May 4, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast for Wednesday, May 4th. Thomas Miller. Thank you so much for joining us. Okay. Lots to talk about today. May I get a couple of quick announcements in here? First of all, the course pricing is going to stay the same for a little bit longer. You guys have shown me that you really like this price, so we’ll keep it going here for just a little bit longer.

And then I’m going to have to figure out what to do with the pricing on that course. Second thing. Speaking of, if you are in the course, we are going to start doing the live every other week, get togethers online very soon. I’ll have an email out to you quickly on. And then finally we have the discord group for those in the course, we have it for the podcast and for the course, and I have just not been able to manage it.

I have so much time you guys, and I have to be careful with that. So keeping priorities best for myself, but I wanted to ask if any of you are. Proficient at social media. Good conversationalists interested in astrology would like to keep the conversation going in discord and could help me manage that.

It’s just a volunteer thing, but if you’re in there anyway, and you would enjoy doing that. I’d love to talk to you and we could talk about how we could work together more closely. It certainly would be a lot of communication between us, but if you could help me manage the discord piece, that would be great.

Love to hear from you. Just email me, add men at fun. Astrology dot. Okay. A little bit of housekeeping there. Thank you very much. Really appreciate it. But those of you in the course, I mean, this is a very important piece for me. All right. Now I am recording this yesterday. So this is darn near 24 hours old.

By the time you’re hearing. And this is going to be, I’m sure a little bit outdated with some details surrounding it, but as I’m getting up this morning, I went to bed last night without looking at any news, which is a good practice. So I woke up yesterday to the news about the Supreme court. Draft released by Politico, basically that the Supreme court was drafting at least to strike down on a federal level.

Roe vs. Wade, now, please, please, please hear me. Please hear me. We’re not going into politics. I want to look at some key astrological elements of this, not only for keeping us current on what’s going on, but also I think there’s just a very important vantage point here. And we can learn a lot astrologically from exactly what happened and when it happened.

So please leave political ears at the door and come on in to an astrological discussion. Now, the first piece of this is that we are in a moon wobble. What is a moon wobble? If you’ve not heard that terminology before, it’s something I found from this old guy that used to do radio shows in Los Angeles a long time ago, but he talks about the moon wobble and that’s just a terminology.

It is, it is an astrological thing. Just not many people talk about it, but when the sun either conjoins or squares, the nodes of the moon, That’s the peak of the moon wobble. It begins three weeks prior to that date. And it lasts for one week after that date. And think of it kind of like little pocketed, more mundane, I would say.

Mercury retrograde on steroids. So this moon wobble peaks on May 13th. So backup three weeks from that, that put us into the latter part of April when it began, some of the manifestations of the moon wobble are violent shakeup. Earthquakes fires, bombings, et cetera, things like that. Just big Uranian kind of shakeups.

And certainly a couple of reporters from Politico announcing a draft copy of a Supreme court document that had not been released yet fits that category. So already we see that the astrology is totally playing out. Now the other thing that I think is significant about this decision, as we think about Pluto in the latter degrees of Capricorn, to me that is like lining up all of the old structures.

It’s almost like if we’re going to redo the house, we have to move all the furniture out. And while it’s out, you look around and you, you think, oh, that stuff is just old and stale. Anyway, let’s just replace it well, fresh in everything. All right. That’s kind of the shift between Pluto exiting Capricorn and entering Aquarius, but let’s add another element to our little metaphor there.

The husband wants to move everything out and get rid of it. The wife loves the old stuff and she in no wise way wants to park. So right there in front of the whole neighborhood, in the front yard, in front of God and everybody, they have a good old fashion husband and wife argument. That to me is somewhat depictive of what’s ahead.

Astrologically as Pluto moves into Aquarius, still a couple of years away, we are going to be seeing authoritarian battles, going to be seeing challenges to old structures. We’re going to be seeing a lot more of this kind of thing, I think in other areas as well. So like I say, line up all of the kinds of divisions that you want on this, but I think what’s going on is this ultimate battle of Saturn and Pluto.

Particularly playing out this authoritarian versus freewill battle. That is going to be the signature of really the next 20 years. This is not a get over it quickly kind of thing. This is going to be permanent for the next two decades. Both sides of the coin are going to be showing up in prominent way.

I, like I said, because of my schedule, I’ve been recording this, uh, just after the news really has come out. So there are a lot of things that I don’t know that we know now, as this is being released, such as I saw they were building barricades, have there been protests, will this release cause the court to take a different direction.

Now I know we’re running long here, but let’s take a look at the U S chart real quick. We’re talking about health and we’re talking about the judiciary. I’m going to focus on the health piece because that’s where the action is in the chart. Uranus in the United States chart in the equal house system is at eight degrees Gemini in the sixth house of health.

When the article came out, which was dated eight 30, 2:00 PM on May 2nd in Washington, DC, the moon was at six degrees, just two degrees away from that Uranus. And mercury, which is stationing direct is at two degrees, Gemini, just six degrees away. So the moon crossed over mercury, mercury is getting ready to go retrograde.

And all of that happened right on top of the United States, Uranus surprise and change. Also the transiting moon wobble the north node with the sun approaching. It is also in the United States 600. You remember, we were talking about Uranus being on the cusp of the sixth. We talked about that within the last two weeks, a couple of times, and I was mentioning it in the context of keep your eye on food.

Keep your eye on money. I don’t follow the Supreme court’s docket. So I didn’t know they were talking about this, but there it is. Uranus and the moon wobble all in the United States house ruling health. You can’t make this stuff. All right, we’ll stop there for this one. I’ve seen your SpeakPipe questions too, by the way.

And I will get to some of those coming up. Thank you for those. Uh, Tiffany, I’ve seen yours, Mara. I’ve seen yours, so we’ll get to those hopefully as quickly as we can. Thank you guys so much. And by the way, if you want to leave one, I’m in a lot better place. Now we can start knocking out some questions if you have them.

So speak pipe website, and we’ll see you back tomorrow. Have a great day.