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April 15, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast on a very special Friday, April 15th edition. Oh, we are going to. Really pull back the covers on something special today. Let’s set the stage. First of all, three of the major religions in the world are converging on this weekend. As Passover begins tonight. This is good Friday with Sunday being Easter and also Ramadan started on April 2nd and continues until may.

So. Three of the holiest celebrations of the year. And this is one of the things that dawned on me about the chart that we’re going to be looking at over the weekend is that with not only the energy in the sky, we have billions of people around the earth. Sending incredible energy into the sky. And as we pick this chart apart, there’s something that comes back full circle that I think is just extremely special.

So I’ve did a YouTube on this. If you’d like to see the visuals, this is almost one where a picture is worth a thousand words, but let’s do the thousand words as well. So today there’s not much. In the chart except the moon still in Libra. Everything else that we’ve been talking about, the structure of the chart today is pretty much as it has been.

Now. We’re going to come back to the structure of today because I want to use it as a base, but let’s also talk about the other significant thing this weekend. In addition to all these holidays, we have a.

Yes, don’t forget full moon tomorrow, Saturday, that officially happens at 2:54 PM. So if you’re one of those who has picked up the howling at the moon habit tomorrow night would be a great time to do it. The moon will be at 26 degrees, 45 minutes in Libra, opposite the sun at the same position in Aries.

Okay. So 26 degrees. What else is close to that? Jupiter and Neptune, you better believe it at 24 degrees in Pisces. Now that’s interesting because that’s a queen conks aspect, 150 degree quincunx aspect. And since last night, Pisces has become quite the stellium because Mars moved in there at 1105 Eastern yesterday evening.

So now we have four planets in Pisces, Mars, Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter. So that quincunx is going to bring up some things that might be on the shadowy or unresolved or more difficult side of this aspect. And I want us to tuck this away because we’re going. Fold this back into today’s chart. We’re going to use today as the base, but just keep in mind tomorrow with the full moon acquaint conks between the moon and Jupiter Neptune.

So if you like to do full moon ceremonies on the full moon, then schedule up tomorrow afternoon, 2:54 PM Eastern time. Then when we roll to Sunday, there’s one other little subtle aspect. That we should not ignore. And that is that at 9:09 PM. Mercury and Venus are in a sextile relationship. And this is significant because today mercury is five degrees away from Uranus, but on Sunday it will be at the same degree.

And then it conjoins you’re in us on Monday, at least by the same minute and degree. So mercury and Uranus. Hm. Thinking of things in a unique way, perhaps looking at the unobvious. Looking outside the box, perhaps in areas of our life that might be served by that quincunx or something that might be tied to Venus.

Because as we bring this all back full spectrum on this, one of the most powerful and celebrated and look forward to weekends of the year by individuals and families all over the globe, all celebrating in some kind of higher vibrations, spiritual attunement in their own ways, sending all that energy up into the sky in today’s chart.

We have a yard and I’ll tell you, I get so touched by this. The moon that we’ve just been mentioning is at the top of the witch’s hat and at the base, we have Venus and mercury slash Uranus. The yod, as we say it in Western slang or yoed, if you were speaking in Hebrew is the 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet it’s connotation is.

And that’s where we get the interpretation of a yod as being the hand of God, I looked at a couple of websites related to how this is interpreted in Jewish tradition. And one of the things, obviously that is also celebrated or memorialized beginning this weekend and extending through April 23rd is the past.

The hand of God, protecting his people in Egypt, and then the hand of God leading them out. This is a huge historic celebration that has been in place for thousands of years and the metaphor, even in our uncertain times as today that here we have on this special blessed weekend, the hand of God shows up in the sky.

And it basically says for those who are living a conscious attuned life, those who are listening, those who are following the stars in the sky and their clues and their map, that the hand of God is going to lead us through these times. Just like it did. Then in those times, I could not think of anything more fitting than a yod on the day that Passover begins the day that Christians memorialize the.

And the day that is almost in the middle of Ramadan, the holiest Islamic day of the year with fasting reflection, charity and prayer as part of their celebration, one source, many manifestations. And for all of us, A message of hope. However, whatever you are doing this weekend, I wish you the blessings of the universe and the hand of God on your shoulder.

Thank you so much for listening. See you on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend.