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Monday November 22, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to a new week on the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for stopping in here. I’ve got something cool to tell you about the eclipse on Friday. Oh, this was so neat. I went to bed early. And I just thought, you know, if my soul wants to get up, it will. And if it wants to sleep, it’ll sleep.

And I got up, I got up in plenty of time. Let’s put it that way. It was cold outside. So I was watching it on YouTube actually for a little bit. Then I put the down coat on and went out with the binoculars and took a look and it was just spectacularly, gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky. And then I went back in and then came back out and sat on the front porch as the moment arrived of the full moon.

And then a few minutes later, the peak of the eclipse. And I could just sit in, there’s a rocking chair on the front porch and I, yes, I’m one of those. It was already here and I could look directly west and there, it was just right there. I didn’t have to even move perfect framing. So I was sitting there and had turned all the lights out and it was.

And I was just reflecting and out of the periphery of my eye to the right was the moon and all of a sudden, at two minutes before the full moon. So at 3 55, a shooting star came down right from the moon. I mean, as though the moon had just thrown it down to my left, it cascaded down through the sky. Now I did see that there was a meteor shower associated with it. And maybe that was one of those, but I’ll tell you what I, my little, I got tears in it and I went inside after the peak had happened and it, you know, sat there with that moment. And then I journaled for probably two hours. Cause look, I figured the universe had just dropped me a blank check.

I went in and filled it out. What else do you do? Well, I hope you had a really good eclipse day or whatever happened around it. There has been a lot of energy around this eclipse, you know, for a guy that was kind of saying before, I don’t know about these, ah, this one is changed. My tune. This thing had some juice to it.

Uh, how many of you had electrical or computer kind of issue? It almost like it had this mercury retrograde nest to it. I’m not just speaking for myself. I’ve heard it from quite a few others. Well, the other thing is, have you ever felt like the juggler, you know, like stuff is just, things are coming at you so fast that all you have time to do is just deflect them, you know, boing, boing, boing, boing.

That’s how I felt for the last several weeks. And what I’m trying to do is I am pushing myself hard because I’ve got, I had two audio books, got one done over the weekend and I want to get them finished so that I can go see my granddaughter in Texas. And I want to do a really good job on these. And I’m narrating this now I’m down to the Steve Forrest book and oh, just get engrossed in this thing.

Well, there’s an aspect that I missed and I’m going to fess up because with this eclipse, we also had a moon wobble, and this is one of those things that you’re so focused on X that you forget to see why and why is sitting right next door. So the moon wobble, the terminology of the moon wobble is when the moon either conjunctions or squares, the nodes of the moon, the nodal axis.

Well, tomorrow is the exact conjunction the sun as of yesterday. Now in Sagittarius, conjoins the north node of the moon at 2 0 3 tomorrow Eastern time. That is the peak of a moon wobble right there. And because no software programs acknowledge it. So nobody backs it up. You back it up 21 days from the exact conjunction.

And then it wanes for another seven days after the conjunction. So it will be with us all this week. And for the last three weeks we’ve been in it building up. So if you combine that energy, which is, you know, it’s kinda like a mercury retrograde on steroids kind of thing. And the idea behind it is that weird stuff happens around the world.

Well, if you go back, I was kind of thinking about a lot of the things that have happened even just over the last 10 days or so. Uh, not going political here, but I’m just pointing out a few things that have happened. We’ve had the Austrian lockdown, the spread of COVID basically in Europe. I am seeing a lot of unrest in various places around the world.

We had on, was it Friday? I believe the, uh, jury made the decision in that, uh, Wisconsin case. Like I said, this is, we, you know, we, we don’t go into a lot of that here, but those are things that did happen under the moon. That I think a lot of people on one side or the other, or maybe both it brings consternation.

There certainly is a lot of unrest. And when we looked at the aspects that this eclipse included, we had that square with Jupiter. We have the trine with Pluto, Jamie Partridge over at astrology king mentioned the conjunction with ALGOL. Of course the sun was in Scorpio. So it was casting a Scorpio Anik shadow on the Taurian.

And throw a moon wobble on that mix. So I, again, with this eclipse, I think the thing for us to do now is just observe, let’s see what shows up. Let’s observe rather than open. And that’s really a great transition because it’s Sagittarius season and Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter is that happy planet and Sagittarius is that happy sign.

You want to find the party, go find the savages. They’re all grouped up together. And boy, do we need our Sagittarian family in the world today? Do we not? Especially with all that stuff. So let’s have a party. We’ll talk about Saje through the week. We will talk more about that conjunction tomorrow. We’ve got several things.

We’ll get to your questions. If you have one, shoot it to me on the SpeakPipe at the top of the website. Yes. I’m having trouble with the website and I know, and it has been consuming it’s moon wobbles stuff. Say I’m going to blame it on the moon. Because I don’t have anything else to blame it on, but put it there.

All right. That’s what we’re going to do. You guys have a great day. I love you. You have a wonderful week and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.