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April 20, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

It’s hump day midweek, Wednesday edition of the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for stopping in. We’re going to be short today and cover about five days of being short. I mean, when I said that the sky takes a break, I wasn’t kidding. There is not a lot of action between now and all the way through Sunday.

We’re going to cover until we meet again on Monday, I do have a group. SpeakPipe question about careers that we will do tomorrow. So if you’re interested in how the chart might have. Potential jobs or careers, which are different. We’ll take a look at that tomorrow. And then if you have a question that you’d like to throw down, just hit the website.

We’ll have time on Friday. Also be sure to keep your eye on the YouTube. And the tick tock channel, both under the name, fun astrology podcast, because I’m putting some supplemental stuff up there, including kind of my process as I’m walking through, looking for houses here in Western North Carolina. So be sure to check that out along the way as well.

So I started with today where the moon moves into Capricorn 1145 this morning, and that’s after an eight. And 22 minute void, of course, going all the way back to nary five o’clock this morning, Eastern time. So the whole morning is void of course, up until about noon time. Then you’re free to move about the cabin.

But look, Thursday, Friday, Saturdays, Sunday, I clicked the chart one day at a time ahead, starting today, going up through Sunday. And what was very interesting is that today through Saturday, There are all just a bunch of sextiles and trines inside the chart. So the way that everything is lining up, firing off all these sex tiles and trines, and just say, there’s a bunch of them.

And then on Sunday, there’s this predominant square in the chart. All right. So let’s pick this apart. So just realize sextiles and trines. Those are easier aspects, more positive, more supporting, and then starting Saturday afternoon, things start to change. So Saturday afternoon at 1230 Eastern time mercury conjoins the north node of the moon making it, of course opposite the south node of the moon.

And that lies within a square to Saturn. Which is exact Sunday night at 9:45 PM. So backing up again, sex tiles and trines until Saturday, then mercury notches up with the nodes and is squaring off to Saturn yet at the same time, it is also sextile. Remember I said a lot of sex sextiles it is sextile to Jupiter and.

Can you spell karmic business with a K I mean this not business, the karmic part, you know what I’m talking about? This is serious stuff. I mean, this is major, big time universe is supporting us in oh, so many ways. We are really supported over the next several days. And then it’s like, okay, our little rest period is over.

Let’s don’t forget. Our karmic business. Mercury is a trigger planet. It’s a fast mover, second fastest to the moon. It triggers things as it moves around the chart. So the fact that it is landing on the nodes means that it’s triggering stuff related to our soul. In fact, let’s just use the mind analytical side of mercury.

Let’s set the communication piece aside for a second. And maybe Saturday’s energy is that we have a brutally honest look at our path. Are we on it? What are we resisting? What are we holding on to? What are we not willing to neutralize square to Saturn? And also the moon is sitting there, the other big trigger as it transits.

So what does Lord karma have to say about that? If you could have a 30 minute appointment with Saturn on Saturday asking you how you were doing on your karmic path, how would you be ready to answer that? What would you bring to the table? In fact, when the meeting began, would Saturn give you a hug? Or sit down with arms folded across the chest brutally honest evaluation.

And this is so interesting because the other karmic blues brother Pluto is in a trine with mercury and the node of the moon. So it’s like, there’s this yin yang support. Do the work. You’ve got this, the sermon that I preach here all the time. Align with the energies and you’ll be fine. Cooperate. Don’t resist be pliable.

When the universe shows you something that is very clear for you to shore up, get about the business of making an action list. I mean, for goodness sakes, it’s airy season. Let’s get busy. Don’t give Saturn and Pluto the opportunities to show them. Align with the positive sides by simply being alert, aware, asking, engaging, evaluating, like mercury evaluating all the time, find some kind of way that you can better align with your path and then get busy and get about doing that.

It really is a beautiful metaphor and a beautiful picture from the sky that we’re getting this break supported by these sextiles tiles and trines. And then it’s saying let’s not get sloppy. Let’s stay the course. The universe needs high conscious people on the court. Uninterrupted, unfiltered, unattached unencumbered, pure high conscious leaders on the forefront of this next wave.

Is that. And maybe is that something you should even be pursuing full-time as a career, which we’ll talk about tomorrow. Hope you have a great mid week hump day, and I’ll see you back tomorrow for the Thursday edition speak pipe. If you have a question top of

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