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March 23, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome into the hump day, Wednesday, March 23rd fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Glad you are here. I’ve got a great next few days lined up for us. First of all, we’ll wrap up the week tomorrow, then on Friday. Laura Taft. One of our readers is going to talk about one of the major, major aspects in the chart right now that will be tomorrow’s episode.

And then on Saturday, I’m going to do a simulcast video and audio. You’ve heard that I’m doing these videos now on YouTube. You’ve heard that announcement and we’re going to do a simulcast. It’s going to be the video version primarily. But I’m going to also air it as the audio version. And we’ll try to explain things through as much as we can so that if you only listen, you’ll still get it.

But I’m going to walk through this incident that happened last week in North Carolina, about three hours from where I am a very tragic traffic accident that the astrological chart depicted. Perfectly. And I’ll tell you the whole story on Saturday. That’s going to be that episode. Now we are going to return back to Pisces with its co rulers, Jupiter and Neptune.

And today, as we talked about on Monday’s episode, mercury. Today, conjoins Neptune. It happens at 1 44 this afternoon, Eastern time. And then at 7 35, the C evening, both of these guys aspect the nodes of the. It’s a trine aspect to the south node and a sextile to the north node. Now, like we talked about on Monday, this aspect is carrying the energy of these two co rulers being in Pisces together the first time in 165 years.

And it won’t be for that again. And now we have mercury. Sandwiched right in between the two of them actually now sitting, obviously on top of Neptune, certainly sharing both of their energies today, for sure. And as we mentioned on Monday, heightened amplitude of spiritual reception, intuitive prompts, getting connected with source, but let’s throw another log on the fire because with mercury now, conjoining Neptune, what we’re also facing is the challenge of the true.

Are we collectively telling the truth? Are we individually telling the truth? Am I telling the truth to myself about a situation or the shadow side of Neptune? Am I allowing myself to be duped or am I trying to dupe somebody else? Definitely questions to ponder under this energy today, in addition to the base energy, we talked about Monday perceptions, high spiritual antenna up and acknowledging and respecting both sides of the Neptunian coin around integrity, truthfulness lies, and deception on the other side.

Now let’s unpack this also aspect the nodes of the moon. And remember the nodes of the moon are in south node Scorpio, north node Taurus. And I’m just looking here today. The north node is at 23 degrees approaching Uranus. So we’re going to be within a 10 degree orb coming up here. This is going to get interesting.

There’s nothing in the south node, no major planets will be there. And for most of our lifetime, probably in Scorpio, just getting, but you know, everything’s stacked over on another side of the chart right now and will be for quite a while, but there are no conjunct aspects other than the moon moving around in Scorpio.

Now these are soft or easy aspects. We’ve got a trine to the south node and a sextile to the north. This is a nice combination to go with the conjunction with Neptune, because look, we’re talking about when the nodes are involved like that and tied directly to this very powerful, spiritual paradigm that’s going on in Pisces that we are talking about getting the messages that we need in order to progress from that south.

Now. Which of course are ruled co ruled by Mars and Pluto, and then moving into our north node path resembled right now in the chart by Venus because the north node is in Taurus, which of course is ruled by Venus. So let’s bring this home where in our lives are we at war? Where in our lives are we causing strife?

You know, the scorpions tail up the threat, the strike, the punch, the. Where in our life. This is an interesting one, especially with mercury right there. What are we not willing to look at? What are we masquerading? What are we trying to cover up or lie about? Even if we’re just lying to ourselves. That’s the nature of the Scorpio shadow side.

We don’t look at the positive side of the south node. We just look at the shadow. The shadow is Scorpio. It’s death. It’s dark, it’s ugly. It’s morass. It’s deep. These are the deep issues of our life that are coming up under this. Piscean. Co rulership of Jupiter and Neptune and, you know, Jupiter is getting ready to mash the gas and it’s going to be out of here in may.

So this is a narrow window of opportunity. We’ll get it again in October, November, December, mostly November and December. But right now this is a window of opportunity that will escape us and be gone for a long, long time. This is if ever there was Carpe diem in the charts seize the day. This is. So, what do we move toward?

Well, we’re talking about a north node in Taurus. Let’s think about peace. Let’s think about grounded-ness. Let’s think about earthy connection with reality. In other words, the opposition of what we don’t want to look at, we actually go outside and the earth, take our shoes off and dig our toes into it because we’re going to deal with it.

We’re going to bring love and peace and harmony. And grounded-ness. To these areas of life that we have buried and stuffed and ignored. This is a really big deal when the planet that controls our intellect, our knowing our knowledge and our communication. Is sitting there in this pristine real estate, Jupiter and Neptune in the sign of Pisces.

Oh my friend. Do the spiritual work today and be vulnerable and let the energies in the sky guide you. I’m wishing you peace and love. See you back tomorrow. Bye-bye.