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Thursday January 13, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Are you ready for some football? You guys remember that open to Monday night football? Some of you weren’t even born when that was running. I, I realize that, and now you are masterful students of Astrology. That was from the days when Hank Williams Jr. Had the show open for Monday night football on what was then ABC that everybody watched.

Well, are you ready for some mercury retrograde? Because we have one coming tomorrow. Hi, Thomas Miller on the fun astrology podcast. So glad you’re here. We’re going to do today and then take tomorrow off because I’m going to be getting ready to record a weekly weather for Astrology Hub tomorrow. So I’d like to have that space clear just to be in that environment.

And then I’ll be traveling next week. So there’s going to be some intermittent numbness to this next week. Just bear with me. I’ll do the best we can. And even if it’s just from the phone, I might even do that, but we’ll get you something. If not, you’ll have the weekly from astrology hubs. So that might suffice for us for next week.

Cause I am going to have a busy, next few days. The reason I’m doing mercury retrograde today is because it begins tomorrow at 6:41 AM. And we’ll take place at 10 degrees, 20 minutes, Aquarius. It lasts until February 3rd, when it will return direct at 11, 12:00 PM from 24 degrees, 23 minutes Capricorn. So it eats back up the 10 degrees of Aquarius that it had gained and takes another five and a half out of.

Now at 6:41 AM tomorrow, mercury will be square to Uranus. Same degree, 10 degrees. They both will be. So watch out this one could have a little extra. On top of that, mercury is almost climbing out of Saturn’s lap in order to do this retrograde because they are only three degrees apart. Saturn is at 13.

Mercury is at 10, both in Aquarius. So you’ve got a Saturn component to this retrograde and a Uranus component as it kicks off tomorrow. And that is a perfect setup for this K Thomas. My name is NAS. I listened to your astrology podcast every single day from Vancouver, British Columbia. My question is in regards to planets, when you go retrograde and the signs that they’re in, I’m aware that mercury is in retrograde in.

And my birth chart, my mercury is an Aquarius. I’m wondering how this will affect me and just in the future, how it would affect me if a planet is in retrograde in the same position that it falls or is in, in my first. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer this and have an amazing, Hey Nez, thank you so much for the great message from Kenner.

We’ve so many listeners in Canada, man. I need to figure out how to get this thing across the border. And I don’t know what all the restrictions are these days, but maybe we need to do a, uh, Canada swing in the van. That would be cool. This, uh, question has several components to it. So first of all, when. Uh, planet goes retrograde.

And you have that planet in retrograde in your chart, anywhere in your natal birth chart. Typically the cookbook answer is that you are not quite as effected by the affects of the retro grade, but what you are able to do is tune in more sensitive. To the re and remember retrograde is all about re revisiting, redoing retracing, reevaluating.

That part is more sensitive for you typically. Now that is what most astrologers would say for a planet that is retrograde in your own chart. What Nez was asking about is what if you just have it in the same sign? So hers is in Aquarius, more activated, but the same con. If you just think of the mental image of the planet going backwards, like we just talked about it’s going from 10 degrees and Aquarius.

So one third of the way through Aquarius that it had gone and it’s walking back to the last five degrees of Capricorn, just think of retracing, some things in your own life. And you remember that analogy that we talked about a couple of weeks ago. When we followed the moon through Capricorn and then into Aquarius and then into Pisces.

And we were saying that Capricorn represents those old structures that no longer serve. And particularly around Venus, which is still there also in retro grade, by the way. So you have this Venusian focus. I mean, that’s so clear, there’s two out of three things that I’m sure we could find one more to add to that fire, but you have.

Retracing ground mercury retracing ground. If you look back on the list of the recent episodes, it was last week and it was the one where we talked about three planets in Capricorn, three planets in Aquarius, three planets in Pisces. And if you relisten to those episodes, particularly around the Capricornia and you’ll get the whole picture that we created there of the Venetian characteristics.

Now there are others that we could look at, but those are really prominent in this retro. So we are retracing ground. We’re reevaluating. How we react to that energy is our own choice and that’s always something to never forget. Now. The other thing that I think is important to take a look at here is what mercury retrograde kind of does.

My thing is, uh, where I’ve said this before. If you think about what it is, astronomic. It’s the time when mercury passes between the sun and the earth. Sometimes mercury is of such a declaration that if we were looking at the sun through a telescope with of course protective, you know, that, that we would see mercury there as a spot against the sun.

And I mean, it is almost a pinhole. It is so small. Well, what does that feel like? Or what does that look like if you otherwise didn’t know that that was. A sunspot, right? Well, what do we get when sunspots or extra solar flare gravity comes from the sun toward earth in space, we get technological glitches, talk to a ham radio operator about that.

Is this any different? Are we kind of dealing with an astronomical sunspot, a planetary sunspot? Try it on it’s my theory. I’m not an astronomer, but kind of makes sense. Now, let me refer back to astrology hub for a second, because there was a brilliant podcast from Christopher Renstrom. It’s one of their latest ones.

It was released on Monday of this week, the 10th. And it is the new format of the. Uh, astrological weather forecast for the week, which is what I’ll be doing for them next week. I’m just honored to be in this company. I mean, my goodness. Way out of my league here, but we’re going to do the best job we can.

Christopher Renstrom is an astrologer who writes for a couple of major newspapers and he did a brilliant expos, a on Hermes, the mythological mercury. I’m going to go back and listen to it again and take notes on it because it was just so good. And he is so color. But not only do you get woven into the story itself, just from his storytelling abilities, but what he presented was amazing.

And it talks about mercury in retrograde. So you get a whole different perspective. And I would say to add that to your seasoning, in fact, you could listen tomorrow or over the weekend. It would be a great thing to catch before that gets too far down the. Now NAS asked about this, applying to other planets is same thing.

It’s the same interpretation. You’re retracing ground. You’re going back over areas that you have already covered. So we’re walking back. It’s like walking back into a timeline. We’re going back in our soldiers. We’re going back in our emotional journey. We’re going back in our karma and we’re looking for old areas.

I’m loving this picture of this Capricorn Aquarius Pisces. We’re looking for old structures, represented by category. That no longer serve that we can radically change Aquarius and gain new spiritual ground Pisces. We’ve talked about this before, and I love the example of the Jenga blocks. Talked about it last night with Amanda, where you think of the game.

And those blocks represent various little pockets and areas of your life that you can work on removing. And when you get to remove it, you get to cry out Jenga and build your J. And instead of putting it to the side, you get to throw it away because once you’ve pulled it out of the pile, it’s no longer part of your life.

The Jenga block, the karmic Jinga block is gone and you have reprogrammed that area of your life or else you don’t get to wiggle it out of the pile until it’s gone. It’s still there. It’s dangling. Maybe, maybe you’re afraid. Part of the rest of the pile is going to fall in. If you really pull that area of your life.

Take a chance. Oh, here I’m dating myself. Abba, take a chance on me. Take a chance, take a chance, chance, chance, take a chance. Pull that Jenga block out of there. Take a chance on it. Some area of your life that you’ve been holding on to use this mercury retrograde to release. Now the final thing that I would say about mercury mercury retrograde is that it’s a great time to take a break from as much technology as you.

If you make your living off of it, like I do, you can’t shut down for three weeks, but you could maybe find ways to throttle back. Don’t read that social media stuff at night, don’t scan the news, just do what you need to do, get on and off, and then use the rest of the time to be present to the world around you.

That’s another great thing to do. ’cause then you don’t have the technological glitches, right? If you’re not messing around with the technology, you’re not going to screw it up or it’s not going to screw up. So that’s another way to do it. All right. I’m out of here. Thank you guys so much. We’ll see you on astrology hub on Monday, back here next week from the road, we got so much going on.

Great. Let’s make this mercury retrograde a very powerful spiritual experience for all of us. Use that Jupiter Neptune in Pisces energy, and let’s really do a great deep dive spiritually, wishing you the best weekend ever. Have a great time. I love you. We’ll see you next week.