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Monday January 3, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

And welcome into all whole new everything. We’ve got a new year, we’ve got a new location geographically. We’ve got a new home and we’ve got a bunch of astrology that we need to talk about today as well. Welcome in this is the fun astrology podcast. I’m Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining. Those of you who follow us on a regular basis, know that I’ve been in the process of transitioning from living up in North Carolina to a sprinter van.

And this is coming to you from the van. So how are we doing so far? Pretty good. Huh? Not bad. Well, yes. And I’m in, located in central Florida at the moment. And we’ll be in this area for a little while. And then who knows where the wind will blow after. I have an audio book that I needed to record for Fred Dodson.

So we’re going to get that out of the way I’m in the van now, a recording in the early morning hours, but as we get some other opportunities and get some nice nature sounds, I’m in a campground right now, just a nice RV park had to kind of do this so I could take everything. To put it all back in. That’s how I spent new year’s day was repacking, unpacking and repacking, but, uh, we’re, we’ll, we’ll get some nature sounds in here from time to time as well.

Now we’ve got to make tracks today because we have a lot to talk about. So we’ll talk more about the whole van tour thing later. Right now. Oh, one other announcement real quick. The 1 0 1 course, the astrology 1 0 1 course changes price tonight. We’re going to keep it where it is until one of Brittany or I go to bed tonight.

She’s on an earlier time zone, so maybe we’ll leave it to her and keep it up there at the current price for the week, couple of hours more, but it will change price to the full price tonight. So if you’d like to jump in on the one-on-one course would love to have you at any price, but it will change. Now, couple of things going on in the sky.

First of all, I want to step back into last month and I’m going to take a running sequential start at this. Okay. So let’s Fasten our seatbelts or saddle up your horses. So on December 29th, we’re going to start this sequence with an important event. Mercury went into its pre shadow period at 24 degrees, 23 minutes cap.

It turns retrograde on January 14th. So that’s one. The next thing is mercury moved from Capricorn into Aquarius yesterday morning, wee early hours. I was just up past it. It happened at 2:09 AM. I was so tired after everything I did on new year’s day that I went to bed really early in that always. Mark it off about five and a half, six hours later.

Here we go. Well, I knew it was going to be an early morning and it was so I got to almost see it. Not quite, but mercury is now in Aquarius. The sun joins mercury there on the 19th. And of course, we’ll talk more about Aquarius, but remember kind of the number one overshadowing. Rebel characteristic of Aquarius is what’s the mantra.

Don’t tell me what to do. Well, now Mercury’s in there. How’s that going to work for you? So you Aquarians need to really be aware of that. And when mercury goes into retro, especially because it will be backtracking, mercurial issues, especially for you aquarium. For most of this month and next Arkery will not clear its shadow period all the way until February 24th.

So that’s a big piece of what’s going on right now. And don’t miss that subtle energy of mercury in the shadow. Oh, another one that a will back into an yes, I’m getting to Jupiter in Pisces. We shall never forget that this month for sure. This whole year. But there are a lot of blocks that we have to keep in context for the month of January.

And that’s what we’re laying here. And the other is Venus being in retrograde, which it is until the 29th of this month, but it doesn’t get out of its shell. Until March 1st. So we have mercury moving toward retro grade than N retro grade, and then moving out of retro grade all the way until February 24th, Venus is in retrograde.

It will be there until the end of the month. And then it won’t be clear until March 1st. You’re wondering when is the next retro grade? Well, that actually is also a January. And that would be Pluto. Pluto begins its shadow period. This Thursday, the sixth Pluto being the tortoise and the tortoise and the Hare race.

Mercury probably being the hair. Pluto will take all the way until April 29th all the way until the end of April. But yes, as of Thursday, Pluto starts to slow down to go retrograde big deal. Now for the sake of time, we’ll maybe pick this up later, but you could spend a whole lot of discussion right there on just that.

And then we have the two big overshadowing, slow mover theme builders that are going on. Jupiter is now in Pisces. And then we had of course on the, on December 24th, the third of the consecutive Saturn Uranus square. Now what happens today in the sky? Well, Jupiter is at the bending of the nodes. It’s at a 90 degree square aspect to the nodes of the moon.

And that is by the way. And we’re going to have to be clarifying this, the true node aspect. That’s the true nodal aspect. I do keep my chart in the mean node, as I mentioned last week. But, um, that’s for interpretive purposes. And if we’re looking at kind of what we do, we need to also consider the true nodes of the moon.

Because if you cast a chart on or Astro or one of those sites, you’re going to most likely get a true node chart, unless you change the. So how would we play that Jupiter squaring the nodes? Well, just very briefly on the south node side of the equation, I would be looking at exaggerations of that karma.

And if you’ve been doing your nodal work and w and know exactly what kind of your path is. Then I would expect perhaps some enlargement of the shadow and then on the north side, north node side of things. So where we’re moving toward what we’re stepping into, what we should always have in our consciousness of this is the way that I should go.

Even though it’s more difficult would be something around what is one area of resistance, because there’s that square, right? It’s that Jupiter is saying, I am ready to bless you, but you have to give up X. It’s that area of resistance that you don’t want to let go of. That’s a real quick read on that, but definitely a way that you could at least start meditating on it and thinking about it.

And I would camp right there, basically today, Jupiter and the nodes is something that would be worth a journal page, for sure. And before we jump out of here, the moon, this afternoon moves into Aquarius. So we’ve got all of a sudden, some interesting Aquarian energy. That’s going to be. Present with us over the next couple of days, if you’re sensitive to the moon changes and you’re sensitive to when it changes signs and we got mercury and now the moon in Aquarius, oh, here’s something to practice.

All of us, myself included, and I will be doing it. Bow shout, not tell anyone else what to do for the next 48 hours. Just try it on. It’s hard to do it. Think about sending a text or an email where you don’t tell somebody what. It’s a difficult thing to do, but give it a try. Perfect little window to maybe reprogram suggestion.

Instead of command. I’ve been working on that. I really have, I’ve got a little mirror that’s helping me with it and I’m, I’m been working on that. It’s an interesting process, especially when you came up in a fundamentalist Baptist environment, but we’re not going there. Have a great day happy new year to everybody.

We are back on track. We are doing it from the RV. See you back here tomorrow, looking forward to it. Have a great day.