March 2, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to hump day on the fund astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us Wednesday, March 2nd. It’s really new moon Wednesday. We have a new moon in Pisces when 12:34 PM to. Now before we get there, let’s go back because we have one aspect that is significant to take a look at before we talk about the moon.

And that happened right after midnight Eastern time, the sun sex tiled, Uranus. Now we’re in a period in the world right now, obviously where any of these outer, slower moving planets when they aspect the faster moving planets, I think is something that we have to take a look at because the sun sextiling Uranus would give us a mundane interpretation.

Of something around this conflict, taking a unique turn. There’s something unexpected in the air. And the fact that it already has peaked might mean that this was over the last couple of days as well. And again, I’m recording these forward because of my travel schedule. But that aspect definitely says, ah, there’s something in the space watch out.

And just like the sun represents the situation there, the corporateness of it. At least we could also apply the same to our own lives because the sun is our out shining ourselves. So we could say something playful, unique could be, or could have already been on the horizon for. Now, let’s check out this new moon in Pisces because we have four count them for a big old stellium in Pisces.

Now that the moon has moved in, you already knew of the other three Neptune, Jupiter and the sun. Well add Luna to that. And we have a powerful stellium obviously around creating spiritually. In fact, we don’t have to be labor this point, because if you take Monday’s episode and yesterday’s episode, and now you add the creative ability of this new moon, then you have exactly the energy that we are standing in today.

Exactly what we’ve been talking about. Creating love, bringing Venus to full life in our own consciousness. Sending that out into the universe in this creative, new moon, may there be peace on. May there be love in mankind. May there be truth and not deception? And I would add this one to may my own eyes and ears and heart.

Be open to the truth in love. Now, what aspects do we have going on to support this new moon? And I hope that you’ll do some kind of a ceremony like that around noon Eastern time today 1234 is the exact time of the new moon. So hopefully you can catch that or certainly during the day, sometime today.

Let’s just talk about sine based aspects for a second. The ancient astrologers believe that in some cases, planets didn’t have to be within a certain number of degrees of each other. If Jay were just connected by sign, that was a connection, a thread of. Sufficient proximity. So we have a couple of neighbors to this new moon.

We have Capricorn and I’ll tell you between COVID. And now this attack on the Ukraine coming from Capricorn mean, both of those came from the later degrees of Capricorn. I don’t know that we’re going to have to look at Capricorn through different eyes. This has been an increase. Series now of energies coming out of that sign, but it is in a sextile.

And then we also have Uranus in Taurus, in a sextile. Now, again, this is sine based, but it just, again gives me hope that as we look at what’s going on and we think of the tragedy of all of this. And even if we think of COVID and you might’ve lost somebody to COVID-19 I know I did. That may be just maybe what all of this is pointing toward.

Is this new beginning of this new era of the seat. Don’t discount Venus. We’ve been, I’m just not going to let Venus go away here because we’ve been talking about this dance. Why would these things be springing out and jumping out from Capricorn? Because as we focus on Pisces, I mean, here is Neptune coming through saying.

That we could change and completely shift the whole culture. We could know the truth and the truth could set us free Neptune, Pisces, Jupiter, expand that if you will choose it, that energy has been there all the way through. I just think it’s so significant with Pluto at these later degrees of Capricorn and actually the United States Pluto returned degree, 27 degrees.

And then now Mars and Venus are moving over it. And look at where we are. But could there not be infinitely better times ahead? I think the sky is trying to tell us there will be if we so choose. So there’s a very obvious new moon prayer. May there be peace on earth? The things just mentioned and also may humanity.

Wake up. Wow, incredible symbolism. I really do hope that you’ll take time today for a ceremony and get ready because tomorrow Mars and Venus and join Pluto, that energy is also in today’s air. Have a good one. We’ll be back to unpack that one tomorrow. I’m Thomas Miller. Thanks for listening.