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Wednesday December 15, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the Hump Day, Wednesday edition of the Fun Astrology Podcast. Thomas Miller still on the road. Yes. Big long one actually pointing sites back toward home base, but taking the long way home to go look at some… Well, I’ll talk about all that later, but we’ve got more stories coming.

There’s more stories coming. Never a dull moment with Thomas. Let’s talk about the nodes of the moon. Talk about never a dull moment. Boy, we’ve got a day today. All right. Let’s focus on the nodes. But before we do that, I just want to mention a quick aspect and that is heiress the planet Eris. Remember I told you, I said I was going to start bringing more eyras into our conversation, even though it just sits there like a snail in your driveway.

I mean, hardly moving at all, but. Amply significant. And part of this, these outer Kuyper belt, planets, or bodies that we need to be talking about, and Eris is the Greek name. Discordian is the Roman name that whenever something aspects it directly, I think it is of note and it happens to be the sun and it happens to be an, a.

Interesting, because I think it kind of actually compliments or fits this whole nodal thing, because you would say, well, what’s the positive or what’s this trine side of discourse idea. Well, if we’d go back to the mythology, it’s an interesting story. Not to go down a tangent here, but Eris was shunned from this big party in mythology.

Because of her dysphoria. And so she threw an apple through the window that basically for the fair young maidens who were invited to the party caused kind of a mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all contest. So one of the extrusions from that is that you can say heiress on the other side of the.

Forces us to take our mask off and look at who we really are. Well today we have with the nodes of the moon in Sagittarius, which is where the sun is, that is hitting heiress. See this whole thing just fits together really in an incredible way. At three 12, this afternoon, three 12 east coast. Bars conjoins the south node and then we’ll be an opposition to the north node of the moon.

And that’s what I was talking about yesterday, along with Jupiter sitting at that bending or that square point to the nodes. So the sun training era. Jupiter square to the nodes, bars, conjoined, and opposite to the nodes. So if we were going to put a theme on today, it is karmic business 1 0 1, where are we take the mask off?

Because see, this is how it all fits together. So cool. On the 22nd. So a week from today is when the nodes changed. Because they always move backwards. The south node will move from Sagittarius backwards. And if you will into Scorpio. While the north node boobs from Gemini into Taurus. So let’s get in our fun astrology helicopter and go up to 10,000 here for a minute and look at this because there is a collective element to this, for sure.

Individual. Absolutely. Always collective. Sure. We are made up of individual charts, right? Our whole planet is 8 billion individual charts. Well, so what do we look at with the collective and these, this nodal chain? For the last year and a half or so, the south node has been in Sagittarius. The north node has been in Gemini Sagittarius.

Is this quest for the truth, this desire to know our purpose. Why am I here? And what’s the meaning of life. Sagittarius is also about that true adventure. Spirit that spirit of freedom, that spirit of travel spirit of roaming the world in order to find those things that are the true meanings of life, Sagittarius epitomizes, those who go to India to sit under an apple tree that is so Sagittarian right there.

Well, what has happened over the last year and a half in various parts of the world and in various degrees, there have been restrictions, Ben kind of wave after wave and different varying forms depending on where you are. There has been a masking and an attempt to unmask the truth. There’s the Gemini side, the north node side.

So remember in the nodes, we always are more comfortable in our south node. We’re more strained or pressed to move toward our north node. So collectively, how have we done with the Sagittarius Gemini alignment? I kind of think, yeah, we’ve made some progress, but it’s been a tough challenge. As we shift all of that into Scorpio slash Taurus.

Now we’re going to go deep and we could have some conflict because Scorpio is ruled in ancient astrology by Mars. So I went back and looked at a period that I was familiar with. There was a historical shift period, the 1960s, the same nodal access change happened in February of 1966. Interesting that in the United States, the freedom of information act.

Was enacted in 1966, that would have been drafted and planned in that last phase of mercury ruled Gemini north node moving out. Did we mention the desire or the quest to know the truth? So in it, I mean, if this parallels that then maybe we will have some more information come out on the heels of this signed.

That was also after quite a bit of legislation that was signed in 1965 by president Lyndon Johnson. For the sake of time, I’ll let you look those up. But then during this time of the scorpion Anik, think about the boiler. That erupted in 1968 with the assassination of Martin Luther king and Robert Kennedy, both in 1968.

And in that bridge time, if you search up the long hot summer of 1967, you’ll get Wikipedia talking about the riots. There were 159 race riots that. Atlanta Boston, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Tampa, Newark, Detroit, Birmingham, Chicago, New York city, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, new Britain, Rochester, Plainfield, and Toledo, but the biggest ones being in Newark, New Jersey and Detroit, Michigan bead, any evidence for astrology.

Wow, incredible. And that’s the nodal axis that we are moving into a week from today. And it’s almost like as we’re moving into that, oh, I’m getting kind of chills here. Because as we’re moving into that bars is sitting right there. This is why it is so important that you understand the nodes and their impact on your life.

And we built into the 1 0 1 course, an element of studying the node. Being able to kind of interpret your own natal nodes, by the way, on that note, Brittany wanted me to remind you guys that the one-on-one course price will change at the end of the year. We’ve mapped out kind of a whole price structure, and it’s going to go to full price in January.

So, if you would like to cash in on the 40% discount, give yourself a holiday present and pick up the 1 0 1 astrology course, because I don’t know when the price will change again. After the first of the year, there will be periodic sales, but pretty much we’ve fully valued the course at that point. And I’ll tell you what it’s worth it.

I know the course that I got when I, uh, took my. Deep dive into astrology that we talked about with Amanda last week. That was, I think near $400. The Bob Proctor course that literally changed my life was near $400. So, you know, when you set a value to these things, when your life gets changed, What’s it worth.

And so I just wanted to let you know, holiday special through the end of the year, but I can see even just, just talking through this today, that this whole thing around where we’re headed with the nodes and the challenges that could portend there from get all that out early in the morning. That we are in for some definite focus and alignment on where we are with our own nodes.

How are we handling our own south node two north node journey checkpoint and realize that next year for about the next year. And now. It’s going to be under the microscope. Definitely. Scorpio takes things deep. All right. Went a little longer than normal today. Thanks for sticking with me. Hope you enjoyed it and it is of significance.

So that’s why we stayed right here. Have a good hump day. See you back tomorrow.