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March 24, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. We’re going to kind of wrap up the week here, set up the weekend and then tomorrow. Our interview with Laura Taft. So I’m completing the three interviews that we did with Marilyn Michelle Delia. And then tomorrow we’re going to talk to Laura Taft about her thoughts on things going on some of these major aspects and pick her brain on things that are going on these days.

So that will be tomorrow. And then Saturday, as I mentioned yesterday, this incredible. Incident that happened last week here in North Carolina and the chart just painted it. Picture, and it ended up being a very tragic situation. So kind of a gripping story. We’ll unpack all of that on video and audio on Saturday.

And also Stephanie, you remember Stephanie doing our medical astrology, Stephanie and her husband have moved to Atlanta. It is quite a story. She lost her phone. They had too much stuff for their truck. They got stuck in some sand in Arizona. I mean, This one is quite a story. And she’s going to tell us that we’ll be the first week in April, but she is looking forward to being back and being a voice on this podcast again as well.

So we’re going to catch up with her, just letting you know she’s all. Okay. And looking forward to getting back in the swing of, uh, well unpacking her microphone, she has to find her microphone. See, that’s the deal she said, give me March. I need to find my mic. No, just kidding. But she’s doing really well and they’re getting things set up.

So we want to. Time to do that, but looking forward to having her back as well. This is one of those days that you could call your boss and say, I will be in tomorrow with bells on, but I’m not going to be there today. Why? Well, because the moon isn’t working. So why should we, yo, if we only had the luxury right.

The moon goes void of course at 8 58 this morning. So basically nine o’clock Eastern time and stays that way for a full almost nine hours, 5:53 PM. It moves into Capricorn. Now that sets up all day, Friday, and most of Saturday with the. In Capricorn, and they’re going to be some interesting aspects as the moon fires, sextiles trines and squares of these planets that are all basically stacked up now in Aquarius, Pisces and Aries with one outlier there, Uranus in.

So you could really expect to feel a lot of energy over the next couple of days, for sure. And then Saturday evening at 8:55 PM, the moon moves into Aquarius, which is where we will pick it up on Monday morning. No real aspects to note other wise on Saturday, other than that moon sign change. But Sunday has an interesting one.

Mercury now moves into Aries. So that will be two planets in. In Aries starting Sunday morning at 3:45 AM Eastern. So the complexion of the chart changes quite a bit in this short period of time. So now we have, let’s say that we’ve got a open parentheses, close parentheses. Open parentheses would be Pluto in Capricorn now at 28 degrees.

And about 20 minutes, I’m looking at Sundays chart here ahead. So 28 degrees, 20 minutes, that’s open parentheses, Pluto, close parentheses, Uranus. That should be enough to concern you a little bit right there. Huh? Close parentheses. Uranus is at 12 degrees, 40 minutes Taurus. Or if you want to think of it like a sandwich.

So what’s the meat inside between the two slices of bread. Well, starting Sunday evening and into Monday, we’ll have that moon in Aquarius. So we got the moon Mars, Venus. And the ancient ruler, Saturn, all sitting in Aquarius, got to tell you that is just a lot of very powerful. Don’t tell me what to do.

Independent, autonomous, innovative energy sitting in Aquarius. Now here’s another dynamic change in Pisces. As of Sunday, this is where Sunday is just kind of a critical day. We’ll be basking in the waxing last 48 hours of that here coming up. But Jupiter enters the third detonate of Pisces, which is Pluto.

So on the world’s stage that could present a very interesting dilemma as Pluto now has a stronger influence over Neptune and Jupiter on an individual basis. What that does is puts the transformation that we were talking about yesterday, front and center stage. Now all of a sudden it kind of shifts from the perceptions because as Jupiter has been moving through first, the first 10 degrees in Neptune, the second or middle 10 degrees from 10 to 20 degrees, the moon, there was the spiritual antenna that we’ve been talking about.

But now Pluto has elbowed its way in and is influencing this spiritual dynamic basically saying we’re going to be out with the old and end with the. That will be in place until Jupiter moves into Aries on May 10th. Now, continuing to build out our sandwich here, we have now a fair sized representation of Aries since mercury moves in on Sunday, mercury and the sun along with Cairon and Eris.

So this is going to be some really interesting fire energy with a lot of sextiles back to Aquarius. Think about. Don’t tell me what to do. More like, don’t tell me what to do. So throw some fire on it. Let’s see what this turns into. And let’s especially spend this weekend praying for peace, especially since we have a madman on the loose, on the world’s stage.

I know we’re dancing in between our own individual lives and we’re dancing with the collective right now, probably more than normal. And I think the best thing that we can do is to continue to send love into the air. And just as you do. Remember, and I’ve got it on our Facebook posts. You’d have to go dig it up a little bit on the fun astrology and subconscious mind mastery podcast listeners page on Facebook.

If you’re not a member, come join us. Just answer the questions and we’d love to have you there. Sunday night at 8:00 PM Eastern, we will be doing our healing convergence again, as we do every week, Sunday evenings at 8:00 PM on Facebook live there in that group. Where we send love into the sky, into the world, into the ethers.

And I remember Dr. Emoto’s sending water remotely and how sending love over space to droplets of. Changed their complexion positively so that they literally looked like snowflakes. So we will be doing that work together this weekend. Hope to see you there and hope you have a great weekend. Laura, tomorrow back with you again on Monday, sending you snowflakes of love remotely.

Have a great day.