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January 24, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome into a new week on the fund astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. It’s Monday, January 24th. Can you believe what happened to this month? We’ve turned around and this thing is almost gone. We will be cruising into February when we do next week’s beginning podcast, but we have another week of January, so let’s make the best of it.

And for those of you who have been thinking about my family, my son’s family in particular. COVID ravaging through their home. Well, David is better. He’s still coughing. His wife is better. She is at least out of the woods. The two year old little Lucy is doing. But yesterday, they took Lily the three month old to the hospital.

Now she has it. So I would definitely appreciate your continued prayers and especially for my son and his wife, because they are, as you could imagine, physically and emotionally exhausted. And for those of you just following kind of virus and COVID stuff. Here’s a little interesting aside. My son works at a hospital in the Dallas Fort worth area.

He has 18 people in his department. He’s the head of biomedical engineering all 18, since December Christmas Eve, December 24th have come down with the Omicron variant of. 18 out of 18. And he told me that 15 of the 18 had a previous variant of COVID and I’m not getting into this side of it, but I know people now fire off the initial question.

Well, were they vaccinated? And what I will just say is they’re all government hospital employees, so you can take it from. But just an incredible situation. So I hope that you are careful and that you will be cautious above all else. All right. And so far I have not gotten it and I was definitely directly exposed.

So my little protocol. Okay. Let’s talk about the astrology. So first of all, today, Mars moves into capital. Now, there are some other aspects this week, but the other really big thing that happens this week is on Saturday when Venus turns direct, but we could stay right here on Monday with Mars moving into Capricorn, because now this happens by the way at 7:52 AM, because this so closely parallels.

So many of the things going on in our world today. So let’s just think about Mars for a second. Mars is the God of war Mars in a mundane or a collective, a country, a government accompany, et cetera, represents conflict and tension. Mars is action. Mars is aggression also in Hellenistic astrology. Mars was the second molest planet along with Saturn who rules Capricorn, Saturn.

Exactly. Whereas Mars in ancient X saltation, Capricorn, technically 28 degrees Capricorn. So it will have a little while before it gets there, but XL stations generally consider the entire sign. So we could say Mars is an XL station. In other words, it’s amplified. In the sign of Capricorn. It’s also in there with Saturn.

I don’t want to focus on the dark side, but last time Mars did this was right after COVID had hit. And when Mars entered Capricorn, COVID just kind of exploded. So I don’t know what we’re up against on all that. I do know the stock market has been grumpy this past week or 10 days seems to have found a bottom, at least short-term, which is to be expected, but we’ll see and watch that as well.

See Mars has moved into the sign or the area of the collective chart, that rules, what seems to be these things that are starting to crumble. These things that are coming down. Now, the other big consideration here is who else is in Capricorn. We have Venus in Capricorn and as I mentioned retrograde right now, but direct as of Saturday.

We also have Pluto. Pluto is sitting at 26 degrees, 42 minutes today, but when it reaches 27 degrees, 33 minutes, which it will in about a month, less than a month, actually, then we will be sitting on top of the first of three direct Pluto returns for the United States natal chart. So I find it interestingly coincidence.

But the God of war has moved into that same sign, about 25 days before that first exact Pluto return configuration. Aren’t you glad you’re learning astrology and, and following it during these amazing times to be on the planet. All right. Let’s throw another log on the fire because at all the way down, almost at the end of the day, literally.

10 57 tonight, the moon moves into Scorpio. And by the way, just to put a bow on all of this, what planet rules, Scorpio, at least in ancient astrology, Mars, and what planet rules it in modern astrology, Pluto. Wow. Welcome to a very Capricornian connection. As we follow Mars into Capricorn and the moon into Scorpio, the moon triggers.

Remember the moon triggers. Now Scorpio and Capricorn are two signs apart. So this is going to be a sextile aspect. So at least it’s not a tense aspect, like a square. So that’s to our favor. However, we know that the moon in Scorpio can treat. Reactions like the little Scorpion’s tail up. There’s the moon.

For those of you who have the moon in Scorpio, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It can fire off deep passions. Now, how can you and I use this Mars moving into Capricorn in our own lives to do something positive. This basically goes back to that little sequence that we did a couple of weeks ago, where we looked at planets in Capricorn, planets in Aquarius, and then planets in Pisces.

This is a time for us to dig deep into our lives. Now you can certainly find where Capricorn is in your own chart and what house or houses are affected by it or where it is. But basically what we can do is we can look for those things in our life that are just not serving us anymore. And we can start to work on them in a very constructive, positive.

Jump ahead of the energy, in other words. So we can just think about what dusty closets do we have in our life. Think of old behaviors, old reactions, old languaging. What words do you say that could be improved? Words are energy. You know, any habits that need to be taken a look at any places you go on a regular basis, any toxic relationships, friend, partner.

Anything pulling you down. These are all areas that we can evaluate and shine the spotlight in our lives during this transit. And we can use that Mars, powerful energy to be bold and strong and powerful enough with that sun in Aquarius. To free ourselves of those things that do not serve us. That is how we can use that energy powerfully in our lives while it’s there.

So let’s roll up our sleeves and get busy on it and make sure that we take full advantage of this transit during the next about six weeks. Ooh, I’m long. Sorry. I will get out of here and leave you with the rest of your day. Have a good one. We’ll see you back tomorrow on the fund astrology podcast.

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