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February 5, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller on a special Saturday here, we’re going to just kick back, tell you about a really cool astrological gift for yourself or for somebody that. And then answer a couple of really good listener questions. So first let me tell you about this artist, who I did a reading for Stevie Maguire lives up in the Pacific Northwest, and she has combined her love of art and her love of astrology and created a really cool product that is on her website, new website launched just recently called eye and that’s eye.

With your, I, and you’ll see some of her artwork there, but this one product that I wanted to bring your attention to is that she will create a custom, get this custom painted natal chart. Oh my gosh. I just can’t imagine how cool of a gift that would be. Like I say, even to your. Somebody else, birthday present.

It’s not that expensive for what you’re getting and think about bringing custom art and your chart together. Something that you can hang on the wall. What a great idea. So I wanted to make you aware of that. Stevie is a great participant in our 1 0 1 course. We did a reading back when I was doing them and just realized that the merge of two loves and two passions in her life, art and astrology.

Could be something that she should take a look at doing business-wise and it was there in the chart. So hope you’ll support her in that venture and give her some encouragement on the site. And if you don’t have a particular need yet, why queue it up, put it in the back of your mind, and maybe she’ll even have a mailing list there that you can stay in touch with and just jog your memory when it comes to.

Now kind of on a similar, but not totally related thing. Let’s listen to this first question. Hello, Thomas. This is Kimberly and Ohio. I have listened to your January 19th, the journey through Aquarius episode three or four times. I’m wa I’m also on one of your astrology 1 0 1 students. And I love that episode because I’ve been trying to figure out how to look at the whole.

And map it out and I never thought why don’t I just map out the sun sign and what’s happening. I just want to tell you thank you. Because that episode really helped me in what other ways can we use to look at the month ahead? And like I said, I really, really loved looking at sun and Aquarius. And so that’s something I’m going to do that wherever the sun is just look across.

So inside to see what’s going to happen. And I think that’ll also get me ready for whatever things I want to do. Ritual types, uh, for that sign. Thank you so much. Bye. Thanks Kimberly. She always has great questions and this one is a perfect, the answer is perfect for her question. Now she was went on there.

A couple of things I didn’t put in was talking about using an ephemeris versus just advancing the wheel. Yes, that’s a much better way to get a broader picture. But I’ll tell you if you want to sit down at the first of the month and look at the month, there is nothing better than the honeycomb Almanac.

It has. I’m going to tell you how to get there in just a second. Don’t worry. I’ll give you the URL. I just wanted to you to get tuned in so that you’re ready to capture it, but the honeycomb Almanac and. Either in the six month version or a 12 month version, I would get the 12 months I’ve done both. And I’m just totally fine with, uh, with the 12 month.

And I get it loaded up. I get all the notepaper and I get the Hellenistic package. I get the whole thing. I get the whole inch. They’re not a sponsor and we don’t have any financial relationship or any of that. It’s just a great tool. And I love what these guys are doing. Home-based business. I think it’s a couple that has created this and they are knocking the cover off the ball as an astrological tool for all of us to use handily, literally every.

And they have a monthly view. So you can sit down at the beginning of February, for example, and look at all the transits and the transits that are going to hit you because you give them your birth information, tell them what kind of a chart you want. Placidus whole sign equal, et cetera. What location you, where you are now, or do you want it tied to your natal chart?

All of that is available. And then it gives you all of your transits as well as the daily trends. And, and a monthly view. So then you’re not having to dig through any femoris. What you need is right there in front of you. And you have that, of course, in a daily view by week after you have the monthly calendar, there’s a ton of other information in the book.

So I would highly recommend it. Okay. Now you’re ready for where do you find it? You could search if you lose this URL in your mind, honeycomb, astrology, or honeycomb, collective astrology. But the URL is simply Great question. Now, here is another question from one of our course participants and by the way, the course is on sale.

Yes, it is on mercury retrograde sale. So if you’d like to jump in, this would be a great time to do it. The question was where in the chart, what I find synthesis for drains and nightmares, um, as I’ve had issues with those legitimately for my whole entire life, you bet. And the quick answer to that is look at Neptune.

And Pisces is Neptune aspect did by either let’s say Saturn Pluto, Pluto would be another place to look, obviously, whereas Pluto in the chart, the key here is how are these planets and signs, how what’s going on with the aspect what’s going on with the relationship to each. Because the base platform for our spiritual journey, our spiritual life, our connection to our nonphysical realm of all that, that encompasses right.

Just anything outside of your body. That can be your soul journey. That can be your subconscious mind. It can be your past karma. All of that would show up in places like first of all, the water areas. So Pisces cancer Scorpio, and I would say the ruling planets, except Mars. We’re going to set Mars aside because there’s the challenge, but the rulers of those three, obviously Neptune the moon and Pluto.

Is the modern ruler of Scorpio. So there’s kind of a package of where you would go to look for some of these things that are beyond our body. I would also do a degree, not exclude Sagittarius in there, but that’s borderline we could set that aside, but yeah, yes, I would look at it. Then we have to see how these things are aspects.

So number one, she said it was her whole. Then she brought it in. So that’s the nodes. How are the nodes connected? Mars. Mars is the God of war. In other words, if your subconscious is conflicting and arguing and battling with something old that stuck in there, then that would show up perhaps with a Mars, either natal placement or.

And then the other thing would be Saturn. I would definitely look at Saturn because Saturn can oppress Saturn could cause bad dreams. And then the other thing is I would look at how has Pluto woven into that. You’re not going to get it from Venus. You’re not going to probably get it from the sun. I wouldn’t be looking at Jupiter for an answer to this question.

Unless, of course there was a negative aspect that has been expanded by Jupiter. You see what I’m saying? So the negative side that is causing the nightmares could be triggered by a Jupiter aspect that is causing the amplification of that’s possible, perhaps mercury, because it is communication and you are communicating with your subconscious, your unconscious self.

And by the way, Refer to the subconscious mind mastery podcast, especially some of Fred Dodson’s work because he has done a lot of writing on this in the audio books that are mentioned in the various episodes and interviews with Fred on subconscious mind, math. But you’re really looking at the aspects.

So keep digging into the course. And then as we have more connections and a question opportunities, keep asking of specific things, because we can pick this apart and start to identify where this is coming from. And I’d put a pitch in for our readers too. We’re already starting to get some great feedback from sessions they’re being had with Marilyn Michelle, Laura Taft, and Delia golden.

So check that out under the readings category on the fun web. All right, let’s take one more. Hi, Thomas. It’s Ronnie from Dallas. I have natal, mercury and Venus directly on top of each other at 25 degrees. This week, peppercorn is ruling my first. And it just so happens. I have been stuck inside for the last eight days with COVID.

Fortunately I haven’t had any symptoms aside from being positive. And I take that because I’m usually a very, very positive person. It’s been a challenge for me, but I’ve noticed that I’ve done. More interested in being myself and showcasing my talent on social media because I’m stuck inside. I’m interested to see what you have to say about this.

I know you’ve read my chart before and I really appreciate everything you have to say. Have a fantastic weekend. Bye. And Ronnie, I’m so glad that you’re not, uh, experiencing the difficult symptoms that some people have. And by the way, I’ve got a great update on little baby Lily, granddaughter, Lily. In fact, my grandkids let’s see Lucy.

The two year old is two today. This is her. And then tomorrow Lily will be three months old. And of course she’s been battling COVID and a lot of you’ve been asking how she’s doing this week, kind of turned a corner in her deep cough and congestion is starting to show signs of improvement. It’s by no means out of the woods yet, but it’s getting better and that’s a big deal.

So thank you for that. Ronnie. I’m so glad that you had a mild case of it. And of course, have to sit out and sit on the bench for a few days while we go through these things. Don’t we, but I did take a look at her chart and we don’t get into personal readings on this chart, but there is something that’s interesting.

She has a three planet sort of stellium I’m going to, I’m going to count this as three. She has Uranus, Saturn and Neptune all sitting within 10 degrees. Okay. Uranus, Saturn, Neptune. Boom, boom. And they are all retrograde in her natal chart, transiting over. Those is Mars. So Mars moving basically just over Saturn could definitely trigger eight, tap the brakes kind of event in your life.

Mars, applying to Neptune, which rules viruses. I could definitely bring COVID your way. So there’s something here, Ronnie, that’s saying slow down. Kind of like my little accident up in North Carolina just was saying, you are so unfocused right now. You need to slow down. That was my message. What is yours?

And I know we could get off on a track here of saying, would the universe give somebody COVID in order to affect something in the. Um, look, she had a mild case. She has, she has a very mild case of COVID. Thank goodness. What if that had just been a cold, she would have had the same symptoms, but would have kept on going and wouldn’t have had the break.

See, I think it’s kind of cool that the universe goes, ah, you know what? We need to tap the brakes over here so we could do the COVID. Don’t make it severe. Just take a little time out, get some rest, chill out, do a little introspective work and take a eight day break. And what does she do during mercury retrograde?

Now this was the period that she’s talking about happened while mercury was still in retrograde that she goes to social media. And she’s very good at that. And. Kind of a time of maybe possibly redirecting. So Ronnie, I would look at, is there something in this new interest of social media, because all of this action happened in her first house.

This is all about her. This is her shining out in the world. This is her imprint out to the rest of us. So Ronnie, maybe there’s a directional change that the universe is trying to give you a little elbow to. So I would quiet down, reflect on those eight days and what they meant to you and the prompts and kind of relive how source was talking to you through this process.

And then particularly what really ignites you, what lights your fire, what thrills you about this new form of re-ignited communication online? Those are the places that I would be looking for. Sure. All right. Thank you guys so much. This has been fun. I like taking a little break with you. It’s a rainy day here.

I actually recorded this on Friday, just a nice rainy day in Georgia. So a nice fun time to have. Fireside chat together. I appreciate it kind of needed it for my own soul to have a great rest of the weekend. I’ll see you back on Monday.