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April 7, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome into the fun astrology podcast for April 7th, Thomas Miller four seven. That just has a great ring to it. If you have a birthday today, happy birthday, it’s gotta be a great day to have a birthday, couple of things going on in the sky over our heads today. The moon after that long void of course goes into cancer at 1130 this morning, Eastern time, and then fast forward to tonight, we’re in Jupiter trines the south node, and sextiles the north node.

That’s at 9:05 PM this evening. And remember, those are the nodes in Scorpio and Taurus. So when we look at this chart, I’m still playing with this and I’m going to kind of lay something on you here in this podcast. That’s been on my heart and I want to mention this periodically. And then this is totally for you to do whatever you choose to do with, but as we look at the structure of this chart, we have kind of these brackets, if you will, parentheses Pluto in Capricorn is open parenthesis.

Neptune and Taurus is closed parentheses. And then inside the parentheses, we have three sets of data. The Aquarian set is narrowing down Saturn and Mars. Mars will be moving out soon. The Pisces data now, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune, and the Aries data Kyron the sun mercury and air. Now what triggered this.

And I don’t, you know, I want to be careful doing this, but what triggered, this was a conversation the other day with a friend who is in tune with their chart and whose spouse partner is not, but tolerates it. And this friend was kind of, you know, be. Actually that there was this conflict over actions to be taken.

My friend was feeling that looking at the chart that some preparation for future calamities would be in order that was coming from not only an intuitive internal prompt, but also confirmed by what this person was seeing in the. Spouse didn’t want to have anything to do with it, thought it was nonsense.

And I know that we’re all struggling with probably this same dilemma, even if it’s just inside of us. Right. Where, what do we do when Saturn and Pluto conjoined in January of 2020, I firmly believe that energy and life on planet earth. I think this is a good time to look at the chart and then compare it to what’s going on, not to try to be all predictive and forecast things, but just look at the chart reasonably come up with as unbiased interpretations as you possibly can, and then compare it to the news.

Compare it to what’s going on around. Saturn Pluto, 2020 fits exactly what’s going on in our world today. And what else do we see in our world? Well, we talked about this Monday a week ago, Uranus sitting on the cusp of the United States, sixth house, amplifying the energies and characteristics of that sixth house, which of course is ruled by tourists and includes food and food, distribution and agriculture and all things related to.

And Uranus will go retrograde in late August and work its way back toward that cusp coming within three degrees before it turns direct again in January of 2023, before pulling away again. You are not in any way, being out of line astrologically to consider that that could affect food and food distribution.

Uranus takes 84 years to go around. So the last time that it was dancing across this line was just after the great depression, food lines, bread lines, food shortages, not only can you not make this stuff up, you’re not out of order in looking at this and observing it and exploring what shall I then do.

There are some solar arc aspects involving Pluto. And just because we’re not in a visual medium here, I don’t want to go into all of them because they would leave your head spinning, but basically Pluto, the Pluto return for the United States chart and in the solar arcs Pluto and the United States mid-heaven are basically inter locked and inner coupled the signs in the sky say that there is transformational work ahead.

And often that means. Breaking down what the old is that needs to be broken down. So we observed the chart and then we compare it to what’s going on. It’s a very simple process. Not saying this is going to happen. We’re just observing these very classic signatures in the chart. And then we face the very real dilemma that my friend’s family is facing, where maybe two people may not be on the same page.

These are times that I think we need to stay as close to our intuition as we possibly can. I mean, there is no accident at all that while we’ve been given this one set of symbolism, we’ve also been given Jupiter and Neptune in their own sign of Pisces, heightened, intuitive perception. If I’ve learned one lesson in my 62 years, What a lot of Ben hell, a lot of Pluto in there.

And a lot of Saturn, if I’ve learned anything in those years, it has been intuition will steer you right? Every time problem is we have a margin of error of interpreting it, but when pure intuition speaks, it will lead you according to your higher soul’s path. The other lesson that I’ve come away with during these times is not to criticize anybody else for their way of processing this information.

And I’m not going to elaborate on that, but just what I’ve chosen to do is to try to have compassion, even if I don’t agree with their perspective. So go get a massage, go on a hike, do some yoga, do whatever you do to get tuned in and make sure that that channel and pipeline is open. And if there is anything from it, being a person, a circumstance, a situation, a substance, anything that is blocking that.

I would really highly suggest clearing that as best you can. And here’s the other thing that I think gives us tremendous hope to end on. And that is that these kids that are being born today are special and they are coming in with a mission. Remember Steve Forest’s article, when the saints go marching in these saints are marching in and they are going to be raised and provided for so that they can be in the position to lead us.

Out into this new collective consciousness, that’s going to be higher than where we are now. So better days are ahead. The bridge is how do we cross what is in front of us? And I’ll keep doing what I can do to at least point these things out. And then. Get with your intuition to figure out your best path.

Thanks so much for listening. I wanted to share that. Just something I wanted to get off my chest, and I hope that it was well-received. We’ll see you back tomorrow. TGI Friday to set up the weekend, have a great day.