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Tuesday January 18, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Well, the road trip is over folks. I am so glad. Oh my gosh. What a great trip though. I scooted over to Dallas for a few days and then dog gone it this morning. My son, who I basically went to. Texted me and said that he’s got a really bad chest congestion. We’re still don’t know if it’s COVID or not.

Maybe we’ll find out today, but oh, wow. I just feeling so sorry for that. He got that right after I left. So I’ve been doing my big treatment protocol that I do. Some of you who know what I’m talking about. I don’t mention it too much on here because. The authorities don’t seem to like it. Well, anyway, let’s talk about the astrology because we have a big new dynamic boy, such an important week.

This week has been, how was your full moon last night? Oh my goodness. I got back and I had a whole van to completely reorganize and that was part of the brilliance of my son’s suggestion. I got a, an additional carrier that goes on the. Now that I just opened up all this space in here and it is so delicious.

Wonderful. It’s like, wow. But I was doing all that during the full moon last night. And boy here, it rises up out of the horizon and up into the sky. And it was a cloudless sky in central Florida last night. And it was gorgeous. I hope you had a good moon ceremony, whatever you were doing. Now, the nodes of the moon, which is where the moon’s orbit around the earth intersects the ecliptic.

That’s two points in space. Those are now indifferent signs as of 3 49 this morning, Eastern time. Now the north node is in Taurus. And the south node is in Scorpio. We’ve talked about this now. This is the true node calculation. In other words, exactly where they are up in the sky right now, the exact point, the main node of the moon, which is the mean average of those coordinated points moved in December.

So now both have officially changed signs. We have a new. And a new karma in the world as of this morning, is this one of those energies that you’re going to feel today now, probably not over the next year and a half, which is how long these nodes stay. In these two signs we will collectively and individually began to feel the work that they are trying to do.

And the basic work of a south node in Scorpio. Is to reveal to change and to challenge. I went back and looked at the last three times that the south node was in Scorpio and the north node in. And I go back to 1966 and 1967. There were major race riots at the end of this aspect, across the United States, 160 different cities.

The summer of 1967. Was traumatic. There’s the challenge point, the boil over point, the I’ve had enough and I’m not going to take it anymore. Kind of point the topic does your in 1967 of course, was something that was boiling in the country back then. And sadly that still is an issue. And we have so many more that could become challenges over this next year and a half.

Now the revealing part, we go back to the next time that the south node was in Scorpio and the north node in Taurus, that was in the mid 1980s, 19 84, 19 85. When president Ronald Reagan had a major challenge in his administration, as news broke that they were basically selling arms to Iran and giving the money to the Nicaraguan freedom fighters.

The contrast, it was a big scandal. A lot of people got in trouble and it almost threatened the Reagan presidency. That’s the kind of energy that could reveal. Over these next 18 months, hidden secrets coming to light Scorpio, digging down deep and bringing things up to the surface. And then the next thing, like we talked about change and in 2004, 2003, 2004.

Talking about president Reagan. He passed away after a 10 year long Alzheimer’s battle in 2004, also California voted out governor gray Davis and voted in governor Arnold shorts. And by the way, both president Reagan and Arnold, Schwartzenegger both had their own natal south node in Scorpio. What a connection to that, with that amazing how all of that unfolded.

Well, that is what we have now in place for the next 18 months. So we’ll be following that energy closely, especially as we get it started here, but let’s not forget now for the next year and a half. That we’re going to be digging deep. Okay. Now, you know how we handle the, the nodes of the moon? Right? The north node is our answer to the south node dilemma.

So what does a north node in Taurus look like as far as an answer? Well, let’s just think about the Torreon Zen. Peaceful. Turians don’t like conflict. They want peace. They want tranquility. They want harmony. And that is the answer to the dilemma. So the more that we can incorporate that into our own life and the more we can project that out into the world.

Well, then we’re living our own karmic purpose. We’re living the chart, we’re living what we can do in order to raise the vibration of the planet when it gets chaotic. When stuff starts to unravel, when we have challenges that we didn’t expect. Think Taurus. Now, one of the other challenges is also happening today.

Now it’s a little bit later in the morning, almost 11 o’clock Eastern time. Uranus turns direct. So that means it’s been slowing down, comes to a stop this morning, and then it starts moving forward again, when it stations direct. It is at its most powerful peak potency. So you might be feeling some of those Uranian tendencies, the rebel, the surprises, the genius, the innovator.

If you’re wanting to break the rules and really shine. And maybe you are already experiencing full on Uranus power right now because it is strong and because Uranus moves so slowly, the second slowest to Pluto, of course, this is going to be around. It has been here and it is going to be around for another several weeks.

So think about Mercury’s in retrograde. Uranus is sitting direct and the nodes just changed sides. And Scorpio is at the table. That’s what we’ve got going on. Folks. I hope you have a great day today. We’ve got a very busy first part of the week because tomorrow the sun, speaking of Uranus moves into Uranus ruled aquarium.

So we’ll say happy birthday to our Aquarians. When we come back tomorrow. Hope you have a great day. Thanks for listening today, sending you all kinds of love, catch astrology hub. If you haven’t seen it on YouTube and Facebook, where we did the whole week with Amanda and myself, it was released yesterday.

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