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March 22, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast for Tuesday, March 22nd. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. Hey, I wanted to give you a tip here. Yes, let’s see. When did this come out? Sunday, it came out and I just saw it after I had recorded yesterday’s episode. Earth sky news. If you subscribe to that or you follow that or check in there periodically had a pretty cool image of the sun’s position through the winter solstice, as it is 30 degrees above the horizon.

And then what we just experienced the Equinox. At 53 degrees above the horizon. And then it peaks out at the summer solstice of 77 degrees, kind of a cool graphic there as the sun gets higher and higher in its position. As it treks across the Northern hemisphere sky, we have an early aspect this morning that I wanted to put our eyes and attention on just to observe.

All right. This is one that I’ve mentioned tracking some of these aspects to the planet. Which is twice the distance out from Pluto that has been an Aries for as long as anybody has been alive on planet earth. It entered in the early 19 hundreds, and we’re just tracking and observing. Mars is in a quintile aspect, which is a minor aspect, but it does quintile era’s today at 5 37 this morning, Eastern time, that’s a one-fifth of a circle 72 degree aspect.

And Mars, of course, in this warrior position that it’s in right now and Eris being the planet or the goddess, if you will, of discord discord, let’s just tuck that under the brim of our ball cap for today and see if anything unfolds. We’ve been in the applying energy for the last couple of days. So let’s just see what passes as that goes on.

The moon in Scorpio goes void of course, for three hours at 12 noon today, and then enters Sagittarius spicy fighty Sagittarius at 3:00 PM. The other aspect today, for those of you who like sequential numbers is Mars, squaring, Uranus. Oh, we’ll talk about, this happens at 4, 4, 4 this afternoon, Eastern time.

Walk it back 3, 3, 3 central 2, 2, 2 mountain. And 1, 1, 1 Pacific. I just had to do that. All right. We’ve been looking at Uranus quite a bit in our Glasscock practicum classes. Sudden surprises, Mars misbehaving, terribly on its track out of Capricorn into and through Aquarius. And you know, this might kind of be the first test because now we have a little bit of fire in the chart with the sun in Aries.

That will Mars kind of take a little different disposition. I don’t know. Let’s find out what are some of the positive sides of this square aspect? Well, it would be very forthrightly examining your structure around finances. This has a money aspect to it, and it could be even to say, radically change Aquarius.

And Uranus actually working together, of course, Uranus ruling Aquarius in modern astrology, that you might radically change something around your money structure, maybe your approach to money, your tracking of money, uh, a game plan for the next, let’s say 90 days since we’re dealing with a 90 degree aspect, take 90 days and try a new pattern around money.

Maybe spending less frivolously and applying or investing money in something that nourishes your soul, figuring out some little kind of investment that you could make in yourself. There are shadows to this, obviously, as you could imagine. But being conscious creators, we’re going to look on the positive side of this and realize that we’ve got an opportunity here to really make a significant difference in something.

I really like this 90 day experiment. I think that’s where we ought to camp right there. Let’s take that and say, move yourself into something, structure, something that you can apply and use for the next 90 days that could change your money situation. Positively and even permanently. So I’m going to slide out of your earbuds and let you spend some time in your journal and figure this out.

Let’s all do this together. Seriously. 90 day clock starting today, the spring Equinox, the new beginning of life in the Northern hemisphere and a new relationship with your money triggered by or spawned by March. Fire in Aquarius ruled by Uranus in Taurus, the money side. Let’s spend some time on it and I’ll see you back tomorrow.

Have a great day.