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March 10, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. We’re going to talk about a couple of quick things in the sky today, and then hold some space for tomorrow and we’ll set up several things that are happening on Sunday. Saturday is another quiet day, but I wanted to talk about something that is particularly interesting in the chart today.

But before we get to that, let’s talk about the moon real quick. If you are an early bird catching the worm, you are waking up to about a 19 or 20 degree moon in Gemini. It will hit first quarter, just a little bit after we release this at 5 45 this morning, east coast time, and then goes void. Of course, for about 14 hours.

Here are the times 1142 this morning. All the way until 2 23 tomorrow morning, both Eastern times when the moon moves into cancer. I spent quite a bit of time yesterday looking at the chart, trying to decide what best to talk about today. And I think one of the best things that I can leave you with, and I do have one other thing I want to bring in, but just right here on this point with the moon, We’ve got one more day that being today to process Gemini, then we have a couple of days, Friday, Saturday, and end of Sunday.

Where we can mourn and we can feel, and we can cry and we can be water. We can be cancer. And then I thought of this thing that I saw on Facebook, I follow, uh, Emoto. He passed away in 2014, but he popularized the experiments where he would send. Energy to water and then photograph it. His Facebook page is somebody still maintaining it very actively.

And the other day there was a post about sending energy to water distantly, and they took a picture of the water molecules before the love was sent intentionally from a distance and then took a picture of a water molecule after the love had been received. And of course it looked like a beautiful snowflake and the point of the post was love can be received and is received energetically even at a distance when it is sent with intention.

So what I would do today is just be okay with processing. I know we’ve all been process saying I had some stuff yesterday that I saw that I guess I wish I didn’t. It was just truly, truly sad. One more day of that and then let’s feel let’s really let our emotions hang out. Let’s cry it out. Let’s feel, but let’s also do this.

Let’s send love over there. I’ll tell you. I tried to look at Putin’s chart. Yeah. Chart was flat. I tried to look at the Ukraine flat. I tried to look at the simply USA chart flat. I looked over here and I saw two things on just the good old, daily transit chart. And I thought, ah, there is some juice for today.

One is send love distantly, and I’d like, like to invite any and all of you who would like to join us on Sunday nights, we’ve been doing this since August. We get together on Facebook, live at 8:00 PM and just do about 30, 45 minutes. Sometimes it goes to an hour, but we basically get together, have a little sharing time, and then we send love and intention out into the universe, out into the space.

And a little group of us has been doing. Since August, like I say, and you are more than welcome to join. It’s just a wonderful little sharing time and it happens at 8:00 PM Eastern time on the Facebook group, subconscious mind mastery and fun astrology podcast listeners. Sometimes we open it up and others talk and sometimes I just carry it.

And, but the thing that we do in common is we unite ourselves around a common goal, say some intentions and then meditate basically for 15 minutes together. So if you’re not in the group, come join us. And then we’ll see you at 8:00 PM. This Sunday night, Eastern time. If you’re available to join us, there’s always an event posted so you can find it.

Now here’s the other thing I wanted to talk about something that I have in my own chart, and that’s why it kind of jumped off the page. So the nodes . Do you remember back to December and January? When we talked about the nodes, moving into Scorpio? Well today we have, and we’ve had since last Wednesday, now that was not correlated with the starting of the war.

It was about seven or eight days after it. But basically we have Saturns sitting at the bending of the nodes of the moon. And that I have that in my own chart. So I can speak to that. Like I said, it moved into range of the orb last Wednesday. It will hit an exact square on April 1st. And then of course it will be separating for a couple of weeks after that.

This is going to be around for a little while. And I can tell you just kind of in a nutshell, Saturn sitting at the bending of the nodes, or in other words, at a right angle to the nodes of the moon, basically puts Saturn in a carmic watch post over the chart during that time. It’s almost like it says you can wiggle to the left.

You can wiggle to the right, but if you get too far off track, I will bring you back carmic business during this incarnation will be done. Now, of course, we’re looking at transits, we’re looking at right now energy, but I think we could kind of apply the same as that. as we are all watching this genocide take place and feeling helpless.

Just keep in mind that karma is watching and Saturn will have its day soon enough. Now the other big thing that people have their eye on this is the other applying aspect that we are under. Is that on April 4th, Mars. And Saturn conjoin. It will be in the evening. We’ll talk about it more as it gets closer, but just realize and be aware that right now, Mars is applying to an April 4th evening time conjunction with Saturn.

So all of this started with a Venus applying to Mars, applying Pluto, energy and Capricorn. That was late February now, shifting all of that into Aquarius, where on April 4th, Mars will conjoin Saturn. There is a lot, we could talk about that, including things like cyber attacks, escalations, but let’s tuck this away.

We’ll be monitoring it between now in, and then we’ll unpack it as it starts to get closer. But just realize that April could be a bit of a challenging time period, both before. The April 4th, exact conjunction and also even after it and on April 4th, by the way, we are still right at the 22 degree, exact bending of the nodes with the nodes of the moon.

So you’re gonna have Mars hitting Saturn with Saturn at the bending of the nodes, which of course puts Mars at the bending of the node. It’s a wonky, wonky deal that we are living under right now. Uh, we’re going to unpack that more, probably do some on it next week, because we need to dissect what that is, what that means.

And we’ll go back and look at some history around that as well. All right. That catches us up for today. We’ll see you back tomorrow to. Set up the weekend, have a good Thursday, send you love and let’s send love over there in three together. Now, two, one.