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March 30, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the Wednesday hump day edition of the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thank you so much for stopping by. We’ve got a lot to talk about today. Not exactly what happens today, but there’s a domino effect of what’s happening today at 3 36 this morning. Venus. Exactly squared the nodes of the moon.

Now let’s go back and remember that the nodes are in Scorpio. And Taurus, the south node is in Scorpio. The north node is in Taurus and on here in the past, we have gone back and looked at previous times when this aspect has been in place and we get things like the disruptive 1960s. We also trace it back to world war two and look at where we are today.

So it’s very significant when. Planets at the bending of these nodes as we are going to have this week and next. And that’s why I say is, this is not just a today thing. This is very significant in the sky. Now today’s alignment puts Venus in the position of what’s called the south bending of the nodes.

That means that if we start at the north node and I’m going to show all of this on the video, by the way. So if you’d like to see this. Hop over to the YouTube channel and I’ll show you exactly what this looks like, but you start at the north node and you go clockwise. And in today’s chart, there is Venus at that first square position.

Boom. We hit 90 degrees, Venus square to the nodes. That’s the opening or south position of the bending of the nodes. Had it been that we go all the way to the south now. And then around, and that’s the closing square as we’re coming back toward the north node. That is when it’s called the north bend of the nodes, this corresponds to the solstices.

So the south bend is the winter solstice, the Capricorn influence and the north band, the closing band is more of the cancer symbolism. The summer solstice. Of course, this is Northern hemisphere. So that puts a Saturnian tone on this for one thing, but here’s where it gets really interesting because on Saturday Saturn itself, which is in its home sign, it’s ancient ruled Aquarius.

Also then squares the nodes from that same position. And then on Tuesday, are you ready for this? Tuesday’s a big day because Mars and Saturn conjoin and they square the nodes at 22 degrees from the south bending. I had a friend who used to say lions and tigers and bears. Oh no. Whatever he was trying to deflect the fight or flight symbolism of parasympathetic responses.

We could say lions and tigers and bears. Oh no, but seriously, I think this is going to be significant. So we’ve had several significant things, really trigger domino triggers. If you will, the vena. Conjoining Saturn tied into the United States chart that we talked about on Monday. Now, this little domino sequence that starts today with Venus squaring the nodes.

So again, this whole package might be something that’s not an initial trigger, but it might be a domino trip or something that occurs over a period of time going. Also significant here, we have an offsetting energy. That Neptune is still in a 23 degree, trying to the south node sextile to the north node.

And Jupiter is moving into that position. So while we have all the Saturn Mars, Venus tension up in aquarium, We have a very favorable aspect from both Jupiter and Neptune, hopefully adding a calming effect to that tension up in Aquarius. This is a great point to remind you that I’m really trying to expand video right now.

So we have YouTube going fun astrology podcast on YouTube. Also have it on Tik TOK. And this event that we’ve been doing in our Facebook group is now being simulcast law. And replay is available on YouTube called the healing convergence. If you’d like to go back and see what we did this past Sunday night, it is truly touching.

If you’re not in our Facebook group, we talked about healing, healing, my heart. Healing others. And then sending this healing energy to the world where we need it so badly. And you can join in on that energetically. It’s not that you have to be there at the real time. If it’s not convenient for you, just catch the replay and join in on that.

So I’m really trying to step this up one little step at a time and thank you for your patience in letting me just be methodical with this and do it in a way that hopefully works for all of us. All right. Let’s take both sides of the coin here with this. Capricornia in south bending of the nodes, Venus, then Saturn, then Saturn and Mars, all hitting the nodes.

Over this next week, I have Saturn at the bending of my notes. It happens to be the north bending. I can tell you this one thing about Saturn involved with the nodes of the moon. Now transiting is different from natal. So I’m being a little bit breaking some rules here by applying the same kind of energy.

But in my natal chart, I can tell you that Saturn at the bending of the nodes does a couple of things. One is I would say it this way. Be sure your parentheses karmic sins. Close parentheses. We’ll find you out. In other words, Saturn is sitting at a position of lording over the fact that you will get aligned with your karmic path.

We’ll do it the easy way, or we’ll do it the challenging way. However you choose. I’m speaking facetiously, not to you personally. This was me. I mean, this is how it played out in my life that Saturn finally said. Sun it’s time to wake up and that’s what happened. So that’s what I’m kind of anticipating here that coming from this very structural stern Capricornian position of we are going to reckon is kind of the energy that’s coming in here.

So let’s observe, let’s be aware, see a lot of this happening right now. Same thing I said on Monday, let’s just watch. We’ve got our eye on food, supply, food, production, food distribution. We have Venus squaring, the nodes. We have Saturn and Mars, squaring the nodes. This is some stuff that we need to be awake.

So I’m glad you’re here hearing it. I hope you’ll tell your friends about the podcast, those who are interested and those who you would like to have on your team of being awake. Having these same conversations. Thank you so much for joining us today. We’ll see you over on the video. If you’d like to see this and we’ll be back tomorrow that Piscean moon we’ve had the last two days moves into Aries lions and tigers and bears.

Oh no. Tomorrow.