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Wednesday, January 19, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in it’s hump day, the 19th of January, we are going to cross the bridge later today to Aquarius season the water bearer. I have a really cool analogy. We’re going to look at, uh, basically the progression of the sun through the sign of Aquarius. And something happens about a third of the way through, toward the end of January.

That is just a really cool picture of the soul’s journey through these next about 30 days. So for all you Aquarians coming up happy birthday. And typically around here, we would take a look at some of the characteristics of the various signs. We’ve done that quite a bit, and it’s all locked up in the fun astrology 1 0 1 course.

By the way. Let me give you a little tip here. When mercury comes out of retrograde the price of the 1 0 1 course will come back down. All right. So if you’re thinking about it queue up because toward the first part of February, when mercury finally turns direct, we’re going to celebrate now, that’s actually one of the points of exactly what I wanted to mention, because.

When the sun moves into Aquarius tonight at 9:39 PM. Eastern time, it will move into an Aquarius that also has mercury in retrograde. And Saturn Saturn is about halfway through sitting around just shy of 15 degrees. So Saturn’s about in the middle Mercury’s peddling backwards at seven degrees and the sun slips in of course, to start its journey at zero degrees.

So I was playing around last night and I was just clicking through some of the days that the sun will be in Aquarius. And on the 25th of January, mercury then moves back into Capricorn. And the day before that on the 24th, Mars moved from Sagittarius into Capricorn. So all of a sudden in the span of 48 hours, we doubled the number of planets in Capricorn.

Mars came in from Sagittarius. Mercury came in the back door from Aquarius and joined. Venus in retrograde and Pluto, just sitting there in Capricorn. All of a sudden we have a powerful stellium of Capricorn energy. Now, as we move the days forward, then we clearly see the sun starting to move closer and closer to Saturn, which it can joins at 15 degrees.

On February 3rd, which is the same day that mercury stations direct and starts going forward out of retrograde and Venus will have already stationed. So by February, Everybody in that little stellium area there. In fact, everybody, then we’ll be moving forward in the chart. We’ll have no retrogrades. I think there is some thing walked up in that energy of when the sun conjoins Saturn in Aquarius with all of that other energy moved back into Capricorn.

That is going to be very interesting to see what the gods and goddesses and what the universe has in store for. When that conjunction happens because when the sun hits Saturn, if the fireworks stands on the side of the road, aren’t open, you need to go bang on the door because they should have. Now when we move forward, almost another two weeks, mercury gets back into Aquarius before the sun leaves.

So the sun will find itself in the same position, almost that it entered when it’s exiting that mercury will be back in aquarium. What is one of the meanings of Aquarius that we might think about here? Actually, we might look at a couple. Number one is I think there is a macro battle going on. That is going to be continuing.

That is, was there before this transit and will be there after this transit. And that is the seems universal battle right now between. Individual rights, individuality and authoritarianism. And I think that battle will continue to play out and it might be amplified a little bit now with the sun and Aquarius.

So that’s kind of from a macro perspective, but how do we bring this home to ourselves? Well, let’s think about one of those great Aquarian characteristics. Stubbornness. And let’s think about the whole concept of the water bearer, bringing life to the soul. And let’s think about our own soul path over the next 30 days.

We’ve just changed signs of the note. Jupiter is sitting there at the bending of the nodes, watching over all of this Jupiter and Neptune are moving toward each other in Pisces. There is so much spiritual attention right now, so that now as we come to Aquarius season, now we have 30 days where we can play the card and get away with it where we can be stubborn enough rebellious.

And genius enough to do what we need to do in order to find our true selves. So with Mercury’s focus on the mind and the intellect and the tongue, and Venus’s focus on the heart and Mars passion, all move back into Caprica. Leaving in essence, the sun, you representing you standing there naked with Saturn, pointing over, looking at Jupiter and Neptune over there in Pisces.

So the sun and Saturn looking at each other saying, are we going to do what needs to be done in order to cross this bridge from what doesn’t. To the new level of spirituality for our soul. It’s saying, screw the establishment, screw what doesn’t work. I’m keeping the III off of this podcast. See what I’m saying?

But listen, screw it. I’m not getting bogged down in my past anymore. I’m releasing from it 30 day window Saturn and the sun head on with each other, everything else out of the. Mano a mano. Are you going to do the work to find your true self? You won’t have this energy again, not in this life. Oh, the sun will be back.

It will can join Saturn again, but not. And not with Jupiter applying to Neptune in Pisces and not with a collection of the rest of a lot of the energy in the chart, sitting there saying, will you move away from what doesn’t serve? The choice is yours. You can get bogged down in the. Or you can move to the new and you guys know me well enough by now to know where I’ll be.

I’ll see you in the new pastures of Pisces and Neptune and Jupiter. Uh, what a beautiful picture. I hope it communicated today. Have a great one. See you back tomorrow. Probably we’ll pick up a couple of listener questions. I have several, but if you have some questions you’d like to leave. Hit website and put them on the speak pipe there, that orange section, and we’ll get to them when we can, but we’ll knock out a couple of hopefully over the next several days.

Thanks so much for listening. Have a great day. See back tomorrow.