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February 10, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the Thursday edition of the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks so much for joining us. I’ve got something very, very interesting today. The podcast is being released later than normal, and I’ll tell you why there’s nothing up in the sky today. That’s different from what we’ve been talking about all week, but I think what today’s episode is going to do is put a little.

Personal spin on this energy that we’ve been talking about because I’ve been dealing with it this week. Very, very strongly. I’ll tell the full story in the subconscious mind mastery podcast, but there’s a van story. There’s a van story brewing and I got triggered by something on Monday. I’ll tell you what it was.

We’ll set the stage. So at least, you know, the. I had some accumulated paperwork that had been thrown in a bag over in the corner. And I am going through everything this week and getting all this stuff done and I opened it. Actually, it might’ve been Tuesday, but I opened it. And there was a letter in there from the insurance company that I had contacted immediately.

I mean, way before I drove the. Got the insurance set up. Well, they canceled the policy. Why? Because the residents, the place that I gave us, the address of the policy, which was my son’s house in Dallas, they said could not be confirmed as mine. Well, the policy was supposed to be set up that I was a full timer and that’s a whole different thing.

So anyway, I dealt with that and in dealing with that, it really uncovered a deep subconscious unconscious program. Actually, it was a deeper level of a program that I’ve been working on for 10 years, because it was one of the things that came up when I started to change my life around back in 2008, 2009 that’s well-documented in subconscious mind map.

But this was another layer. You know how we talk about peeling, the onion, right? Peel the onion. It’s always a deeper layer of something in our life. So last night I did a session with Lynn Shaffer. Some of you have interacted with Lynn she’s in our Facebook group page, and Lynn has an incredible process.

Her website is the beautiful mind. And she has put together a process that is absolutely amazing. I’ve done it with her several times. Every time something is dug up and out that I had no idea was stuck in there. Like it was, and see this as again, I mean, why are we here? This is the experience of being human is we are always digging in and finding and changing and working on these areas of our.

Here’s the map of the soul is sitting in front of me on the computer, the astrological chart, the map of our soul. And here comes an issue that wants to come up and out so that it can clear. See, it’s not to haunt me. That’s what I used to think of. It used to think that, oh, there’s this issue and I can’t get past it.

And on the first thing I did was contact Lynn because I was like, Ooh, this is big. I felt it. I felt it in my bones. And I contacted her and said, let’s do your process. It dug stuff up so that we had to stop. And I went to bed last night and slept for 10 hours. And I normally don’t sleep for 10 hours. I needed the rest.

I got my journal out. I literally, I had a pillow cry. I mean, I got down on my, this involved mom and dad, and there’s just a whole bunch of backstory stuff that we’ll probably unpack in subconscious mind mastery, but. I did some journaling. I contacted mom and dad. I apologized for some stuff. I bawled and I went to bed and actually, while I was asleep, I always turn my ringer off.

When I’m sleeping. My daughter had called and her car was dead and it wasn’t the battery. So she was trying to find a tow truck and wondering if I could help. And I missed it. So there’s something, maybe there’s some wonky energy going on. But as I took this back to the chart and remember what we talked about on Monday, all of that stack of stellium in Capricorn, Mars, Venus, mercury, Pluto, wanting to dig up the old stuff.

Remember how we talked about how powerful this process is right now, how powerful this energy is because of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. So here is an old issue that came up. Capricorn where we are catching this in the timeline is that I am processing that Capricornia and piece of this equation. And then there will be the Aquarian reset and then moving it into the Piscean spiritual, deep, spiritual connection.

So it really makes me excited because one thing I do know is that I’ve developed a process of myself to be able to do this kind of. And again, very well-documented in subconscious mind mastery though. A whole story is in their warts and all, but this is exactly the work being reflected under this sky.

So if you’ve been feeling some stuff coming up and I’m thinking, you know, wow, I’ve had it, my daughter’s had it. So whatever it is, that’s coming up, allow Capricorn to do its work. And then follow the process through the Aquarian shift. Like I am going to be radical about making a change. There’s still stuff coming up.

There was stuff coming up this morning. So what I do part of my process is to, I like to say, sorry about this for the, in the morning, puke it out. I like to get it all out. I like to get it all out. And that is dialoguing and being in touch with your subconscious journal in hand, I mean like you keep your journal.

So. And let it all come out and then you start to work on the shift and that’s again, where lens process is very effective, but man, is it something else about digging it out? So she’s in our Facebook group, subconscious mind mastery and fun astrology podcast listeners group on Facebook, the beautiful mind coach, if you’d like to contact her, I just very impressed with that process.

Very. And it’s certainly helped me tremendously yesterday because I would not have dug that out. Otherwise I say wouldn’t have, but you know, it just, wow. She can really expedite it. And the process is incredibly effective. All right. That’s it. For today, we’ll be back tomorrow for a TGI. I just wanted to share the story of the journey.

Sometimes that’s more appropriate, especially on a day where we don’t have any additional aspects moon’s still in Gemini and everything else that we’ve talked about this week, including what we just mentioned here is working tomorrow.