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Monday October 18, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to a new week on the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. And boy, do we have a happy day today? I mean, I’ll even throw some of this in there because by the time you’re listening to this, Jupiter has turned direct. Yay. It happened at 1 31 this morning, and then mercury turns direct at 1116 this morning.

These are all Eastern U S time zone time. Then we have an interesting aspect with Mars tonight. It trines Jupiter 10 36 tonight. And of course that’s on the heels of what we were talking about last week with even yesterday, the sun squaring Pluto, and your moon is void of course, until 6:03 AM east coast time today when it enters Aries.

So there’s your just real fast, 45 second. Look at the sky. So let’s start to pick this. So the first great place to start obviously would be with Jupiter turning direct. And I’ve had that chart up now, looking at it at 1 31, my time this morning when Jupiter finally exited retrograde. Yay. So it’s in 22 degrees Aquarius.

It will stay in Aquarius until December 28th. And then it moves into Pisces. So we are going to see a Piscean Jupiter before we even know it. I mean, it’s going to be just around the corner and then it will do the Pisces Aries dance next year. Like it did the Aquarius Pisces dance this year. It’s the Jupiter two-step, you know, it stays in Pisces for awhile.

And then in the spring it’ll go into Aries and it’ll to stamp back into Pisces and then. Finally kick on in. So next year though, the theme is Jupiter in Pisces, back home in ancient astrology, by the way. And there’s a real characteristic aspect of Jupiter and the chart is published on the website, fun

If you’d like to zip down there and look at it, you’ll see this big thick, very close trine between Jupiter and Mars. Mars is at 21 degrees. Also, we have to catch the sun in this as well because the sun is at 25 degrees Libra. So we’ve got 21 and 25 degrees Libra, 22 degrees Aquarius. That’s a trine, that’s a tight trine.

So we’re starting off Jupiter moving direct with a trine to two grumpy planets. Because even though it’s a trine, the sun is what’s called. We’ve been talking about this. It’s in fall. Meaning that it’s just kind of not a good match characteristically. And then Mars is in detriment in Libra, meaning that it rules the opposite sign of Aries.

So you have two placements here where the sun and Mars together sitting four degrees apart. Are just, can’t wait to move into Scorpio actually for Mars, it will be a homecoming because it is the ancient ruler of Scorpio. And even in modern astrology, a lot of people say that Pluto is kind of a coal ruler, but they never demoted Mars to, uh, being usurped by the modern rulership of Pluto.

So I want to just give you a heads up and not to look too much at the shadow side of this. That angst that a lot of people have been feeling with Mars and the sun transiting through Libra. This transit it’s been pretty intense, could get a little amplified before the sun moves out next weekend. Now another way that this could show up and it depends on how fast Jupiter gets tracks in direct mode.

But you’d have to look at this and say, could the resistance to things that have, I mean, are all over the world. I’m not talking about any place in particular or any issue in particular. There are a lot of people protesting things as they are in the world today from different sides and causes. And maybe those could be amplified again.

As this transition into Scorpio takes place with that Jupiter sitting there in don’t tell me what to do Aquarius. And maybe with that trine. That’s what that amplify, you know. So in other words, the discontent, the axed around Mars and sun just gets gas thrown on the fire by Jupiter, turning direct in Aquarius saying whatever the issue is, the issue does your boom flash flare.

That’s another possibility. Well, let’s take a look at one more option and that is the sun and Mars. So Mars is right there, amplifying the sun and let’s take a real harmonious beauteous perspective of the sun in Libra, where everything is in. I mean, literally, truly meditative Zen in Libra, very calm and balanced.

No, an angst. And now Jupiter turns direct. And just brings all of that to full flavor, if you will. So it could amplify harmonious Zen feeling, you see how the chart gives you options, and then you get to choose which side of the coin you’re going to fall on. So there is some tension around this. Yes. And there is some harmony and Zen around this as well.

Now let’s fast forward up to mercury turning direct. At what time did we say 11? 16:00 AM. Eastern time. Mercury of course is the third of the three horsemen. The three planets in Libra. It’s back in the back of the bus because it’s been going the wrong way. It’s at 10 degrees Libra. Now it’s going to move really fast.

Once it gets out of its second shadow, the, the shoulder period, it’s going to move fast toward Scorpio as well. But right now, when it turns to. It is going to be in a trine with Saturn. It’s also in a sextile with Venus, the love planet in Sagittarius. Let’s talk about the Saturn piece just real quick for a second.

So I’ve lived on both sides. I’ve lived my life on both sides of. I’ve been on the Saturn has to get my attention. I am not listening. I am not conscious. Wake me up side. And that is what you call no fun. And I’m living now in the Saturn. I hear you. I see you. I feel you please be gentle and Vanessa and show me what’s next.

And I’m listening. That gives you really an imprint of something in your mind that you just go to whenever Saturn shows up structure, foundation, legacy. What can I do to build it solid, build it right. Shake it. What falls loose or what rattles tighten it up. So that’s what we’re looking at with this trine with mercury is kind of an analytical air.

Mercury air in Libra, air Saturn in Aquarius air. So this is all about going out into space and doing exactly what I was talking about there, shaking it, rattling it, pounding on it, rolling it. And seeing if there’s anything that needs to be tightened up in your life. That’s how you work positively with that.

Now if you’re in a relationship and you are being playful in that relationship and things are going well in that relationship, reach out in some creative playful way and tell him or her that you love. Them and watch what might happen later on after all it’s a six tile aspect with Venus, have fun. Let’s see tomorrow.