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April 18, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome into the Monday, April 18th edition of the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thank you so much for joining us. Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. If you were holidaying, and I hope you got to enjoy the full moon, wasn’t that special in Libra. And then it changed into Scorpio. Saturday evening.

Looks like according to the weather map that most of you got to. Well, we have had a busy week in the sky, as you know, and we have another busy one today and of course, tomorrow Aries season morphs into Taurus season. And then after that, the universe. And then after that, the sky is just going to take a great big, so that always means if you have some questions, I’d love to answer them toward the end of the week.

Just go to the speak website. And leave me your question. Cool part is that you could do it anonymously. Also. Don’t forget about our video side. We’re doing that now. Tik TOK and YouTube go figure me doing that Tik TOK thing. Yeah, you can check it out. Now some of these aspects have already happened.

So the one that we were talking about over the weekend that I thought was significant, as far as looking at these unusual areas of our life that we might expose under this full moon energy mercury conjoined Uranus at 10, till one Eastern time. This. And, you know, with mercury being the little analytical feller in the chart that just had me kind of thinking that if you were journaling over this weekend or even into the beginning of this.

That you could look off the beaten path, if you will, you know, you might have like a top three or a top five list of things that you know, that you should change or work on in your life. I know I’ve got mine and this might be off of that list. It’s like, what could I do to really stretch it out there?

That’s mercury conjunct, Uranus. And speaking of Uranus at three 15 this morning, Venus was sextile Uranus. So these two big energies were playing on Uranus both at the same time. And we can throw the moon into that Venus aspect too, because Venus and the moon are in a wide trine today. So there really is this, like, not only are you making this unusual list, but you’re really getting emotionally involved.

I heard from a few of you over the weekend, and I know that emotions were flowing this weekend. So if you were in there, well, just realize yep. They were aligning up above your head in order to bring those out and that’s okay. And you know, this is all packaged in what we’ve been showing on the video podcast is that at the moment of sunrise this morning, There are three planets that are crossing up over the horizon.

In other words, rising before the sun and in order they are Jupiter, Kyron, and then heiress, which Aras we’re kind of putting parentheses around that one’s bracketed. But in my mind, Kyron is really the one that is kind of the Oracle planet of the morning saying that we are working on these unhealed wounds.

We all have them. How do we know? Because stuff triggers. I mean, if like anything at all triggers you, which it does, that’s from an unhealed wound, a stuck perspective or a subconscious program running in the background. So it’s almost like right now, as Kyron is leading the sun up over the horizon, it’s saying that we are all collectively working on these things.

Now there’s another big one today that I want to mention. Right? So it was saying like, we have been so busy in the sky and then we’re going to finally get a break toward the end of the week. 1114 this morning, the sun squares, Pluto 28 degrees, 34 minutes. Pluto and Capricorn the sun in Aries as the sun is about to make its way into Taurus tomorrow night.

I don’t know about this one because Pluto, in my opinion, and it’s later degrees of Capricorn as it’s getting ready. Not quite but getting ready. I mean, I say not quite in Plutonian terms, we’re talking over a year away. But it is flirting with the last degrees of Capricorn. So it’s almost like all of the Capricorn.

A death grip of old stodgy stuff hanging on, seems to be the theme of this Pluto in the later degrees of Capricorn. And as it starts to flirt with Aquarius, we are seeing the authoritarian side, the shadow side. Of Aquarius that we’re getting ready for. It’s coming. We can see it already on the horizon and it’s going to be the dance.

The planet earth collectively is going to be dancing for the next 20 years. And today on its lap around the sun squares that pollute. I think it’s significant. We’ll see what happens. There are no other aspects to the sun to bring into this mix. There is one with Pluto and that is a sextile to the Neptune Jupiter conjunction.

You know, there are a lot of ways you could let your mind wander on that whole package right there. So let me say it again, just to get it locked into your mind. The sun is moving out of. 28 degrees. Of course, out of 30 Pluto is moving out of Capricorn 28 degrees and they are square to each other. And then Pluto is in a sextile to Neptune and Jupiter.

I could hear the annals of the Akashic records ringing, echoing with the voice of astrologers saying what this could be. And I am not going to contribute to that conversation, but I am going to. That this is a major aspect and it is a serious aspect that we need to keep our eye on. One thing I like right now is that Mars is not in a triggering aspect to it, nor is the moon.

Maybe it passes with justice sigh, and we go on to tomorrow and tourist season. But along the way, we are stopping mid day today to acknowledge that there is a powerful aspect in the sky that affects all of us because not only is it one of the planets over our. It’s the sun. And then if we didn’t have enough tonight, the moon at 10, 15:00 PM moves into Sagittarius and that’s after a two hour 22 minute void, of course, for those of you who like those sequential numbers, 2, 2, 2 for the void, of course, ahead of 10, 15:00 PM.

Whew. That’s a mouthful told you it’s been busy in the sky. We’ll show all of this on the video podcast on YouTube. And I will see you back tomorrow for Torres season. Although although most of tomorrow will still be Aries that we’ll talk about tourists anyway. See you tomorrow. Have a great day.