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May 6, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast for Friday, may the sixth. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us, I guess that we now know what the sun can joining Uranus had in store for the equity markets. Ouch, whoa, brokers were doubling margin requirements yesterday. It got bloody in the streets on wall street yesterday.

The sun conjoined Uranus. That was at 3 21 in the morning. And the market started sliding about five hours later, just after eight o’clock and it just went down and down all day. Really just fits into this whole trigger paradigm that we’ve been experiencing for the past week or 10 days. That seems like these astrological alignments are triggering right.

We’re four degrees away from where the eclipse occurred. We’re in the sign of Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, which rules money. We’ve talked about. This it’s also in the United States chart. I mean, everything just lines up. It’s really classical. There’s no mystery here. What’s next. Well, we were talking about this last night online and if the shadows of these continue to unfold, we do have a, an outlook that could be rough in.

Let’s go ahead and look at the astrology today and through the weekend. And then if we have time, I’ll come back and circle around on some thoughts that I had over the last 48 hours about some of this and how we might frame up responses to it today. A couple of sextiles in the chart. That’s nice to see.

Mercury is sextiling Venus. That’s at 2 0 5 this morning. We mentioned this one yesterday. This was the one I was saying, just find somebody or some thing to say, I love you because the energy is on your side. On that one. If a kiss can be involved all the better, because it is a sex style, but if all you got is just a QMS, good old mercury words, communication, and you mean it from your heart.

Also here on Friday, Saturn sextiles Aras that happens at 12 noon Eastern. Remember the upside or the favorable side, since we have a favorable aspect of Eris is making things better through competition. In other words, that little bit of scratchy sandpaper that we know Saturn is good at providing can make things better, can improve creates, win wins.

So that energy might show up, even though Saturn and Eris are quite slow movers at theme, we’ll be here for awhile, but that’s the exact aspect happening today. Now, if we broaden the orbs out a little bit, we have another, that involves the moon. There’s one that we can play with for sure. And that’s a grand trine.

So see, there’s a lot of positive in the chart today. In fact, as I’m looking at my. Aspect window on Astro gold. I see a lot more blue than I do red. So that’s a lot more positive, a lot more sextiles and trines in today’s chart. Now this grand trine involves the moon, so it will be fast. But in addition to the moon, here are the other players.

We have the south node of the moon. Hello, and we have Mars and Neptune now, but this is a. So what this is basically saying is that a lot of these difficulties, the Mars challenges, the war, the aggression that we’re seeing south node in Scorpio, we’ve been talking about that. The riots, the protests, the anger, the everything that’s going on is asking us this trine, this grand trine is asking us to shake up structures in our life that don’t serve us.

Forget about what’s going on in the world. Let’s talk about us. What is it going on in our life that may have caused a lot of conflict in the past that we could release that we could reframe, that we could apply that Saturn era’s characteristic to it, to use the scratchiness of all of this to improve not only our own life, but that, of those around us, the people we influence our family, friends, coworkers, et cetera.

How can we use a slice of our life to make their lives better? That’s the energy. Now tomorrow, another sextile, the sun sextiles Mars at 5 47 tomorrow morning. Right after that, the moon enters Leo seven 50 tomorrow morning, all times Eastern. You know, except for the moon, that was all fire, the sun fire sextiling, Mars, fire moon, entering fire.

Leo, get your game on. You’ve got a good energy to get a lot of stuff done tomorrow. Just let that be a good back kick of getting things done and not being aggressive. And we’re great. Right. So watch the count to five tomorrow. Offset that energy. Ah, better be, you know, just be a little careful. And if others are aggressive around you go around it and just let it be nothing major on Sunday.

The moon will be at its first quarter Sunday night at 8:22 PM. That’s 22 minutes after our healing convergence begins on Sunday night would love to have you join us. Broadcast live on YouTube on the fun astrology podcast, YouTube channel. If you’d like to just catch it. There also, it shows up in our Facebook group as a live event on Sunday nights.

So we’d love to have you join us. It is a time when we just come together to send our energy positively to each other and up to the universe at Sunday night at 8:00 PM Eastern time. Now, just this little aside that I’ve been thinking about, this is one of those things that just kind of hit me as I was doing stuff the last couple of days.

And what it is is I was thinking about the food supply. So what if there were food shortage? And that led me to think, or the prompt came in that I started to explore is that we are completely reliant on a system to provide our food. And if you think about many of the other areas of our life, we could be either self-sufficient or sufficient on somebody else that could provide for us that we could borrow favors, or there are social programs, or just other things that like, if we were in real dire straights, But without food, we don’t live.

And for this life-sustaining substance, we rely on others completely. So what the prompt was was explore. Look at what ways could I provide my. Supply, and I’m not going any deeper with this than that. It just was an exploration. And I’m not saying that we all need to move to the farm, and I’m not saying that we all need to become Quakers, but I am saying that it is something that maybe the universe might be moving more of us to self-sustain.

That was something that became a big thing. When I moved to North Carolina just over a year ago, was this constant thing coming up of people wanting to create communities like-minded communities. And maybe that’s where some of these events in the world start to move us toward. So I think the thing is to let those thoughts.

And to entertain them and to ask the universe what it’s trying to tell us. And maybe it will lead to some eventual life-changing things like that. We just don’t know what all is ahead, but that was a thought I wanted to pass. Don’t take it as anything more than just an idea. And it’s not that I’m advocating anything.

I’m just dropping something in this space. Thank you guys so much for listening. Hope you have a great weekend. We’ll see you on Sunday night for sure. Probably we’ll get a subconscious mind mastery podcast in here and we’ll see you back for a full week next week on the front astrology podcast. And you know what?

I love you. Thanks for listening.