February 22, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast (2/22/22!)

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast, come and smell or hear. Thank you so much for joining us. If you can hear the birds chirping and the boats idling around in the lake and the sounds of the campground. I came outside, I’m sitting on a picnic table by a lake in South Carolina. And I took a couple of pictures and I put them in the notes section of the podcast.

For those of you who can see notes, I know some players make it harder to see than others, but if you can find the notes and see them, you’ll see a couple of shots of where today’s podcast was being recorded yesterday. After. Part of the joy of doing this is having you ride along with me. All right. We are keeping our eye, obviously on the situation we talked about yesterday, but we are going to talk about Pisces today because we have two big events coming up in Pisces season that are of note.

This is looking ahead now, but on Saturday, March 5th, MIS will be at nine o’clock in the. The sun conjoins Jupiter in Pisces that will happen at 14 degrees, 58 minutes. So basically 15 degrees right in the middle of the sign. So if you have planets, first of all, at 15 degrees anywhere, take a look and see where they are.

Are they in a water sign by chance Pisces cancer Scorpio, or are they in a mutable sign? Gemini Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces. If you have anything hovering around 15 degrees in any of those areas, you could be lit up around that first part of. Also, where is your Jupiter? Whereas your natal Jupiter. Now ask the same questions one week and a day later, because on the 13th of March, the sun does the same thing with Neptune.

This one will be at 22 degrees, 52 minutes. So basically 23 degrees. Where Neptune will be at that time. So ask the same questions for Neptune on the 13th. Now this is really big energy and we are less than two weeks from it happening. So between now and the fifth, we are in that applying phase. In other words, the energy is building.

It’s getting stronger. Think of the waxing moon. As the moon grows from new moon to full moon. Think of that. It gets bigger and bigger every day. So, you know, this Piscean energy that we’ve been talking about really for the last two solid months, we started talking about this in early December with these two rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, the ancient and the modern.

In the sign of Pisces, all of that Piscean energy is hyper magnified. Now take everything that you are your shining in the world, your light, your ego in a good sense. That which makes you, you, that which shines when you radiate out into the world. And how we all see you when we think of you take all of that, put it in what I think could arguably be not maybe the most, but one of the most certainly in its own wave of most spiritual signs in the whole.

The sign of Pisces ruled by Neptune, the planet of reconnecting to source the planet of regeneration and Jupiter, Lord Jupiter sitting right behind me here beside the lake, the planet that sheer thrives on expanding things, especially good things, especially for those who are trying to be. That every minute of every day as the clock ticks toward March 5th at 9 0 6 in the morning, Eastern time, the strength of that aspect is getting bigger and bigger and your intuition and your antenna is getting bigger because Neptune is right behind.

And that whole blessing of spiritual insight and spiritual breakthroughs is in a final two week countdown to magnification point. The question is, will you hear the call? Will you do the work? Will you get quiet? I wish you could hear all these birds. I mean, they are just so beautiful. That’s part of it quieting down, out here in nature.

Listening for those silent moments listening. So the soul, this is going to be one of the two key peak periods of this Jupiter through Pisces while Neptune is there transit, the other one will be on April the 12th when Jupiter can joins NetApp. When basically Jupiter and Neptune and Pisces all become one.

Then we won’t have Jupiter in Pisces or Neptune in Pisces. We will have Jupyter nap. That’s like my Marcene tune, Mars, sun Neptune stellium and Scorpio. We’ll have Jupyter, net, Jupiter, Pisces, Neptune, all one. If you have the luxury of being sick that day, it’d be a really good day to take. I can’t come in today.

I might get the whole office sick, but I’ll be back and well tomorrow. I’m sure. No do it with integrity. But if you can, if you have a free day, So these are great times that we are living in there is so much going on right now. Yes. Still working on the video. We’ll let you know. Meanwhile, if anything else pops up that warrants a special podcast in world events, why we’ll drop it in otherwise, have a great Tuesday.

We’ll see about tomorrow. Thanks so much for listening.