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January 20, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Well, good morning on Thursday, January 20th, Tom smeller and fun astrology podcast. Thank you for joining us, getting a little bit of a late start today because yesterday. All right, you want a little personal story? Come to find out that as of yesterday morning, my son, his wife, and their two year old baby have.

My son works in healthcare. He manages a department of 25 to 30 people and got word yesterday that the last two, and then himself being the last third of the 25 or 30 now all have had COVID-19 two other people. Got it. So no doubt. There was some exposure last week at work that manifested in the first part of this.

Problem is MOA little old me was with him for four hours on Saturday. And that would have been definitely during one of the points that he would have been shedding contagious. And, uh, he was 12 hours away from coming down with symptoms. So I’ve had to be treating myself as though I have been in a full-on COVID exposed.

And the other thing about what’s going on in their world that I don’t like right now is that everybody says Omicron is so much lighter. It’s so much easier. It’s not as threatening. They are very sick. So I would just appreciate your prayers. And that was why yesterday just didn’t happen. There was just too much going on through the day.

I had a busy delivery on my radio show and, uh, wow. So here we are. I have a very effective protocol that I’ve been using on viral infections, bacterial infections, anything to do with sinus or chest congestion for the last five or six years, I’ve been really effective at keeping them at bay because of what I do.

And I figure that COVID is the same thing that I’ve been fighting just in different forms. So I’ve been keeping on my protocol and knock on wood. Let’s see if we make it. If I make it, then my protocol’s pretty tight. Let’s, let’s call it that please. Don’t, uh, email in. I’ve dribbled out some of what I do.

Uh, it’s kind of, uh, one of those things that right now, whatever we choose to do, and however we choose to manage COVID I think is kind of a personal thing, but, uh, there are solutions out there and hopefully mine works. All right, let’s get to the astrology. Sorry about that. But it’s kind of, what’s on my heart and mind as we wake up.

Well, we have our first degree of our Aquarian sun this morning. It’s not all the way yet to one degree that’s because it crossed the county line last night about almost 10 o’clock. So we are not quite into a full degree as we are getting up this morning. So it’s nice to see a zero degree Aquarian sun.

Welcome to Aquarius. And I like this theme that we set up yesterday. She can, we should, we could, we dare to be so rebellious that we actually find our true name. The water bearers water is actually that which nurtures our own soul. The moon is void, of course, this morning. And Leo, as we are waking up to hear this, it moves into Virgo at 9 0 2 this morning.

Now I have a wonderful, oh, so awesome listener question. I have a question regarding the, uh, Uranus Saturn square right now and how. You would interpret that and I’ll give you an. When I apply that to my needle chart, it actually creates a trine between Saturn and my natal Uranus, and a sextile between the transiting Uranus and my natal Saturn.

So my question is there’s the square going on, but then when applied directly to me, there’s actually two very positive aspects on personally. So I was just wondering overall, which one would have. Apply more or would it be that the square is kind of happening externally around me? Things I can’t control and the needle aspects that it’s creating are much more personal to me and my life.

Such a great question. And from one of our course betas, one of the people who got in our course early, early on. And by the way, those of you in our course, we will be getting together on discord tonight at 8:00 PM to talk astrology for a couple hours. So that’s going to be fun. This is such a great question because I was sitting on a very intense Robert Glasscock, solar arc practicum last night, where we were looking ahead at some of the things, uh, predicted in the solar arc.

From the standpoint of the United States. So this is very fresh on my mind after some of the things that came up last night, which were jaw dropping in essence. And I think what it does is it frames up for me that around this. This two-pronged answer is a very clear distinction. Exactly. As she pointed out that we have the macro that’s going to affect all of us.

And that’s where we’ve been looking at the solar arcs and just seeing so many incredible things that are. Ahead of us. And then we bring this down to our own chart. So what she has perceived is that this transiting square, which all there is, is that’s a square because it’s almost like you’re looking at just a natal chart.

You’re not referencing it to anything else. So yes, for this year, Saturn and Uranus never get more than 10 degrees apart from each other. And then through the retro grades, they start to close the gap later in the. And by October, they will be back to the same degree. They won’t intersect by degree and minute, but they will get back to the same degree in October.

Now, when planets are in an aspect, they want to work together. This is the really basic way that you can kind of dissect aspects. When you see an aspect like in the chart and typically software program. Draw the hard aspects as red and the, what we call easy aspects as blue. Sometimes green, you look at that first and just decide, is this a hard or an easy aspect?

In other words, as these planets are wanting to blend their energies for some combined effort, are we talking about it being pressure or are we talking about it being. So in the case of the macro, we’re talking about a square because Saturn and Uranus have been square for all of last year. Basically we’ll be all of this year.

So we have a Saturn and Uranus square. Those are two heavyweight planets. First of all, they’re slow they’re theme builders. They are also, they can be ominous in their effects in our lives. So this gets our attention. Absolutely forced. Now, this question is about Saturn creating a trine to natal Uranus.

All right, so let’s stop right there. Macro, we have Saturn squaring Uranus, but in her chart, Saturn is training Uranus. In other words, old structures that might be worked on could be a nice surprise instead of a challenging surprise. See how you could jump out in front of this aspect is where we’ve already been there for a year.

So you could look back and reflect, obviously journal in hand on what has happened over the past 12 to 14 months, because we been in it for that period of time. But Uranus represents change. Uranus represents surprises, Uranus represents upheaval and revolution. Now, when we say, oh my gosh, you know, what do you mean?

Wait, what. All it means is, look, I just had a Uranian moment in the last 30 days of my life. And you guys have been right there with me on it. And that is basically I chunked everything into a storage unit and ran off in a van. It don’t get no more Uranian than that. So, so basically we’re looking at these surprises, these changes, these things that might come into our life.

Am I upset about the Uranian change in my life? No, I actually love it. So you see, we can welcome these things in and yet was there a big shift? Yes. Was there a big shift in. Saturn, let’s say all the foundations and structures represented by Saturn. Well, again, there aren’t any, right at the moment, it’s like this very temporal living situation every day, you know, you wake up and go.

Hmm. Um, so you see how this can play. If you’re on the favorable side of the aspects now with what we were talking about and looking at last night with Robert Glasscock. I can just tell you there’s some stuff ahead in the world that if it plays out over the next about three years is the big broad window.

At least as far as this little group that gets together on Wednesday nights has been looking out. Uh, Saturn and Uranus could be interesting fellows and that will affect whatever affects the macro obviously will affect us in that way. But see then that’s where you come back to your own chart. So you’ve got sex tiles where the world has squares.

And so you start to blend those energies in more positive ways. So, yes, the answer is bottom line in your own chart. When you see that fig configuration in your own chart, think of it like this in the Northern hemisphere, a lot of the especially higher latitudes, it’s been really cold. Let’s say that you live in that cold climate, that’s going to affect you every time you walk out the door, but Amazon delivered to your house recently, some wonderful new ice breaker, all Merino wool.

Long underwear and a beautiful new down coat and some mittens, some really warm 50 degree below zero mittens. And you’ve got some, a scarf, a nice scarf and something really wooly, warm to put on your head. You’ve also got some nice CRL boots that came. And so whenever you step out the door, You are like, so toasty, warm, you just don’t even know that it’s cold outside.

You read your aspects. Well, you’re working with that energy as the collectivist experiencing. You’re experiencing. Why? Because you made a little adjustment toward the positive side of your aspect. So it’s really not an either or question does one take priority? No, the big macro is going to happen. That’s going to affect all of us, but we don’t have to participate.

And also we could get into a whole long conversation about creating and energy and that whole topic, but I’m already way over for. So we’ll just leave it at that. Thank you guys so much. I’m going to take tomorrow off just to rest and be in the space and kind of focus on my son and anything that comes up there today.

I’ll see you back on Monday. We are going to do another, uh, astrologer reader introduction though. Over the weekend might do two. We’ll see. Uh, but we’re going to introduce our team of readers over the weekend, or at least one more this weekend. And one next, we’ll see how that pan. Have a great one take care.

I’ll see you back here for this on Monday, and we’ll have a special on the weekend. Have a great Thursday and Friday sending you up.