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March 31, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome into the fun astrology podcast for Thursday, March 31st, Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. We have a fairly unremarkable day in the sky. Well, I don’t want to discount the moon. Come on. Let’s give the moon. It’s fair. Do, even though it just moves around so much moving into Aries this morning, 5:30 AM.

Eastern time after a quick little snappy three-hour void. Of course. While most of you were. And that’s the only change in the sky, over our heads for today, but we have the new moon occurring tomorrow morning at 2:25 AM. So for those of now that’s east coast time. So for those of you on the west coast, that might be before you go to bed, you’ll get the full.

For the, those of you on the west coast, that might be before you go to bed that you’ll get the new moon. And we have a question. If you go to the top of the fun website, there’s a SpeakPipe and orange link up there. You can click that and do this. Hey Thomas, this is Jean. I noticed that the, this Aries new moon is at 11 degrees, which is the exact location of my natal sun.

So I’m wondering what the signification of that is for me. You know, especially good or bad or just potent or, um, if there’s any other signification that you see for that. Thank you. I appreciate your podcast so much. And I appreciate you gene, and your question. She lives in magical Asheville, just down the road.

Let’s take a look at this from a perspective of what we all can relate to. And that is where do we. Pinpoint these astrological events in our own chart. So gene is absolutely right. 11 degrees is right where the moon and the sun will both be. In fact, 11 degrees, 30 minutes at 2:25 AM. Eastern time tomorrow.

So you can do exactly what Jean did. You can find where Aries is in your own chart and see if there’s anything related to 11 degrees. The next thing that I would do is look around your chart and see if you have anything close to 11 degrees anywhere else, because then you could find out that aspect.

Maybe for example, you have Jupiter at home and Sagittarius. Well, that’s close enough to be a nice juicy. Now what Jean picked up on is that this new moon. So the sun and the moon are both conjuncture right on top of her natal sun. Yes. Yes. And yes, that is like a steroids laser beam. Let’s say that is hyper super focus right up over your sun, which of course is activated because we’re in Aries.

So what’s the symbolism of the new moon. Is this something to be concerned about or is this something to lean into? Well, it’s the latter. If you know anything about following the cycles of the moon, because the new moon is when we create. So as the moon will at 2 26 began waxing again, expanding, growing, getting bigger.

So do the things that Jean will be creating when she goes to bed tonight. Jean, you know, I would be playing this up. I think you guys know me well enough now I would be taking the day off fasting, probably doing some kind of cleanse around the house, saging everywhere. I mean, I would be doing everything in the world, open the pipe and the cool thing that’s going on right now as well is obviously what’s happening right next door.

The previous sign Pisces because we have Jupiter, just two degrees away from Neptune. So Jupiter as a Beneatha planet and a co ruler of Pisces, closing it on Neptune, you know, the term that Disney coined Imagineering, you need to do some imaginary. And so could all of us who have favorable placements. So other planets in Aries that might be near 11 degrees sextile to Aries.

So that would be Aquarius or Gemini, the air signs or the trines, as we mentioned, Leo and Sagittarius. One other thing I would add would be the qualities. So the Cardinal signs that would be cancer, Libra and Capricorn those as. Great question. And I hope that we could extruded out to include all of us. I hope you guys have a great day.

Celebrate this new moon tonight. It is loaded up with some power so we can all take advantage of it one way or another sending you love. See you back tomorrow for TGI Friday, where we’ll set up the weekend.