Monday January 17, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast, Thomas Miller on a full moon, Monday from the road I’ve been on the road all weekend. And the big announcement of course for this week is on astrology hub on their Facebook page or their YouTube channel. And I believe it’s actually going to be simulcast on our Facebook page as well.

Subconscious mind masks. And fun astrology podcast listeners. Now we’ve got both names in there, so I think you have three places, two on Facebook, one on YouTube. The weekly weather comes out today. Now one thing that is not in the astrology hub, weekly weather is this hour.

I didn’t do that. So you only hear that. So, what about this full moon in cancer? It’s in late degrees cancer, 27 degrees, 50 minutes is where the moon is opposite the sun and Capricorn, but the big deal on this full moon to me, that jumps off the chart is a big mystic rectangle between the sun and the moon and the north and south nodes of.

We went into this quite extensively on the astrology hub podcast. So I would point you to that. We’ll keep it brief here, but the theme of this full moon is going to be doing some really good, deep, inspired karmic work. I would be looking for things to surface today that even through the day, since we’re applying to this, most of us in the United States, at least 6:48 PM Eastern time tonight is the exact.

We’ll be applying all day. So we have all day really to kind of work on this, allow what is coming up to come up, because it wants to have you be aware of it. Number one, and to work on it. Number two, and look at it could really be some big issues because why Pluto is sitting right next to the sun. I mean, they are a degree apart, basically.

Just a smidge over. So you’ve got Pluto conjunction the sun on this death and rebirth, whatever is trying to transform in your life. Whatever’s trying to shake loose, whatever is trying to perhaps complete. Or end allow that this is a time of transformation. And if it’s a tough thing to let go of, then maybe think about the energies that are so present with us right now that until we prune the tree, the tree can’t grow into what it really is intended to be.

And you’ve got a couple of other signatures. Mars is training Eris. So there is some possible discord idea at the time. And a again, working with it positively. In other words, it’s going to move you toward this completion. The other thing is Jupiter is sitting at the bending of the nodes. In other words, Jupiter in Pisces at four degrees is square to the north and south nodes of the moon.

So Jupiter could make this even a bigger deal. You see, why I was saying is to really be in tune. With what wants to come up and out with what is trying to prune with what might be trying to die so that it can be reborn. And if it’s a big deal or a big factor in your life, just know that it’s all part of a cosmic plan and that you are in very good hands.

So sensitive points in your own chart that you might want to look at, obviously, cancer, Capricorn, and Pisces. Those are your big three signs to watch and whatever houses those show up might give you an indication of what some of those areas of transformation might be. Where is Capricorn, because that’s where Pluto is.

Whereas. That’s where the expansion might be, whereas cancer and your own chart. That might be where the intuition flutters up for you. So this is a really good day to stay on your game. Yes, we have mercury in retrograde, but don’t let that dissuade you. I mean, it is what it is. Let it be over there and just stay in touch with your inner self.

Now, there is a ton of other stuff that will be released. So check out the astrology hub, weekly weather, and you can get a landscape of the whole week. And there’s a lot more than we even filled in about today and tomorrow. See you back tomorrow. Thank you guys so much gonna duck out early here. Leave it with you and with me and Amanda, over on astrology hub, have a great Monday happy full moon.

We’ll see you back tomorrow.