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Saturday December 11, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome into the fun astrology podcast, medical astrology, Saturday edition. Thank you so much for joining me. I’m Stephanie Vickers. I’m here by my lonesome. Today is Thomas’ on a well-deserved break. Seeing his brand new sweet granddaughter in Texas. In today’s podcast, we’re going to be continuing the discussion on the elements in medical Astrology.

I gave an introduction to them and how to figure out your dominant and least dominant elements in last week’s podcast. So please go back and listen to that. If you weren’t able to catch it today, it’s all about fire. What does it represent and what does it mean when it’s an excess or deficiency? The fire element also known as the Pitta dosha and I are Veda and is called Chi in Chinese medicine is the vital force and the release of energy.

It is the metabolic and fuel burning activities of the body that take place through activation of this element. It’s action is hot, light and dry. For excess and deficiency. Here’s a quick reference guide. So if you have five or more planets, including your ascendant in one element than it is considered dominant, having six or more in one element puts it in Excel.

If you only have two or less planets or points in one element, then it is considered to be your weak element. And if none or no planets or points in an element, then that is a true deficiency. Fire access can show up in the body systems and the following multiple ways. There can be a proneness to dehydration, a strong hunger drive, hyperactivity, overheating, high blood pressure in some.

Compulsive behaviors, inflammation, and a feeling of excess stress, the best antidote or way to counterbalance the fire access is through the water element. So the opposite of the hot light and dry fire is the cold, heavy and wet properties of water. So to counteract the previous issues mentioned, it would look like taking cool bass for overheating or high temperature.

Lots of cool liquids to boost hydration levels in the body. And again, just bring that level of heat down, eating cool, moist herbs and foods again, to help accomplish that within the body and looking into supplementing with liver, boosting herbs, like milk thistle and burdock root listening to calm music and using the color green that helps invoke a sense of groundedness and more calm things that should be avoided.

Are excessive, spicy foods or hot sauces, higher fat or oil content containing foods and avoiding the hot summer sun, especially in the mid day, as much as possible and avoiding activities that flare up adrenaline in the body. So anything like high intensity workouts? Activity is very important for the fire element, but it must be done in a more controlled way of expressions without a peak and a valley.

Like there is an high-intensity workout. So things like 10 minutes of a jog where you’re going at one steady pace the whole time and not spiking up super fast as sprints are going really. Slow. You want to kind of keep a very steady pace. That way the heart stays at around the same range for the whole workout.

It’s called a steady state cardio or doing something like 20 minutes of resistance weightlifting, but in a circuit where you go from one machine to the next, and it’s in a quite controlled step wise fashion. And this just helps. So the energy doesn’t spiral out of control and that fire excess takes over even more with too much adrenaline in the body.

Now fired efficiency on the other hand looks very opposite and can show up in the body systems. In the following ways there’s a prone to listlessness or a like a lethargy fatigue, kind of low-level energy. There’s a weakness in the muscle. There can be excess body fat, poor digestion or digestive fire, low blood pressure.

Poor. Poor self-esteem and a tendency towards a flat or down mood. So the best way to boost fire deficiency is through adding in more of the fire element. We want to add fuel to that fire and help it grow. And also the air element since air gives oxygen to fire, to burn larger and brighter. So to boost overall energy levels, fatigue, and muscle weakness, want to make sure you’re doing cardio exercise daily and that can be done through sprints.

So in this case, we want to get the adrenaline going more. We want to kind of do those spikes with some sprinting and some jogging at different levels and resistance training, like lifting weights. Cause you want to improve that muscle tone and strength, dance and play therapy are fantastic to boost the mood and spirit.

And then eating foods with stimulating spices. So things like cayenne, black pepper, cumin, and ginger, and then also very, very important to get enough protein, iron and minerals in the daily diet as well. Also using red colors, stones or clothing can help boost overall vitality and feelings of wellness and singing and playing musical instruments can also be a really effective way to improve overall mood and bring in more oxygen to the physical body.

I hope this has been insightful, helpful, and illuminating with many practical tips to use. If you’re dealing with fire excess deficiency, or just have strong fire in your chart and want to support it next week, we’re going to go over the air elements. So please be sure to be here next Saturday to tune into that.

Thank you so much for joining me today. I want to thank you for your continuing listenership and support. Of the fun astrology and medical astrology podcast edition. See you all back here next week.