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March 3, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast for Thursday, March 3rd, Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. Wow. What a big week we have already been through. Let’s walk through this day together from start to finish because it is equally significant. Already. Mars has conjoined Pluto that happened at three 40 this morning, Eastern.

Now, we’ve set this up this week. So if you’ve been following through the week, you know, but I’m going to refer you back to Monday and Tuesday, if you have not listened to those, but we’ve been talking about this dance in the sky between Venus and Mars Monday’s episode. We talked about how that traced all the way back to when Venus turned direct on January 29th.

How they first conjoined the two of these guys, Venus and Mars on February 16th, how they will, can join again on Sunday and representing this energy that we’ve been using as our theme this whole week, because they are so connected, you would think, well then when is Venus going to conjoin? Pluto? Ah, good question today.

12:36 PM. So see, they’re about what nine hours removed from me. Now, remember we know this from the moon that applying or in lunar terms, waxing energy is when energy is building and then it culminates when the conjunction happens and then it starts to wax or wane or fade away or in television production terms, fade to black after that.

So this is the peak, the pinnacle that we have been building up to. Certainly Mr. Putin was feeling this energy as he launched his aggression against the innocent people of Ukraine. I hope that what we can create from this aspect is that the world will begin its aggression against him until he has met his full justice and demise.

Remember, Venus is the balance is the scales is the legal system. So I’m going to stay today with what we’ve been doing the rest of the week. Let’s don’t count on the media to bring any of this up. Let’s don’t count on any other external source to bring any of this up. We have to do it within, and we are conscious creators.

So as Venus crosses over Pluto today, back your time up or forward your time up to when 12:36 PM Eastern let’s us be thinking just. War crimes have been committed. And as history usually proves out, the criminal gets eventually arrested, tried and executed for things like this flight, Amir Putin has killed women and children.

Innocent people provoked a war disrupted not only a nation, but also an entire region of the world. You are right now, filling your tank up with more expensive gas because of that route. Diesel and North Carolina the other day, it was almost four 50 a gallon Lord. Jupiter’s going to have to sit still for awhile.

That’s my sprinter van that I’ve been traveling around in if you’re new to the podcast. Yeah. I mean, Gemini crikey, a hundred and something bucks to fill the tank up. So we’re all feeling it, but Venus is also crossing Pluto. So the symbolism to hold in mind is that just as warrioress, as Mars is, and just as amplifying of that energy as Pluto is, and just as much as there is symbolism of district.

Let us also bring Venus over that whole wave and say, one day there will be justice and it will be just as strong parentheses Pluto, and it will bring him down and he will suffer. Parentheses Eris astrology is built on polarity. So let us stand for peace and justice. Now to give us a nice little bit of emphasis to this.

The moon has been in Pisces. Obviously we had our new moon yesterday. Do you like sequential numbers? Because at 4, 4, 4, this afternoon, the moon goes void. Of course, then at 7 52 this evening, it moves into Aries. Now, yes, we could be a little bit concerned about that area and moon for the next couple of days.

It goes through Saturday enters Taurus Sunday morning. So again, if you’re really in tune with doing some exercises around all of this, as the moon goes, void, of course, pray blessings on its transit through Aries. And again, as you lift your energy up in prayer, see the peace don’t ask for. Feel the peace InVision, the news stories of the harmony and of the world coming together to put the Ukraine back together, the headlines of Vladimir Putin being arrested and in house arrest somewhere in the.

The reverse images of babies being born again in safety. Can it be that on earth? Uh, to a degree? I think it can. Steve had a good point in the interview from last Saturday where he said earth is a place where we come down here to mix. Well, I think that what the sky gives us is that ability to see into the higher realms.

And that’s what I’m saying is let’s just stand in that energy and put it out there. All right. TGI Friday, tomorrow to set up the weekend, I’ll see you back there and have a great Thursday, couple of good things that we can do today as we. The energy piece out into the sky. Thanks for listening. I’ll see you tomorrow.