Saturday October 23, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the Saturday edition of the fun astrology podcast. It’s certainly has turned into my favorite day of the week. Stephanie, has it turned into yours? Yes. Thank you, Thomas. I look forward to these every week and so happy to be back with you. Yeah, I know this thing has really taken off and folks are just loving it.

So we have. A question specifically about how a planet affects our medical astrology. Let’s listen to this great question, Thomas and Stephanie, this is Maria from Northern California. I have a question about Saturn and how it relates to medical astrology in your natal chart. Thanks so much. Love the Saturday podcasts about medical astrology.

And Maria, you take care of there in Northern California and stay safe. And thank you for a great question. Okay. Now, Stephanie, you’ve been studying medical astrology, and I know we wove through some of the signs where Capricorn was illuminated when we did that. Like, like, um, particularly Capricorn and Aquarius, but what I’m thinking, just knowing how astrology fits the bricks in the wall.

But if we’re talking Saturn, we have to be talking something close to structure foundation, the bones, right. The, our platform. So how does, what does Saturn look like in medical astrology? Yes, that’s right. It’s anything, a form and structure and you alluded to the bones and our teeth, our skin nails, those kinds of things.

Uh, so Saturn is our sense of. Discipline. It’s a process of aging in the body and it can help allude to possible challenges and health. And so it’s really critical to know where the needle placement is. And in general, as you mentioned, you know, a little bit alluding to Capricorn there. The nature can feel a bit cold.

It can feel a little slow, but it is the strong structure that helps keep things in place. And so I think I love them raise assets, because I think knowing where Saturn is in your chart can really help eliminate some areas that you want to proactively keep in, you know, in the best possible condition and support those areas in your.

Okay. Now this is interesting because remember the coin has two sides, right? We always, that’s kind of a theme around. So when we talk about structure, that to me is more of the positive side of the coin, right? Yes, exactly. Now what if we went shadow side, which is the, and I don’t want, you know, like this is one of the things people could get into a fear based kind of thing when Saturn is in some kind of a place in their chart.

So let’s just hit the shadow side of the coin straight up. What about disease? Difficulty delays, et cetera. Have you seen that side of Saturn from a medical perspective? Yes. Yes I have. So I thank you for bringing that up because we do always need to look at both sides. So Saturn can show where a chronic health challenge may lie.

Uh, since Saturn is that father time it’s, uh, it’s considered more of. Chronic or a long-term situation. And it can show areas where there’s more coldness. So areas that are inclined to lack of blood flow oxygenation and where toxins can amass these same regions can also become tight or hardened in the body since Saturn rules, the bones and hard structures of the body.

So it’s important to understand both possible sides, but I want to stress that it is really the aspects and looking a bit deeper and not just the sign itself. That siren is in is some people have very positive place Saturns and they have excellent aspects with the other planets and Saturn can be quite a strong planet that gives them positive things.

Like you mentioned, uh, discipline and strong resistance to things. Uh, so it’s really taking the whole into account. So don’t just think you’re doomed. If you have Saturday, let’s say areas where it tends to be in its fall. Okay. Now, actually right there on that. Why don’t you mention, because I know in medical astrology, horror area astrology, some of these other applications of astrology, we definitely look at the ancient areas of detriment and fall where its expressions are more quote, unquote, negative.

Xcel station where or rulership where it’s more positive. So how does Saturn align in those categories? Yes. So thank you for bringing that up too, because like I mentioned, Considered to be in its fall and Aries because areas is a very quick, fast moving action oriented sign and Saturn doesn’t like to go quick and fast that’s Mars territory.

So it doesn’t feel at home there. And that can be a bit more of a challenge in that sign. If Saturn is sitting in Capricorn or Aquarius, that is the two signs that it rules. So it enhances those energies and it feels most at home. And in Libra it’s considered to be exalted, uh, which is kind of interesting because you wouldn’t technically think of Libra to have a lot of such turning qualities, but the energy of Libra is about, you know, justice and truth and keeping things in a straightforward manner.

And I think it enhances its natural quality. Then it’s considered to be in detriment and cancer and Leo cancer. It’s quite the emotional watery placement. And then Leo, again, that fire energy that just wants to go, go, go and do action. So that kind of alters and interferes with its natural energy. So those are important things to kind of look at at, you know, where Saturn is in your chart and to keep in mind and also Saturn contends to be a little.

Colder, which is another interesting thing to talk about. It can be cooler or actually a warmer Saturn if it’s placed in a sign, uh, that is it’s exalted in or in, in its home, you know, Capricorn, Aquarius, and then where, if it’s in its fall or detriment, it tends to make it a bit more of a colder Saturn. So you want to keep an eye on it more so, you know, I just know, and I’m not sure exactly what Maria’s context was.

She didn’t mention this, but. I know that we can either fear these kind of negative things coming around. And look, you’re talking to the poster child of when Saturn crossed over most of my planets, it knocked the legs out from under my life for seven years. You know, it was like, holy cow. So it’s not, but I wasn’t working with the energy.

See, I was w I was oblivious really, or going the other way. So the question is, from what you’ve seen, how can we work with Saturn’s energy? And then, you know, for those who might be a little concerned about an area showing up, how can they not fear? Yes, this is such an important point because I know in my first Saturn return came around, it knocked the wind out of me as well.

It was a really interesting experience because I really had no clue about Saturn’s energies and how to work with it. So I think as far as in general, it is empowering to know that. Where your Saturn is placed and some of the aspects, and then the sign that it is in. So in the previous podcasts we’ve done on the moon, you can go back and listen to, let’s say you have a Saturn in Scorpio.

You can go back and listen to Scorpio. And I talk about the parts of the body that Scorpio rolls over. So you would want to pay a bit more attention to those areas of your body and do everything you can to support. And to keep them healthy and operating in a very optimal, functional manner. You can.

Treat things. If you’ve already got, let’s say a little bit of arthritis or something like that going on. Cause that’s sometimes can pop up with Saturn and Capricorn, uh, to treat areas like warming them, relaxing them, increasing that circulation. So doing gentle walking a lot of times, and this can go into a lot more in-depth in detail, but you can treat.

Too cool to Saturn things, by doing more things that you would like with Mars, like heat and increasing that circulation. So those are just kind of some basic things that you can do, and then having the mindset of knowing this information of which areas of your body, that Saturn rules over and doing what you can to support them to the utmost matter.

I think kind of really help and go a long way in peace of mind. And. What I found with Saturn myself personally, because I do have him in the sixth house. Uh, and it’s definitely been a lifelong theme, uh, is that it really helps give you that discipline, that endurance and that, uh, real strength in the house and that area of your life, um, that he falls in in.

So I think it’s quite empowering. To look at it from that side, instead of thinking you’re doomed, just because let’s say you have Saturn and Aries and that’s considered the fall. So supporting it and understanding it’s it’s the whole picture. So kind of summarizing and boiling this down to some takeaways for next week.

Right then we can, obviously one is Saturn is about stress. Yes. Saturn is about structures. Saturn is about form. Saturn is about having the discipline and the endurance to keep going, and it can also signify longevity and strength in the physical body. So it’s very critical and important to know. And, you know, I’m thinking even around that structure, the frame, the bones, the joints, the sinews, all of that yoga.

In other words, if your structure is tight and tensed up and you sit all day, then you can look at the Saturnian influence. And just instantly, I mean, you don’t need astrology for this, but instantly like, make sure that your structure is nimble and flexible and strong. So that it can do the job that it needs to do to support your body.

Yes. Yoga is a very yin yoga is a very set tourney and type of exercise that is amazingly beneficial and keeping everything nimble and flexible. Like you said, especially as we age and since Saturn represents aging, working with it in a positive way, like doing yoga, even if it’s 10 minutes, a couple times a week helps work with that energy in a really positive way.

Also then if Saturn is in some kind of an aspect where it’s rubbing a little scratchy than the place that you look to offset, that would be back to structure and foundation, what needs to be shored up. Yes, exactly. And then the house that Saturn’s into is an area where that structure and discipline is going to really go along way.

So we really could use Saturn as a medical guide of almost prevention. It sounds like. Exactly. Exactly. And that’s what’s so empowering is looking at those body areas that Saturn is ruling. Like I mentioned, please go back and listen to the podcast, you know, for the sign that your Saturn’s in. So you can hear those body areas and then working on supporting and keeping those strong and healthy.

Excellent. Stephanie, this is great. Wow. And Maria, thank you for that question. And then I think next week we’ve got Pluto, speaking of Saturn and Pluto. What about. Yeah. So we’re going to talk a little bit about how Pluto can affect you from a medical astrology standpoint. And more specifically, the listener has asked a question about the transits.

And so I’m going to talk a little bit about Pluto going through the houses and give you some good information on that. Excellent. All right. And if you have questions. Please send them in. Please send your medical astrology questions and we would love to hear from you. And I want to help answer any questions that you have to give you some more great knowledge and empower yourself on your astrological health journey.

Stephanie. Thank you so much. This has been excellent. Again, really appreciate it. I hope you have a wonderful week. Thank you, Thomas. Thank you for having me and thank you so much to all the listeners and we are so grateful that you were honest with this journey and we look forward to being back here with you next Saturday.