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March 11, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the Friday and set up the weekend edition of the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks so much for hanging in there with me this week. It’s been a busy week in my world and I’m gonna take some dedicated time off here coming up, but I wanted to just play for you. Something that if you want to bring tears of appreciation and gratitude and joy to Thomas’s.

Face here’s how you do it. Hi Thomas. This is Mary Susan in Northern California. I just wanted to thank you for everything that you’re doing with the podcast and beyond. You’re really making the world of astrology, thus the world so much more. Easily navigated, especially in these tough times. So just a little note of gratitude towards you for keeping this podcast up and going and everything else that you offer to us stay well, friend, and thanks again.

Maybe it’s that moon that moved into cancer at 2 24 this morning, Eastern time, that’s doing this, but even listening to that through again, I had to stop and regain my composure. Mary Susan. Thank you. You are a true treasure. And I know that we’re all hurting right now and I am right in there with you and trying to get on here and look at the charts and figure out am I saying the right things?

Should we even talk about this? I know it’s on everybody’s mind. We want answers. We want to know outcomes. And then yet we acknowledge that astrology is a two-sided coin. So I just really appreciated that. And it landed at a time when I really needed it. And you know, that brings up two points, gratitude and love two of the highest emotions or Fred Dodson’s levels of energy book that I did in an audio book way back in the day.

It’s the, those are two of the highest energies that we humans can achieve at any time, much less these times. And I still am amazed at how people are short to say, thank you and Mary Susan gets it and was quick to say, just thanks. And I think if we could put that out and then also love, and I know that some of you really liked that story that I put in yesterday about Emoto and his water and that you can even do it through distance.

He proved it. He photographed water that had morphed after love had been sent to it. Remotely. How cool is that? Right? So we can’t personally, you and I can’t do anything to affect the war situation and what’s going on certainly from a governmental perspective, but boy, we can, from an energetic perspective.

So Mary, Susan, I hope it was okay to share that, but I just thought it might encourage others. Let’s all share the love this weekend. All right. The moon moon bright and shiny moon will be full by the way next Friday. It’s going to be a cancer moon all weekend. So there’s a time to really connect with your soul.

And that’s what I’m going to do. I’m gonna take some time off. I really am. I promise then the moon goes void of course, on Sunday at 1144 in the morning. And it will be that way until three 30 in the afternoon when it moves into Leo. So there are your emotions and your soul for the weekend. Now let’s talk about the big aspect that is applying right now.

We are moving toward it, and that is the sun conjoins Neptunes Sunday morning at 7:42 AM. Talking about the soul. I was on the Robert Glasscock session, uh, Wednesday night. And he started the thing by saying, what is the soul of the United States? What one planet represents the soul of the United States.

And I would ask the same question of you even, you could say, well, in, in a natal chart or for you, what is the one planet that represents the essence of your heart and soul? It would be the sun and the sun conjoins Neptune. Now Neptune is an interesting fellow Lord of the deep Lord of the sea. I love Liz Green’s archetype of redemption reconnection with source.

It’s about intuition connection with our spiritual self it’s about guidance. When we need guidance. And it’s all the opposites of that. So it’s confusion. Take it a step further illusion delusion. And if you take illusion and delusion too far, you get escapism and there’s the rulership of addiction. And while it can represent reconnection with source redemption regeneration, it can also represent lies and deception.

The very opposite of connection back to source. Even to say, believing your own stuff could be a metaphor. Well, those two energies, our soul, our radiance, who we are meets Neptune on Sunday. So one of the things that we could really reflect on under this cancer moon for the next two days is what that intersection is going to look like going forward.

Who are we going to be as we enter potentially even more challenging times. I was looking at some of the stuff on Glasscock class, uh, the other day. And I mean, I just see, I mean, I , if it goes to the shadow side, it could get difficult. So I think one of the things we could do is just stop and pause right here and just say, how am I going to choose to be, what side of Neptune am I going to align with?

Spiritual rebirth, helping people find a good, true path back to source spiritual revival. Or am I going to just escape and numb out? And that’s where I go back to exactly how we began, that the real answer to this is to send love into this hurting world every which way we can. And that’s another thing that I’m go, I’m see, I’m giving you a peek into my journal.

What I’m gonna be doing is also how can I do that even more and better? Going forward now, before we duck out of here, let me make a quick announcement about Robert Glasscock. Speaking of, are you interested in reincarnation? And if it shows up in the astrological chart and how it might be affecting this present life?

Well, he has been putting together about a three hour presentation that is going to be delivered on this Sunday. It will be live. And how you register, go to your favorite search engine and type in return. To the flesh Glasscock Kepler, K E P L E R. And it will search up the class right there. Think it’s $125.

You can register for it. They’ll get you processed, do it today. And as early as possible because it is not, they, it’s not automatic. They have to manually put you in. So do it before they close they’re on the west coast. All right. Hope you enjoy it. I’m going to be in the class. I can’t wait. It’s going to be very interesting to me.

He said he was going to talk about the ninth house, the 12th house, the nodes. Several things that he’s combined to put into this analysis of looking into the chart to see if we can see into our past lives. That’s basically going to be the theme of this presentation. All right. I will see you guys on Monday have a wonderful weekend and I am just so very much grateful for each of you sending you love have a wonderful Friday.