April 4, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the Monday edition of the fun astrology podcast. April 4th, 2022. Here we are locked in again, folks, it’s going to be quite a packed April, so let’s get busy on the podcast. Hope you had a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by sending you all kinds of love. Now let’s look at the sky today’s aspect is probably one of the bigger ones of the month, 9:51 PM.

Mars conjoins Saturn. And that was a Paul Harvey pause right there because in our tropical Western Zodiac, based on the Equinox, we just had this aspect of Mars. Conjoining Saturn is in Aquarius that’s because of that precession of the equinoxes. And we talked about it back on March 20th, but inside Dariel astrology, which is the basis of the Vedic city.

That occurs in the actual constellation that it’s in, which is Capricorn. Now you guys have heard me talk about this regarding these systems in house systems, et cetera. I jumped around. I found it to be a lot more flavor. If you expand your, your boundaries, your borders and infinity certainly doesn’t have boundaries and borders and lines humans.

Do we put them on the chart? So to me, they’re just rules made to be broken. And here we’re going to jump systems altogether because this aspect, if it is an aquarium, Kind of has one, meaning if it’s in Capricorn, it certainly has another. So let’s just for a second focus on the Capricorn side of this, the aspect takes place again, 9 51 this evening at 22 degrees.

So let’s pluck the Capricorn banjo for. 22 degrees Capricorn. Does that ring a bell? Think back, think back. What have we talked about a lot. Saturn and Pluto happened at 22 degrees. Capricorn. We’ll go back and refresh this and show you the chart on the video version on the YouTube channel, fun astrology podcast, but here’s the deal I went online and all these Vedic astrologers were saying that the sky was going to collapse, not fall like collab.

As of the time that I’m recording this, the biggest thing that I can find that’s happened so far is that gas prom, the Russian oil and gas entity has cut off the gas pipelines to Europe. That would be a lot bigger deal if this was November heading into winter, but it still is a big, big deal. And the question we have to ask is, will this be a, as I say, like a, I like to call it a domino trip where this is the first of several things that follow.

Or is this just the transiting dance of two millennia, planets that are making their way around the chart. It moves relatively quickly. And there’s really not that big of a deal. In other words, we will wake up tomorrow and we will be okay. The sky is not so falling, but I wanted to acknowledge that our Vedic friends are looking at this as a very melodic and serious aspect and I’m acknowledging, or at least tipping my hat.

That in that sense, It is happening on the same degree that Saturn conjoined Pluto back in January of 2020, I think that is of note and point. If we look at it in our Western tropicals Zodiac system, then we have it squaring the nodes of the moon exactly at 22 degrees. So we bring karma to the table. So whether something has happened since I recorded this and the time that it gets launched, in which case I will do an update or.

Something happens through the day today or nothing happens. We still have karmic business being done. And I think a lot of the positioning, here’s my bottom line on this. A lot of the positioning that is going on in the charts and especially I’ve been studying the United States chart is about karmic.

And it really comes back to the full Pluto return. Be sure that I sins will find the out that there are things that we have done collectively and individually that need some buffing up, hopefully for you, you’ve been doing your spiritual work and that list is small collective. Maybe there are going to be some wake up calls ahead.

I mean, let’s be honest. Let’s throw it down. Look at what we’ve dealt with. COVID restrictions, Steve forest. Oh, if you want to look up Steve forests podcast, he has his own Steve Forrest astrology podcast. And listen to the current episode about Capricornia aneurysm or Capricorn Capricorn IDAs, I think is what he calls it.

The last degrees that Pluto is in Capricorn. And we got COVID. We had to cover our face. We had to socially distance. Many of us, myself included, lost friends or family to COVID-19 many lost businesses. I mean, this is serious, serious stuff, and we’re just getting a reprieve in some parts of the world. And now we’re sitting on the brink of world war three.

And the first thing out of the shoot was nuclear weapon. Haven’t heard that term in a while. Have we now we’re all paying higher gasoline prices. Food is becoming scarce. There’s a bird flu that’s affecting poultry and eggs. There’s talk of a new digital currency on the blockchain. I mean, they’re just so many things.

On the stage or just right over the horizon, that could all be combined into this cosmic wake-up call. And yes, I saw the pictures from Ukraine over the weekend, and I had to turn away with a tear in my eye because I knew that they all had charts too. And I don’t have the answers. So maybe that’s the picture of Mars and Saturn today on April 4th, at least as we know it.

So that’s today big major aspect that happens at 9:51 PM again and then at 1103, the moon enters Gemini from. We have a busy month. We’ll talk about that tomorrow. Wednesday, I have the coolest listener question. You want to hear a little piece of it? Here you go. I have a question today on what they’re calling the sunshine bill, which will eliminate daylight savings.

Ooh. Don’t you want to hear the answer to that one? Well, do a little research on your own and we’ll compare notes on Wednesday. I’ve got my own thoughts on it. Great question, Ashley. Thank you very much. We will get to you Wednesday. If you would like to ask a question. I have time on Thursday and Friday, so hit the speak pipe.

That’s the orange thing at the top of fun. astrology.com. Have a great day. We’ll see you back tomorrow to look at the entire month of baby. Um, fun astrology podcast.