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Wednesday November 10, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast for November 10th. It’s Wednesday update Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. If this is your first time, welcome, hope you like what we do here. A little quick snippet, look at the sky and we try to do it on a lighter side and make it a little bit fun and not so darn serious mentioned on Monday that we had a couple of aspects.

Other than that we are chasing Luna around the chart. Luna today is in Aquarius fact. Luna is part of the big show today. So let’s just talk about all of this. So the moon is in Aquarius will be all day. The moon is conjunct Saturn this morning. Uh, 10 30 this morning, Eastern time Luna and Saturn are one for a few minutes, just a few seven degrees Aquarius.

Now let’s hop up to Scorpio, which is just one square away. And we have Mars and mercury at seven degrees. They exactly conjunct at nine o’clock this morning, Eastern time. So you have Mars and mercury and Scorpio, squaring, the moon and Saturn in Aquarius. Let me throw two other conjunctions because these planets are wanting to talk and work with.

Actually, I want to throw three more in Saturn and the moon are sextile to Kyron and Kyron is in a quincunx that’s half of a yard, third of a yard, not a full yard, just a third, just one aspect. Quincunx 150 degrees back-up to Scorpio, Mars and mercury. All right. So we’ve tied some karmic past wound stuff into this.

And also we have the forming square. We talked about yesterday with Saturn and the moon now square to Uranus in Taurus. Now that’s a big in astrology language, applying aspect, meaning that Saturn and the moon are moving toward that aspect. It’s closing in right now. It’s a five degree gap, five degree orb, but that is moving in and we’ll close the gap by late.

But it’s just worth noting that we have this energy formulating and stirring today. And I think this is significant energy. No doubt. Okay. You want one more? Let’s throw one more log on the fire and this is one we’re not going to get away from for a while. So we might as well just pick it apart when it shows up.

And that is Venus and Capricorn is at this table too, because it is in a sextile back to Scorpio, Mars and Mars. And it’s in a square to Kyron. So we really got this, this group of planets that are screaming, working with each other right now, Mars and mercury in Scorpio, Venus, and Capricorn, moon, and Saturn and Aquarius, Kyron, and Aries and Uranus in Taurus.

What does all that mean? Well, let’s take the Scorpio group first because that’s where the stellium is. The sun of course is in there as well. So that’s three planets in. So Mars and mercury, I mean, look, this has, I’m going to tell you straight up. It has a big count to five countdown watch day. Uh, we’ve been in it for a couple of days.

We’ll be in it for a couple of more, this is an aspect that you want to just make sure before you answer that you’re on good loving ground. Only answer from love, Venus, sextile and Keppra. Don’t lash out. Don’t let that Mars, when the. Mars and Scorpio is feisty. It’s frisky it’s yes. The H word too. I’ll just leave it at that.

Y’all can figure that one out, but it is it’s frisky. It’s it can be aggressive when it is blended with mercury that can affect our words. Now let’s put that in a different context. If you are an attorney, for example, and you have a trial today, and you’re going to be standing in front of a jury. You could use that deep Scorpio, passionate, inspiring, fiery bigger than life perspective, along with Mars and bring in that area’s energy.

And if your words are winsome and convincing and you play that Scorpio energy to your advantage, because remember Scorpio can be one of the most. Just enticing, wooing, swooning kinds of signs. So use that side of Scorpio, not the harsh side and Oho, you could melt butter. And then that Venus and Capricorn is standing there saying if you’ll rely on me, we can make this loving and we can make it last.

You won’t forget it. Been thinking about popping the question with somebody. Go for it. Now let’s connect this square to Saturn because it is absolutely amplified by Luna today. Let’s think of two sides of the coin. Which side are you going to choose? Saturn can represent death, delay, decay, disaster, all those DS, or it can express lasting solid firm foundation that will leave a legacy.

And it’s. So which side of that coin do you want to flip? So you could apply all those DS to communication, learning knowledge, intuition, squaring, up to Scorpio, Mars and mercury, or let’s flip this around because this is kind of cool. Think about the aspect or the piece of Aquarius that is original thinking.

That is intuitive. That is, self-independent think about the connection of that. And Scorpio, Scorpios, scientific physician kind of brain surgeon, brain researcher, brain. You see the tie there. You have this really cool investigative intellectual piece, that if you slide over to the positive side of this square, yes, there’s a little bit of friction tension there.

Work through that, and you could have this massive breakthrough in creative thought. Independent aha moment. The light bulb going off. I mean, you could invent the next solution to mankind’s greatest problem under this kind of, uh, of a tension. If you will. The pull is actually the push. And to me, this is the greatest thing about interpreting two sides of the coin in Australia.

Because we get to choose what part of this energy we are going to participate in. And that’s simply purely by intention. So why do we not get so predictive about astrology? Like, Ooh, something really bad could happen today. You could get in trouble with your spouse because you flip off on what, you know, run your mouth.

No, because you have a choice and you can set the intense. So use that intention to solve the world’s. Next greatest problem. We need you have a great day. I’ll see you tomorrow.