May 9, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology boom podcast, Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. Welcome into a Monday. We’ve got a big week this week and I have a special announcement that we’re going to hold to the end, but stay with me if you’d like to hear that it is big. Also, we have an incredible listener question that we are going to do Wednesday.

I wanted to give you a little sneak peek. Um, I was born in Moscow, Russia during the communist era and my mother, uh, cannot remember the exact time I was born. Actually the answer to Darias question is going to be bundled in my special announcement at the end. And it’s going to be big Dar, we’re going to get to you on Wednesday, my very best to you and your husband.

Thank you so much for listening. And yes, we are going to exactly answer what you need to do to find your birth time. And it’s going to apply to all of you as. Let’s get to today’s sky and the week ahead. Wow. Did, was there any clips or something that I missed? Could it be the moon wobble, which does peak on Friday?

That’s one of the things happening this week, the moon wobble peaks. Did you see the Schumann resonance chart for Saturday? Oh, my gosh, I did a tick talk video about it. You can check that on the fund astrology Tik TOK channel. Holy moly. I woke up Saturday morning, took my earplugs out, which I normally up here in North Carolina, where I am now don’t have to sleep with, but I did that night and it turned out to be prophetic because a line of storms had come through over Friday night and knocked the power out about midnight.

I have an uninterrupted power supply on the booth and it was going be indicating, hello, you don’t have any electricity, but I had four hours of astrology webinars lined up on Saturday, including a big one from Robert Glasscock that I could not miss. Because, especially I had kind of helped conceive it.

So I had to go get a motel room and I was just, and then one domino thing after another. And I was just thinking, what in the world, I pulled my Astro gold out on my phone and I looked at him, how, what have I done here? I looked at my transits and it was like not there. And then I saw the Schumann resonance chart and it was like, oh my gosh, there has not been one like that in a long, long, long time.

It was bigger than 90. I’ll tell you that it was bigger than the Schumann resonance on nine 11. So I don’t know what’s going on. Then I get on Tik TOK, actually, speaking of, and I see all these videos start popping up of this thing that was seen in the sky as far as Kansas, and a lot of comments about it being the space X launch.

Well space X launches from Cape Canaveral, north and south, not west. So I don’t think it would have been that a couple of weeks ago they released 53 satellites. And that was seen in many states from all the way from New Mexico, all the way up to Michigan. That could have been what it was certainly, but if it wasn’t and these weren’t, these weren’t, these weren’t like dots.

This was a big. Big light if you saw it. So I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on today. Not much void of course, moon that starts at 8 38 this morning. So just roll back over, go back to bed because it runs all the way until 10 till seven. Tonight, these times are all Eastern, as they always are around here.

And then at 10 till seven, this evening, the moon moves into Virgo. Now I’m not going to steal the thunder from tomorrow, but it’s a ended. It begins with mercury retrograde at 7 45 in the morning. And it ends with Jupiter moving into Aries. We’ll talk about all of that tomorrow, Wednesday. We’re going to do the listener question.

That is absolutely excellent. Thursday is the really the day of the big announcement that I’m going to tell you in just a minute. And then Friday, the moon wobble peaks at 3 0 6 in the morning. Then we’ll set up the weekend for you. So that’s our week ahead. I’m actually a little bit, maybe more concerned of some of the things happening off of the chart this week.

So we’ll just have to see guys. I don’t know. We’ll just have to see and we’ll see together. Certainly there is a really big energy change that starts tomorrow. So we’ll count that down in the morning. Here’s the big announcement. And this was a ripple effect from the webinar that I was on with Robert Glasscock on Saturday, it happens to be a solar arc class that we are doing on just natal charts.

And I guess I drew the broomstick because the first was session was on mine. And some of the things from that reading made it crystal clear that the path was wide open for me to ask Robert Glasscock, if he would be interested in doing a podcast with. And short story is he said, yes. Now I know that there’s a big thing with the goat term these days, you know, somebody will put goat in all caps.

Greatest of all time, I have listened to probably all of the biggest strategy teachers and that I have been able to work with Steve forest on narrating some of his audio books. And then now. To work with Robert Glasscock on moving his teachings forward and getting them more out in the public. And really, as we’ve talked since Saturday igniting a lot of fires that were smoldering, but not burning within him.

The old skills that he had because the guy used to write for television. So I’m hoping that some of this and he is too. I mean, this is, this is incubated within him is to get more material out. So I could not be more thrilled because if I were to give a goat award of the ones that have just spoken to me the most.

Certainly Steve and Robert would get the co goat award. And here I am getting to work with both of them. It’s like, oh my goodness, this is just a dream pinch me. But if you remember my story in my chart, I saw that it would be possible for me to do this professionally. So we are launching and we don’t have a name for it yet.

We’re kicking names around, but we are launching the podcast Thursday evening at 7:00 PM. And that was chosen because of. Chart was structured at that time. Maybe we’ll talk about it. I don’t know. We haven’t recorded it yet. This is all brand new, but a new longer format interview. It’s mostly going to be me asking Robert questions.

I’m going to be like Larry King and he’s going to be like the guest, but it will be an in-depth discussion of Robert teaching. The things that he knows about astrology. And after you’ve heard some of this, I think you’re going to agree. It’s going to be a wow factor busy week in the sky, busy week, energetically and busy week around here.

So Fasten your seatbelts and we’ll all enjoy it together. Have a great Monday. I’ll see you back tomorrow for the big one of the week. Mercury, retrograde and Jupiter entering Aires, sending you my love. Have a wonderful day.