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Monday November 8, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast for Monday, November 8th, Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. Glad you are here. Well, I’ve got a new addition in my family. If you are not on our Facebook page, I’d love to invite you over there. It’s the subconscious mind mastery podcast listeners. Group on Facebook, we just kind of started there and kept everything there.

We talk about astrology in there as well, but you would have seen that my second granddaughter was born Saturday mornings, so

well applaud the son and the daughter-in-law because they’re the ones that are enjoying this new addition to the Miller. And of course, you know, I’m like, did you get a birth time? Did you get a birthday? Yes, they did. Right on the money. And this little girl was supposed to be a Sagittarian. She was due on the 27th, but she decided that she wanted to be a Scorpio like her grandpa.

And she came in with a yod in her chart, which is just in the waxing waning, almost gone phase today. But it is worth talking about because there are some interesting characteristics of the two planets at the bay. Corresponding to the north node at the top. So this yard that was there for the weekend had Venus and Capricorn, mercury and Scorpio.

That’s the base. And then the top at the top of the witch’s hat is the north node in Gemini. So with that Venus in Capricorn, we apply all of the Capricornia and characteristics to love and relationship and. And harmony and balance and all the things that Venus represents, but basically what it is kind of speaking to is a theme of relationship where communication becomes a very important element and karmic business shall be done.

So the Capricornia and Venus is all about a lasting relationship or the challenges there to. So if you’ve had something coming up around your relationship, where there have been some deep conversations, Scorpio, mercury that have led to re-examining the base, re-examining the foundation, re-examining the longevity, or if you’re in a fairly new or newly engaged phase of your relationship, what do we want this to look like?

Who are we going to be? How are we going to hold this together? And that is when the karmic challenges come. And then we’re thrusting mercury up to the north node, which is in Gemini ruled by mark. So there’s an equal communication theme to this yard. So again, you may have experienced this on a short-term basis over the weekend or just, and if you’re not in a relationship, broaden it out.

What kinds of relationships are you in or what kinds of things are important to you in the broad category of who you relate to and how to make that. This whole thing, I think has also punctuated with the moon, which is also in Capricorn. So even if it wasn’t for the yod, we still just from Luna would be feeling this desire to make the base and make the roots strong and deep.

You know, there’s another piece of this that comes to mind, especially this contrast between Capricorn and Gemini slash merch. And I mean, that’s what rules might chart. So I’ve got some knowledge of this one. I can handle this one. Boss. I’ll take it. Gemini and mercury are bouncing all over the place. And even as I’m laying this recording down, I’m realizing that I’ve been going too far, too fast.

I’ve been on the road. I am physically tired. My body kind of rejected something yesterday. You want a little personal story? I do quick little personal story. I was celebrating this little girl’s birth and for some reason was just really connected. And with that, I needed some time in the woods. So I went out yesterday and got on the trail and did a little hiking walking, enjoying the fall colors.

And then I came back and there’s this one little town that I go through. It’s the only town you go through to get back from where I was. And I thought, oh, I’ll get something to eat. There’s this restaurant that I had noted looked like it was more, a little bit better than maybe the rest. And certainly it didn’t have a drive-through.

So I’m like, okay, I don’t go to restaurants very much. I mostly eat at home and I have a pretty simple and fairly bland diet. So I thought, well, I’m looking through this menu and I just, there are so many things now with that. I just am very real careful and I mean to good effect because I’m generally very.

So I was looking through the menu and I thought, Nope, not that don’t want, that don’t want, that don’t want, that don’t want, that don’t want that. I am, I am, as I’m like, I’m at down to a salad. I mean, that’s what I can do at home. So I’m just sitting there and I thought, why don’t you just do, you’re celebrating your granddaughter’s birth.

You just spent on this great hike. Why don’t you do something that is like nothing you would do at home? Are you ready? I ordered the nachos. I did. I ordered the fricking nachos and my body rejected them solidly. So I’m on the backside of that lesson. So for today, it’s going to be a Capricorn day for old uncle Tom.

I’m going to slow down shore up, clean up some things that have been lingering that have been set aside because this past week happened really, really fast in my world. And I’m going to pay attention because that’s where a lot of the energy of the chart is today. So that other leg of the yod that would keep me bouncing around and doing multiple things.

Going in different directions. Brittany is going to be so glad to be hearing this with what we’re doing with the course and fun astrology in general. She’s going to be so glad. Yes. She’s my compass to not overdue. So we’re going to set the Gemini multiple tasks, doing many things, not so well, and turn the focus over to Keppra.

Which one of the things that it’s screaming is just get some rest. So that’s, I, there’s a lot of cool energy woven into this now for the rest of the week, we’re pretty much locked down. We’re going to be following the moon around. There are a couple of aspects on Wednesday, but I have a list of questions.

If you would like to add to that. Shoot one into me on the SpeakPipe. Just go to the website fund It’s up there at the top on the left in orange, and I will. Happy to get to that. We are going to be able to knock some questions out for you guys this week. I will talk to you tomorrow. Hope you have a great day.