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February 11, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Let’s get a TGI Friday version of the fun astrology podcast underway. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. Glad you’re here. We can keep it short, sweet and snappy today. I don’t have a whole lot to report except you have fun astrology permission to take the whole rest of the day. The moon is void. Of course.

So if it’s not working, why should we, somebody said that, oh, now you sequential numbers. Folks are going to really love this. The moon went void, of course, at two to two this morning, Eastern time you’re in the central time zone 1, 1, 1, and it stays that way until 5:26 PM this afternoon, Eastern time. And then it moves into cancer.

So void of course, sleepy moon. Now we’ve been focusing on Capricorn, talked about Capricorn yesterday, and that’s where the action is today. Mercury this morning at 8 0 7 conjoins lines up exactly with Pluto in Capricorn. So that stellium is going to change because see Pluto is now at 27 degrees, by the way, moving very, very close to its 27 degree 33 minute position on February 20th, when we will have.

First alignment of the Pluto return for the United States mercury we’ll exit Capricorn on Monday afternoon. So then we will have three planets in Capricorn, three in Aquarius, at least for another four or five days before. The sun moves into Pisces on the 18th. So we will have a little bit of sidestep boogie there next week, as mercury moves into Aquarius and the sun moves into Pisces, everything else is pretty well locked down for awhile.

And, you know, even with what I talked about in the podcast yesterday, that the energy ahead of all of this shifting. So see we’re in the applying, or if you want to use a lunar terminology wax, Moving toward those aspects. And that’s when that energy is more aggressive. Once you hit the peak and it starts to fall off, then you’re still in the bandwidth of that energy, but it’s more in the declining or fading out fading, a black, you know, in television terms, right.

It’s the scene was not at its most brilliant it’s fading. So that what I talked about yesterday happened under this energy is absolutely no real surprise. You know, not only did the theory of the Capricorn discovering or uprooting the old, moving it into Aquarius, that whole thing hold, but also this applying aspect holds as.

It’s absolutely amazing. Robert Glasscock sent something out the other day. In fact, let me get ahold of it here on my phone, and I will read it to you. Cause it was great. He said in this email here it is long ago. I stopped being surprised when astrology’s predictions proved accurate, but I’m always still amazed.

After 57 years in this profession at repeatedly witnessing the undeniable connections between planetary position. And human events, both individual and collective. He used to write TV episodes. You can tell he’s an amazing writer. Isn’t that great. And that is the proof that we are seeing right in front of us right now.

And you may have been experiencing some of the similar kinds of things in your own. So as mercury kisses, Pluto on the cheek on its way out the door and say, I’m not hanging around for that USA return. I’m out of here. I want to go breathe some Aquarian air. Well go back and listen to yesterday’s episode again, exactly what happened is a perfect example of mercury conjoining Pluto in Capricorn.

So I did this process with Lynn and this thing came up that had been very much, they’re very much communicating to me through my subconscious mind. Mercury let’s give mercury the attribution of communication consciously and subconsciously. And what is Pluto all about unlocking the transformational secrets in order to resolve them?

So what I went through yesterday of this process of discovering this very loud subconscious program that is driving everything in my life, basically got exposed as mercury is approaching Pluto in Capricorn. I’ve also been seeing a lot of synchronous numbers since actually since Bob Proctor. Another friend mentioned that he had been seeing the same.

So you may have been seeing synchronous numbers, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7, 7, 7, or 5, 5, 5, or times like the moon going void. Of course this morning at two to two, I think there’s some energy buzzing around right now and wow. To be in the space of having that open up and come out the way that it did. And then look at the chart and see exactly.

The planetary energies that would trigger that are right there in front of us, 27 degrees Capricorn. Wow. What a magical degree number that’s proving to be and thinking about that United States return, which the first one of three this year happens on February 20th. So that’s the key. We have three, since we don’t know what a Pluto return looks like for a country equivalent to the United States, at least a world superpower.

We’ll just have to see how it unfolds, but February 20th will be the beginning of the exact aspects now real quick for the weekend, the sun sextiles era’s tomorrow, that will be at 6:53 AM. Eastern time. That will be at 23 degrees. So the sun will be at 23 degrees, 46 minutes. In Aquarius and Eris is at 2346 Aries.

I mentioned that not to interpret anything on it, but just to mention, because I think we’re all watching these things around Eris. So let’s just see as the sun sextiles. Now that’s an interesting aspect with Aras because Aras has really kind of. More dark side energy. So let’s see what the sextile unfolds.

If anything, this is me just making notes and you can help me watch if you see things that might parlay that I’d love to have your thoughts on what Aras might be unfolding for us all. And especially as we begin to watch it a little more clear, And then on Sunday, the sun semi squares, Kyron, that’ll be also at 6 38 in the morning, pretty early.

So again, if there is some of this karmic stuff coming up, well, there’s a sun aspect there that might be shaking. Some of it loose watch out for that. You are set for the weekend. Have a great one. I will see you back on my. Thanks so much for sharing some of your day with me, have a great Friday TGIF!