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February 2, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller on hump day. Thanks for joining us. Glad you’re here. I wanted to talk about a comment that came on iTunes here a little while ago and use it as a springboard for something that I think is relevant. And for us to talk about the timeframes of how we look at Australia.

But before we go there, let’s take a look at the chart real quick. For today. We have one significant change and it happens at 6:00 AM this morning. That’s Eastern time, by the way. And that is that the moon moves into Pisces from aquarium. We’ve spent the last couple of days talking about this energy and this current event that is kind of reflecting some of that energy.

So again, we have the four planets in Capricorn, Mars, Venus, mercury stationing, by the way to turn direct tomorrow, that will be way up in the evening. 11, 12:00 PM. Tomorrow Eastern time. Mercury turns. But certainly mercury is slowing down. So we are feeling more mercurial issues right now, especially Capricornia and ones.

So this is a great time, like we’ve talked about this week already to examine the structure of our learning, our thinking and our communicating and the weighting of that energy. In other words, how much you will feel. We’ll increase into tomorrow. And then for the next three or four days thereafter as mercury starts to pick back up on speed then in its forward motion.

Of course. So we have those four in Capricorn. Then we have now the sun and Saturn left in Aquarius. And now we have the moon, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. Remember we talked about this back in December when we had kind of the same thing, the moon will be in Pisces until Friday morning, just shy of 10:00 AM Eastern time when it moves into Aries.

So we have all the way from 5:00 AM this morning until 10 o’clock Friday morning to enjoy this Piscean moon, which to me. Amplifies. Well, it could amplify one of two things. It could amplify deception, twisted versions of news, et cetera. I mean, even like when you go to the store and you ask somebody for help, they might just tell you anything to get you off their back.

That’s the kind of energy that could show up here. But for those of us that are trying to do our spiritual practice and we’re doing our work, this is heightened antenna to the home office. So between now and Friday night, do your practice with everything you’ve got, because this is the most powerful potent energy.

Of the month spiritually, at least I’m talking about with that antenna this past weekend, I was in the woods. I was completely remote away from cell and everything. And I was spending some time with a guy that I used to produce a TV show with and he’s into ham radio. And these guys were doing this, a ham exercise for emergency preparedness training, basically where they were using their hammy equipment to try to reach out to people across the country from a remote location, using automotive batteries.

I mean, they were simulating a real lights out, no cell service, no electricity, et cetera, hurricane kind of thing. I was in the Florida panhandle and they’re certainly subject to them. So they were simulating. What it would be like if they had no infrastructure. So they had their ham radios and then they had these antennas and the antennas, of course, the strength of the radio and the strength of the antenna.

The capability of the antenna equals how far they can reach out, not only across the region, but then the country, and then eventually to the world, through their ham radio. And then if you’re familiar with radio bands, you know, that certain bands skipped during certain times, solar flares affect them all kinds of cool stuff that happens around radio frequencies.

But basically if you get a good skip, you can throw that signal all the way around the cross, the world. Well, that’s kind of what we have here. We have optimal equipment and a great antenna and a powerful. To hit the home office. And of course that’s a little acronym that my buddy him, it uses of course, to connect to source.

Another thing that I really love here is that we’ll talk about this more tomorrow about mercury turning retrograde tomorrow is that it does so under the moon in Pisces. So there’s this connection, this Piscean connection. And of course, Sign based sex tile aspect between mercury and Capricorn and the planets in Pisces.

So again, with mercury amplified, we have this real ability to tune in and communicate not only with ourselves, but with source in a very deep way, over the next two days. And, you know, this is such a cool spiritual theme that I don’t want to go into that negative review. Let’s maybe open that up tomorrow.

We’ll see if we get to it, but I just want to stay right here with this beautiful picture of us. Being able to cue up our spiritual microphones, if you will, and reach way out into the cosmos and get spiritual connections that we can’t get at other times, I hope that you’ll do something light. Burn some incense, create something beautiful in your space and enjoy this energy over the next three days.

We’ve got all of today, all of tomorrow and some of Friday morning. So the stars are wishing us all Nama stay. Let’s enjoy it. Take advantage of it. Sending you love. We’ll see you back tomorrow for mercury goes direct on the fun astrology podcast.

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