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Saturday December 18, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Hello and welcome in to the Saturday edition of the Fun Astrology podcast, where it’s all about medical astrology. I’m Stephanie Vickers. Thank you so much for listening today. So we’re back talking elements and continuing on in that series of what they represent in medical astrology. Last week I discussed fire and today we are all going to take a deep breath and explore all about The air element. Which is also known as the Vata dosha in Ayurveda and governs the electrical forces within the body neurotransmission or exchange of nerve impulse information in our nervous system, oxygenation of the blood and everything around breath, motion in language it’s action is cold, light and slightly damp.

And there’s some debate that it’s more dry than damp, but most medical astrologers tend to fall in the. Damp category. Now I spoke of this last week, but I just want to run through it again really quick in case you miss last week’s episode. So here’s a quick reference guide for excess and deficiency. If you have five or more planets, including your ascendant in one element, then it is considered done.

Having six or more puts it in excess. If you only have two or less planets or points in one element, then that’s considered to be your weak element. And if there are no planets or points in one element, then that is a true deficiency. Eric says, can show up in the body systems and multiple ways. So it looks a lot like restlessness, scattered, thoughts, actions, there’s mental fatigue, or a feeling of being mentally unbalanced, nervousness, or a low level anxiousness hypersensitivity tendency to be more underweight or have low overall muscle tone.

There’s a tendency towards anemia or arthritic conditions and just feeling. Th the body feels overall cold. These individuals tend to burn the candle at both ends. They forget to eat regular meals and they don’t usually get enough sleep nightly and have a regular habits. So the best way to counterbalance this air excess is through the earth element.

So the opposite of cold lightened damp is the warm, heavy and dry properties. So to counteract that things that I previously mentioned would look like finding the right routine to follow that best supports your unique constitution and really sticking with it. So is probably the most challenging thing for these individuals, but it will make the biggest difference in overall.

So engaging in things like taking warm baths, a warm, the hot, you don’t want it too hot, but you definitely don’t want it too cold. You need to boost a little bit more of the heats and the overall temperature of the body and add in things like Epson, salt, and magnesium that are going to restore the mineral levels of the body and calm the nervous system down.

And. Practicing a weightlifting routine that is going to help gain muscle and healthy weight on the physical body. Ensuring enough food and calories are eaten daily with warming qualities. So nothing too hot, but nothing too cold. And this can be through the actual temperature of the food or the addition of warming spices, like clove, nutmeg, or ginger.

And then just ensuring good nutrition by eating foods with high mineral content and protein levels taking at least five to 10 minutes daily for quiet time, either just sitting in silence, nature or meditation to allow for mental rest is really important. Calming music like classical is also really beneficial.

And then using the colors blue and pale yellow are also very supportive. And sleep. It’d be very remiss if I didn’t mention this. This is absolutely critical for these individuals. In, in most cases, seven hours is going to be the minimum needed air deficiency. On the other hand looks very opposite and shows up quite differently in the body.

So there is sluggish circulation, there’s slowness and thought or moving. There can be sub or less than optimal levels of oxygenation in the body. There can be complaints of the lung, like shortness of breath, frequent bouts of bronchitis or asthma, and then feelings of listlessness and overly intense reactions since air lightens.

And without it, there’s more density best way to boost the air deficiency is through adding in more of the air to support it. And then also the fire element that helps stimulate the key and vital force of the. Things like pranayama or breathing exercises, help improve oxygenation and circulation engaging in flexibility exercises daily like yoga Tai Chi or anything that challenges, balance and coordination of a body, but also build strength.

So things like gymnastics or polo. Getting plenty of fresh air daily and finding something that really gives laughter every day. So it could be a GIF or a meme that you look at your phone each morning that lifts you up and just gives you a chocolate. Maybe playing with small children, your family or friends, or, uh, even if you have for babies and pets, something like even watching an episode of your favorite sitcom or comedy special, the goal is to just get your mind off all of that mental chatter and the to-do lists and to lose yourself in the moment and bring in that great oxygenation and mental boost with the last.

I hope this podcast has been informative and encouraging. As you learn more ways to better support your unique makeup. Thank you so much for listening today. Please join me back here next Saturday, where I’ll discuss all about the water element in medical astrology. Hope you all have a wonderful week in seeing that.