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April 26, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast for Tuesday, April 26, Thomas Miller whoosh. Wow. Okay. So when you put your audio booth back together and everything is punched out, everything is good. Except the box that ties the booth to your computer goes on the blame. I mean, I can holler all day long. Right? I don’t think many of you would hear me.

So that’s what happened yesterday. And then when I went to connect the fan this morning, the wire that I need to connect the fan is gone. So I’ve got a Jerry rigged fan system, but the booth gets really hot without it. So hello, Amazon. We’ll get it all figured out. Ah, the dilemmas and the trials and the tribulations.

There must be some planet. We can blame all of this on. No, that’s not how we look at things around here is it, but let’s do look at one thing really quickly together. I’m not going to be fairly short because. I don’t have all my thoughts collected on this, but we have a fairly light day tomorrow and Thursday.

So we have plenty of time to develop this. And actually it’s kind of a good thing because I’d like for you to put your thinking caps on around this, what I’m talking about is the eclipse on Saturday. It happens exactly at 4:28 PM Eastern time, at least set to Asheville, North Carolina at 10 degrees, 28 minutes.

Taurus. So I moved the chart up to that point and got a couple of interesting things. The reason I’m scratching my little head on this is because Taurus earth, garden crops, and then all of these food processing plants that are getting shut down. So when you put the chart up, you’ll notice that the eclipse in whole sign is in the ninth house.

But in equal sign, which I’ve been studying under Mr. Glasscock is noted for its accuracy. It’s in the eighth. The reason for that is because the ascendant at that time is at 24 degrees in Virgo. That moves things quite a bit between an equal house system and a whole science. Now in past eclipses, we’ve kind of, I’ve shared my personal thoughts of jury’s still out how truly impacted they are.

The last one we had, I was about ready to eat my sock because it was incredibly powerful. So let’s see what this has in store. We are approaching it starting well, really thirsty. But of course these things can carry out for months and even the whole cycle of about 18 months. So look either ninth house in whole sign.

This is going to be about the beginning of a spiritual enlightenment. If you will. Or eighth house. This could be about death and transformation. In other words, knocking stuff down and building stuff up old structures falling, and it could be triggered around one of those areas of tourists, either money or.

Or both. And remember, the reason I’m focusing on food here is because in the United States chart of July 4th, 1776, right now we have transiting Uranus sitting right on the sixth house cusp of that chart. And if you’re trying to match up what I’m looking at there, just put up the United States Sibley chart, July 4th, 1776 at 5:10 PM, Philadelphia, and the.

Equal house system with the current transits in the outer room. Those of you who have been watching YouTube tomorrow. Okay. We’ll get caught up tomorrow. Can’t do it today. Just got too much else to get caught up on around here, but we’ll clear the path and get one out tomorrow. Probably won’t be released early.

I will likely record it tomorrow, but, uh, we’ll get YouTube back on track. And my apologies for the delay. I guess this move has had a lot of eighth house in it. Now, back to the eclipse, couple of other points here would being good score, bionic data research gatherers here. All right. So let’s put the elements together and then we’ll start to parse them out.

So we have a T-square with Saturn on Saturday. I happen to know about those. I got one and it’s very karmic that would tip me more back to the eighth house prototype. We also have a darn near as it can be conjunction with the two Beneatha planets, Venus and Jupiter will be both at 27 degrees and then separated by literally just two minutes in the sky that says conjunct as it gets without being that would throw me back to the ninth house spirituality.

That’s all in Pisces. And then here’s our last little piece of. So the eclipse is happening at 10 degrees, 28 minutes in Taurus Uranus. The ombre of surprise is at 14 degrees Taurus, just four degrees away, basically. And of course that would tip us toward, well, keep your eyes peeled because who knows with Uranus that close to an eclipse.

I have tried to just drop a little bit of these things that we’ve been hearing and seeing and experimenting with and playing with along the way to make sure that you are as up to speed on the whole dynamic of this chart, as you can be so that you can make decisions as to what you need to do. You’ve seen my crazy, my crazy adaptations.

Oh. And yes, Lord Jupiter. Speaking of is still there. Still there. We’re not finished with Lord Jupiter yet. There’s still a story happening around that as well. Now I’ve given you some ingredients. Why don’t you go in the kitchen and make some. And if you come up with something interesting, either shoot me a speak pipe.

That would probably be preferred because then we could play with it on here or shoot me an email to All right, we’re going to jump out of here for today. We’ll tackle more of this tomorrow and Thursday. Hope you have a great Tuesday. See you back tomorrow.