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March 29, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast. Tuesday, March 29th. We are about to close out the month of March. Oh my goodness. Have you seen that incredible display? Venus Mars, Saturn and the moon in the sky. If you didn’t catch it yesterday, it will still be there today. If you’re hearing this early enough to get the heads up, to stick your head outside before the sunrise, it’s going to be spectacular again today.

All right. I have an apology to all of you. I have been behind on some emails and speak pipe messages, and it’s just me trying to do the best I can to hang on between van. Heart and life and everything else, but we only have one thing that happened already four hours or so ago from when this is being released.

The moon moved into Pisces and at sunrise this morning, it’s only going to be about eight degrees away from Venus. So that’s where I was saying it still will be very much in that realm of the sky when the show is going on. But we get a Piscean moon. So we either get foggy or we get intuitive prompts for the next 48 hours.

I’m going to choose B you can take whichever one you want, but let’s stay with B because as the moon transits through Pisces, of course, it will also conjunct Jupiter and Neptune, the co rulers of Pisces, which are only three degrees apart now. So there’s a lot of strength on the intuitive. So, this really is kind of a heads up that we’ve got a aspect up in the sky that is worth playing in your own life.

Stay close to your journal, stay close to your meditative state and let those messages come through. Now. I hope that this isn’t too late for this person’s answer because she did say several months. So if we’re still in the window, Chelsea, I hope that it is beneficial, but it brings up something that I’ve been thinking about that we should be talking about anyway.

And that is. When should we be using the charts? To time important events in our life. Hi Thomas, my name is Chelsea and I’m a daily listener to your podcast. Thank you so much for providing such wonderful astrology content. I am about to start an LLC then was wondering if you think in the next two to three months, are there any particularly good times to file that paperwork for an LLC?

Thank you. Okay, this is a great question. It’s a broad question that needs a specific answer. And here’s why, because now we’re in the realm of electional astrology. This is one of the ancient techniques, and there are some very formulated things that you have to keep in mind when you are picking electional times.

There’s a part of it called sect, which is basically, are we dealing with a daytime chart or a nighttime. And then, because we are talking about Hellenistic techniques, then we look at Saturn and Mars as Maleczech planets, we look at Jupiter and Venus as beneficence, and each one of those is stronger based on sect day or nighttime.

And then you want the beneficence in good positions in the chart and you want in not so good orders. You stick them in a corner as much as you can is basically what you do. And then you want to see. Signs, obviously things are in et cetera. So there’s a lot that goes into the formula. So one thing Chelsea is, I would say is if you get narrowed down, I would definitely check with one of our readers and see if they can help you dial in an exact electional.

Now I’ve been thinking about doing this or adding it as a component and I’ll figure that part out. But I think this brings up a really good point and it would have been something that I would have recommended anyway, to wait until the sun moves into Aries. I don’t mind mercury being in there either because we needed some fire in the chart.

The other thing that I would do, especially for something as important as this is, I would wait until Venus ingressives Pisces. That happens on April 6th, which is two days after Mars and Saturn conjoin in Aquarius. So you see, I’d like to get on the backside of all of that energy. This Mars Saturn thing has been really gnarly as we all know.

So if we get Venus of in Pisces, Co ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Then we really add a nice flare to that. Now, if this is something that could even wait, you have two options that I would say are considerations. If you look around April 14th, then you have mark. At 29 degrees Aquarius that makes it a little bit benign and that’s a nice place for Mars.

And then Saturn is at 23. So you’ve got the two kind of sitting there at the end stage of Aquarius, still active, but more muted. And at that point, Venus is at nine degrees Pisces. Okay. So in, they’re not conjoined yet to Jupiter and Neptune, but in a sign based configuration, that’s as close as it’s going to get without bringing Mars into the picture.

After that Mars enters Pisces and your next real window, there would be to wait until May 1st when Jupiter and Venus are conjunct at 28 degrees Pisces. Now Mars is in there at 12 degrees at that point. So you’d really want to dial that in. And then. Probably a dilemma that you’d have to think about through, with an astrologer and then look at some of the other intentions.

What kind of business is this? That would be that we’d tie it into a particular house. And that’s how you would go into dialing in the specific time. But just broadly, this is something that I’m kind of thinking we need to be looking at more closely together because I’ll tell you what woke me up to it is that.

Video that I put in on Saturday about the accident. It really made this kind of astrology come full force front and center as far as guiding us through these challenging times. So thank you so much for a great question. I hope that at least helps start the guidance and then you can dial it in a little bit better from there.

Thank you guys so much. We’ll be back tomorrow. Have a great day tomorrow. We have Venus square. The notes. Woo. We’ll talk about that. On the Wednesday edition of the fun astrology podcast, have a great Tuesday. See you tomorrow.