously important in the progressed charts. So either the secondary progressions or the solar arc charts, four minutes makes a huge difference. So you really want to know as accurate of a birth time as can. Now Robert Glasscock has a rectification technique that we are going to unveil.

I’m going to tell you a little bit about it here so that you can start looking at some things in your chart, and then we’ll give you the details on the other podcast. But the guy that I use that did my own rectification, because I had moms saying about eight 30. And I was born in 1959. And for whatever reason, they didn’t put the time on my birth certificate.

So I gave this to a guy by the name of Joseph Arciga and he runs a website called harmonic M O N I C L I F E that’s all one harmonic The website is a little wonky. You’ve got to buy tokens and you’ve got to go to the rectification tab. And then it’s like, you get the email and if you need his email, just send me a SpeakPipe or in the chat, little chat icon there on the website, and I’ll send it to you.

He will rectify your chart. And he did mine giving me two options. One was exactly what mom had said, and the other was eight minutes. And I went with the eight minutes sooner, and then I applied Robert Glasscock technique and I dialed it in to the very second. And I used my brother and his representation in my chart as the sync point for the second dial in.

So this is kind of a phase one phase two. Joseph has written his own software to do these rectifications. I think he’s charging a hundred dollars now, but it absolutely would be worth it, especially within a two hour. Now Robert’s technique. The summary of Robert’s technique is that the degrees of your planets indicate some very valuable information.

As in when certain things are going to happen in your life, at what age, they’ll have all the details of this and the other podcast launching tomorrow night, it’s called old soul new soul with Robert Glasscock, but the other techniques. So the first thing you do is you get really familiar with the degrees of your planets.

That’s the starting point. Then the other part of the technique is we move the mid-heaven around until it aspects some of the. Degrees of the planets that sync up to key life events. So the second thing you want to do and you’ll need this for Joseph anyway, is make a detailed list of key life events for you, your family, your parents run that list up into your twenties no further than 30, but certainly marriage birth of kids, divorce, parents, divorce.

Grandparents death, certainly death of a parent, especially in those early years. So that’s the homework between now and the other podcast. I’m hoping we released that one very quickly because it is the starting point. And then we’ll show how we can move that Midheaven around. And if it doesn’t show up in the mid-heaven, it can also show up in the ascendant.

For example, I had a very major significant event when I was nine years old. I went over the handlebars of a bicycle, straight into a curb, knocked a tooth out, knocked me. And still to this day, I wonder what all was done, what all happened really during that accident and moving the Midheaven around, nothing shows up at age nine, but boy, when I have that ascendant set to the time that I do now, And I look over at my stellium, my Marson tune, my Mars, sun Neptune.

It’s exactly at nine degrees. So this is super powerful, super important. So those of you who know about your birth time, you can use the, you can use Robert’s technique to just dial it in to that last little bit. Maybe there’s a degree or two of the Midheaven that might change, or you get with Joseph, and then we use Robert’s technique to dial it in.

Verify it with some of the other things Joseph has designed his own software to do basically what Roberts technique does. So you kind of get it with Joseph anyway, but we’ll put all of the parts together when we start doing the other podcast. All right. And that one is going to be called old soul new soul with Robert Glasscock.

Have a great day. Thanks for a super question. And we’ll get you dialed in.

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