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Thursday November 4, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Hey everybody. It is new moon, Thursday, November 4th. Thomas Miller welcoming you in to the Thursday edition of the fun astrology podcast. Thanks for joining us. Or if this is your first time. Welcome. Tell your friends, share it on iTunes. Write a good comment. If you love it. If you don’t email me and let’s talk about it.

We’ve got a new moon today and I’m rolling my clock on the chart up to 5:14 PM. East coast time. And looking at this 12 degree sun and 12 degree moon in of course, Scorpio. So a really good place to start then would be what else is in Scorpio? And there we find Mars now has mercury made it out of Libra yet?

No, but close, but not close enough. 28 degrees, 19 minutes. Let’s don’t even consider that a 29. It missed it by one day, mercury moves in tomorrow, but there is a really big, obvious signature. And if you look on the fun website, and you go down to where we have the current transits, the retrograde section, and today’s.

You will see that the sun moon in Scorpio is exactly opposite. Uranus in Taurus. Remember Taurus ruled by Venus is the signature of money with Venus. And we kind of attribute, this is just really skeletal. This is not deep stuff here, but when you think of Venus ruling Taurus, Venus ruling, Libra, love and relationships, harmony balance, right?

The side of Venus that we typically associate with the scales Libra. Well, the focus today and the focus of this new moon is not Libra. It is Taurus and there in Taurus is retrograde Uranus. Now we’ve talked about this quite a bit, but not recently. So if you guys are new, we haven’t really developed this thing.

But Uranus has been in this bumper car relationship with Saturn for all of this year already. It has squared Saturn twice, and we have one more right around Christmas time. This is a money paradigm. And when we trace this back, we see past recessions, past changes in the monetary. We see upheavals basically in how money is either made, spent not spent or managed corporately and individually.

Well, now we have a new moon or this is striking Scorpio. It’s opposite sign Scorpio is exactly opposite Taurus. So like I was saying yesterday, create yourself some money. I mean, absolutely. And invite it in unique ways. You’re fitting the energy. That’s totally it. Newman. Money in unusual ways, Taurus, Uranus.

I mean, if you just turn the op you know, say opposites, attract or repel, turn it around to the attract side of the magnet and draw it in, invite it. This is a perfect time to do that. Now be patient with this one. Why? Because Saturn just mentioned up in Aquarius is at seven degrees Uranus and the moon are at 12 that’s five degree difference between.

But Saturn is squaring the sun in Scorpio, and it is squaring Uranus in Taurus. Call that a T square. So where you have two planets opposite each other. So the sun of the moon opposite Uranus. That’s what we were just talking about. And now Saturn is at a 90 degree angle to that opposition. So one thing you could frame up with that is just delays or things that you might have to work a little bit more.

So this isn’t one of those manifestations of throw it up into the air today and then expect it by tomorrow. Dinnertime. In other words, play the long game here, play the, what would things look like in five years for me financially, and then circling back with the Uranus and the Saturn combination saying, what do I need to change?

What do I need to let go of? What do I need to Saturn restructured? In order to bring in what I’m trying to create in this long-term prospect, those of you who have come into the 1 0 1 course. No, Brittany Brittany has been my right hand now partner in all of these ventures, she has just really earned her space and, and risen like cream rises to the top.

Wow. And she is our course manager, among many other things. That’s just one shingle that she holds, but she’s really been a foundational and things that we are putting together to move this work forward. And that’s, this is a perfect analogy of that kind of a scenario. So Brittany, we need to use today as the creation day around what the next five to 10 years looks like.

And we’ve been having at least weekly conversations around the sat, Turney and structure. What do we need to do to build the base of this so solid that we can grow a skyscraper over time. And that’s what you’re dealing with here. Perfect analogy. And then the other thing is when you identify these things, you do them.

Don’t make them tomorrow’s to do list and it’s like chasing the pot of gold. You never get to. Make the list and get the, get the stuff done. Right? Do it take that Mars action. Mars is in Scorpio. So you’ve got some extra octane there with Mars at home to be intense, to get things done. Don’t apologize for that this month, six weeks or so BM tense and get stuff done around how you’re going to structure yourself to bring.

Not wheel barrels, pickup truck, no, not pickup trucks, 18 wheelers, a whole convoy of them have money in your future coming up. Look, I’m not trying to make that a focus, but I’m just saying there is some really cool energy here. If you read into the subtleties of this and you do the word. The payoff is always there.

So that’s why we do this podcast to put things out on the chart like this. You can take it from there. Have a great day. I’ll see you back for tomorrow. We’ll set up the weekend. Yes, Stephanie’s here on Saturday. You got it.