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February 4, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller on TGI Friday. Thanks for getting through the week with us. And we are going to set up the weekend and then tomorrow answer some listener questions. So if you have a question you’d like answered, just hit the SpeakPipe at the top of the fun astrology.

Calm website. We’ll get those on for you tomorrow. Also going to announce this, tell you about this great artist who is doing a really cool, any kind of thing. I mean, if you wanted it for yourself. Great. But also if you wanted to give a beautiful, very unique astrology gift. Wow. This would truly be amazing.

So I’ll be telling you about that. You know, I hadn’t updated on Stephanie that I checked in with her this week and they have sold their house in California, bought a house in Georgia and they will be moving the end of the month into February. And that’s just how it worked out with all of the stuff that they had to do on both ends coordinations, but they are in the midst of packing and getting ready to make a trip across the country.

And we’ll be looking forward to checking in with Stephanie when they get settled in. Mercury is now direct until May 10th. And we have the course on sale. I would say it’s a great Friday to be alive. Okay. Let’s talk about the astrology in the sky. So, first of all, we have a five-hour void of course, moon that begins at four 40 this morning, Eastern time.

And the moon moves into Aries at 9:56 AM. Stays in Aries until Sunday night at 5:52 PM. After a, mostly in the afternoon void of course, moon. Those of course are all east coast times that you’ll have to adjust if you’re in another time. Now what other aspects happen today? Well, also this morning, Mars, sextiles Jupiter 8:37 AM.

Is the time on that. Now we’ve kind of had our eye on this sign based sextile between Capricorn and Pisces. So this aspect, this sextile will happen at eight degrees. And this is so interesting because we’ve been talking all the way through here about this dynamic of Jupiter being. Pisces which Jupiter was the ancient ruler of.

Neptune being in Pisces. That’s the modern ruler of Pisces. You have co rulers at home, and now you have the punch planet, Mars, the goose at planet, but we already have Jupiter the expansion planet. So we’re going to goose the expansion of these Piscean Neptunian characteristics. We’re adding power and fire and dynamite to where there is already a magnification of that.

So just because of what we already know about, what’s been going on with Neptune in Pisces all the way back to 2011, 2012, I would have my antenna up for the misinformation side of Neptune, the illusion delusion lies and deceptions. That’s one side of nip. Another side of Neptune is always the addictive side.

So substances or people or things that could steal your attention away from you being fully present in your life. Those could also be magnified. And like we’ve talked about since Wednesday, the moon moving through Pisces. Well, now you have Mars in this sextile to. So we’re getting the same kind of spiritual burst.

If you choose that side of the equation that we have, again, another couple of days of amplified power of our connectivity to the home office. Now, I think there is a distinction between Mars in its formation of this sextile with Jupiter and what we experienced the last couple of days with the. First of all, Mars is a slower mover, so this is going to be around and it’s going to be more amplified.

But what we had on the other aspect, the last couple of days was mercury more playing with Neptune. Now we have Mars more playing with Jupiter at eight degrees. So we’re much earlier in the sign. And we’re not so much. So it’s like the thematic part of the Neptunian piece is just there. It’s just sitting there.

Jupiter is amplifying it. Now Mars is punching that. If that makes sense, still a really great time to be on your spiritual aid game. So eliminate the distractions that would bind you from being fully. Completely present and do your work, whatever your practice is, meditation, like we were saying light a candle, listened to some music, do go on a hike, you know, do some yoga, whatever you do to really be at your spiritual best, it is still game.

And yes, carry it right on through the weekend, because except for the moon, moving into Taurus Sunday evening, there’s not where afternoon, if you’re in the west coast, there’s just not that much else to inhibit you from being full game on and working with that energy to expand your own spiritual awareness.

Remember it’s going to be 160 years. Before we get to do this again. Now let’s mention one other important aspect. Let’s back up a sign to Aquarius, and we find the sun and Saturn, both sitting at 15 degrees. They can join at 2:04 PM this afternoon. So those are the aspects we have the Mars sextiling, Jupiter, the moon, moving into Aries, and then the sun can joining Saturn all.

Whenever the sun and Saturn are together, you can expect karma. Now this is the exact aspect. It happens at 15 degrees, 56 minutes. And I’m looking at the chart when that happens in the whole sign chart, it’s going to be in the ninth house. Now that’s a Jupiter ruled ninth house because. Zodiacal order that would be Sagittarius.

So you see how we have this here again? We have the charts speaking in double and triple speak because we’ve had the mercury turning direct, hitting the moon, hitting Neptune. Now we have Mars hitting Jupiter and that happening in the ninth house, spirituality, spirituality, spiritual. The chart has triple spoken.