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April 21, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller on April 21st, just sitting here thinking where did April go? Right? Where did they all go? Bob? Seeger’s famous line in like a rock 20 years. Where’d they go 20 years? I don’t know. But boy is that true as I’ve lopped off a couple of those 20 year brackets, where’d they go?

Well, if you don’t want to live those 20 years in drudgery, you better find out a great career that works with your astrological configuration. And we have a fantastic listener question to that effect. And by the way, all of the things that we talked about in the sky yesterday, if you’re wanting to hear about.

We talked about all of that yesterday. Just catch up with that one. If you haven’t heard it already, it will bring you up to speed through Sunday. Hi Thomas. This is Gina. Hi CSUN from golden Colorado. Love the show and I listen to every morning. I’m wondering how you interpret someone’s career potential and destiny through.

I’ve been poking around things like my son and north node conjunction in Pisces, my Pluto, and mid-heaven conjunction in Scorpio in the 10th. I’ve read to look into the second and six houses, but mine are empty except for Sarah’s and areas in the second. So if I’ve got the data, but I’m struggling to weave it all together and find meaning and direction behind it all wondering what your thoughts are.

Thank you for the show and all you do it. Gina from golden Colorado listener. Thank you so much. Rocky mountain high. Glad to have you in and what a great question, because you’re, you’re close. So let’s hone you in. Okay. Now there are several things that I don’t know, obviously here, and we don’t pick apart personal charts because then everybody else gets left out.

So we use this as a springboard so that all of you can incorporate what we’re going to talk about. So just a little bit of background. When I came back to Texas from Colorado, I ended up being a caregiver while my partner then was having back surgery. So I spent the time reading about astrology. It was really when I raised my own astrology to the next level was during that time, that was 2018.

One of the books that I got was by an author by the name of Noah till tyo. And it was about careers, finding your career in astrology. And I’m looking at this and I’m comparing it to my chart. I could do this professionally, maybe. And I know some of you are laughing, probably like looking back, you know, and I mean, that astrology doesn’t lie.

That’s what opened the doors to being able to work with Steve Forrest and doing readings and running all of this that now is generating an income. Well, that was my chart, but it was locked up in that book. So that’s one thing I would suggest for a deep dive, get that Knoll till book in OELL TYL on careers.

Now there’s another resource that I’m going to mention, and it’s a whopping six bucks. So it’s not that bad. Is a career list that I have on fun, And basically this was just a list of jobs that I got from about half a dozen job sites and organized them by sign. So that work’s done for you.

If you don’t want to do it now, here’s what you look for. First of all, she already gave us a clue. She said, she’s a Pisces. We certainly factor that in, I don’t know what her rising sign is, but we would factor that in too, because that’s how you show up to the world. And then if you look in the chart, there are several axes that we use for different interpretations.

These are sign based trines, or we would call them a grand. In this case, connecting the second house, which rules our money, because why do we work? Right. Obviously it also connects our 10th house, which is our career. It is how we live our life out loud in service to others. And then it connects the six.

Which is often attributed to our daily job, what we do Monday through Friday or whatever days we work through the week. So you’re at a party and somebody introduces themselves and says, oh, what do you do? You know, like, that’s your identity? And they’re asking about your job. Well, and you say, I’m in band.

Oh, great. Where do you work? Well, I do loans at the citizens national bank, or you happen to be looking to buy a house. I can help that’s the sixth house. So those are really the three ingredients from a house perspective. And then we incorporate our sun sign and our rising sign. So you could literally.

You could take that list of jobs that I pulled together, or you could create your own. Just take some time, just get on the sites and pull things like you can search. What do Scorpios do? What does a Pisces, you know, her best careers for Pisces, best careers for Scorpio. So you don’t have to buy my list.

You can do your own, just do it that way. And you’ll get all kinds of stuff. I think has astrology based. And then you start to weave together the common elements. What shows up in all of the lists or is there a theme or in my case, second house moon, six house Scorpio, 10th house Pisces, water thing.

Creative theme, Pisces movies, television, broadcasting, Neptune, sitting on my son in the fifth house of creativity. You get a theme going right there. You can, you just look at what’s there and you can pull the theme out of it. Is it any wonder that I spent nearly 20 years of my life? On the production team of a fishing show that covered tournaments, traveling all over the country, mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius, mercury ruling my chart because it’s Gemini, Gemini rising.

So mercury Liz Green’s career report is also a pretty good place to go on Her report for me is you are one of life’s travelers. Again, you’re laughing. I know you can’t make this stuff up, but that’s what I did for almost 15 years. In my thirties and forties, I traveled the country, producing a television show about 50.

Could it be any more Piscean and watery than that. Now, the other thing that I would recommend, and this is where a reading comes into play is looking at the solar arcs because the solar arc chart brings you up to speed with today. So I would definitely. Overlay the solar arc charts on to that. And what I get with that again, myself, is that a big shift into Capricorn sun Virgo rising.

So all of a sudden see all of my creative stuff and even all of that travel stuff, as I’m finding out right now is shifting into organization and structure and building the foundation. So like right now, If you look around, I am making money as other people are being successful and I’m not even taking money like on these readings from the three ladies that we have.

I don’t take any of that. That’s a handoff and yet money is coming in, abundantly from other areas. It’s because I’m following that solar arc. In helping other people get their careers up an hour. What they’re interested in up and out of the ground. And another one is find the moon because that’s where you can follow intuition.

So I’m second house cancer ruled by the moon, which happens to be in the fourth house. I’ve also done really well in my life with real estate. Well, that’s baked in. See right there. The other thing is. It showed me that the moon being the center of our intuition is that I should always follow my intuition in order to make money.

When I got the prompt to email Fred Dodson to narrate his audio books, I followed it immediately. And that one decision. Changed my entire life. So find out where the moon is and follow intuition in those areas. For me, it just happens to be related directly to money. So when I get an intuitive prompt about money, I follow it.

When I don’t get an intuitive prompt about money, I follow the ones that I’ve already gotten. And while you’re in that action, you’ll get the next and the next and the next you don’t have to worry about they’ll come. The synchronicities will appear. But I’ll tell you, if you align in this way with your chart, you will not only be just ecstatically happy, but if you’re well-trained and you offer a good product that is in demand and you do it well, then you will be abundantly rewarded because the synchronicities of just who you need to meet will show up for you.

You don’t have to worry about that piece. The other thing I would recommend is to come over to our Facebook group page, subconscious mind mastery and fun astrology podcast listeners group on Facebook. It’s private. Please answer the questions. We want to know that you’re from the podcast and listened to our last two healing convergence recordings that are in there.

They’re an hour long. So you’re going to have to dedicate a little time to it, but we have been talking about aligning with source. It’s also the most recent subconscious mind mastery podcast. But this past Sunday night, we really put the, the spin or the Polish on how to apply it. This is also on YouTube.

Both of the healing convergences are on the fun astrology podcast channel on YouTube. If you’d like to just catch it there and they are broadcast live on Sunday. On YouTube at 8:00 PM. The reason I’m saying that is that when you also align your chart and you align your heart, then you get the double package of working in complete authenticity with sor.

And that’s where you really get the magic. Actually that subconscious podcast might be the next to the latest, because I am planning to release another one on how I used this exact process. To obtain the apartment that I just rented in the mountains in Western North Carolina, that I am so much in. Wow.

And awe that I still am just in disbelief, how it all came together. So telling the story and keeping the stories inspirational for you. And that’s how you bring your career together with source and that right there, it’s the most powerful package I could offer you. Great question, Gina. Thank you so much.

Keep shining. Keep those mountains bright and hope to see you out in Colorado. One day soon. Now go out and make it a wonderful Thursday.