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Saturday, October 16, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

I am so glad it’s Saturday. Hi Stephanie. We are back and you know, it’s cool because now we’ve turned the corner from talking about all of the signs and the moon, and really we’ve covered all that ground. You did such a beautiful job of it. And now we’re going to start answering some questions that people have called in to speak PI.

And let you take a stab at a couple of things that might show up from medical astrology. I’m looking forward to. Yes, I am so excited and I’m so appreciative to the listeners for sending in questions, and this will help just aluminate more information and empowerment on how we can all help our health from an astrological perspective.

Well, we have our first question and it’s somebody who didn’t leave their name, which is perfectly fine. In fact, for medical stuff, we probably prefer that you don’t and here let’s play the question. Then you can just take off with it. How about that? Hi guys. Thank you for the medical Saturdays. It’s wonderful.

I have problems with my bladder with constant UTI and I have my moon in the eight house. I’m a very Torian person though. So maybe you can have, give me some greater lifestyle. I love this question and this listener sounds so lovely. And I wanted just give a quick little rundown too, cause she’s asked a couple of great things.

So she’s wanting to know more about the eighth house, how that relates to health and then for her specifically her bladder and how that ties in with her having that moon there in the eighth house. So. In a natal medical charts, the importance of the houses is a little bit different than a traditional natal astrology charts.

So the houses themselves aren’t as significant as the planets and the corresponding signs and degree points in which they are sitting at. So it is a combination. Of these things that can indicate where a weakness or strengths lie. And I want to really stress that, you know, just because someone has, let’s say at Jupiter and Aquarius, it doesn’t mean it’s going to trigger, or they’re going to suffer from certain health issues.

Unless you look at the. The facts and that can help give you a whole bigger picture. So don’t, please don’t think you’re doomed. Um, and I just want to stress that, and this podcast will get a little bit more technical than some of the previous ones that we’ve done on the moon. So I’m going to try to keep this as straightforward as possible.

So let’s talk about the eighth house in medical astrology, and you know, that that’s known as Scorpios house and in medical astrology Scorpio rules over the large intestine or colon. Uh, urinary tract, including the bladder, the pelvic region, genitalia reproductive organs, and the general excretory system and the eighth house and medical astrology can represent illness caused by external circumstances, such as injury or catastrophe.

And here you can also find situations of extreme. Critical situations with health and surgical procedures since Scorpio and more specifically Mars rolls over surgery. And as far as the bladder health and what could maybe possibly be triggering a UTI for this lovely listener, we need to look at the aspects of transiting planets.

So she has her moon there in the eighth, and this could also apply if it was her. Uh, because both have some rulership over the urinary tract in the kidneys. And I want to talk about the two molest fix and medical astrology, which is Mars and Saturn. So when transiting, Mars can join the planet, it heats it up.

And it aggravates it. Whereas when transiting Saturn is there, it will cool it down and slow it. So let’s say that this lovely listeners having a Mars transit to her moon or her Venus, but for her specifically the moon in the eighth, this could signal a possibility that she’s going to be more susceptible to acute inflammatory complaints in those areas that I mentioned that the eighth house rules and for her, the bladder is one of those areas.

So. More on Mars that usually represents sudden and quick illness that what lasts is. Whereas a Saturn transit usually indicates a chronic issue. And I’m going to go into a bit more on Saturn and how that affects health next week, because we had another great question from it, from a listener on that. Uh, but more on the eighth house.

Also, it’s known as the house of transforming and cleansing. So things like colonics, detoxification, and all methods to turn oneself around are going to be under the auspices of this house. And I just want to mention some things for this lesson are to feel encouraged and what she can do to help support her bladder health.

Because having her in there in the eighth does make it likely that she’s going to have some of these issues. So things. Ensuring adequate daily water intake using the restroom regularly, not holding it in limiting caffeine, alcohol and spicy foods. Uh, things of like high cayenne amounts can irritate the bladder lining.

And so can certain over the counter medications like Tylenol and ibuprofen, and then to eat enough polyphenol containing foods daily. So things like berries, specifically, cranberry. It can be really bladder supportive and then some supplements that can help with bladder and kidney health can be probiotics.

D mannose. So that’s D hyphen, M a N N O S E , which is UVA. Space, U R S I and gravel route. And I always mentioned, of course, a please check with a practitioner before starting anything, but these herbs I’ve taken myself because I’ve had, uh, an acute UTI before and they’ve actually helped immensely. Uh, so I just want to recommend some of those things.

And overall, this can, can get a little complicated when you’re looking at the aspects. So I wanted to try to keep it as simple as possible here and focus on what may be causing that acute infection for her and what’s going on in her body at that time. And this isn’t a plug, but for those that want to know a little bit more about foundational strategy, That’s if they’re feeling maybe like they need some more support there.

I really encourage you to check out Thomas’ fond astrology one, a one course, which I think is almost ready for public release. Is that right? Thomas? It’s a secret. No, it’s not a secret. We let the cat out of the box on my birthday, October 3rd. Yay. All right. So there we go. I encourage you to check that course out and that will help give you some amazing information on how to follow the aspects and look in your chart and how they can relate to your own health more.

So next week, we’re going to talk a little bit more about. And how transiting Saturn, it can affect your planets and what that might mean for you. And we can go more into depth with that since this week was a little bit more about Mars and we can also do a followup episode on Mars. If listeners would like to learn a little bit more about that.

And if you have a question for Stephanie, go to the fun website up at the top on the left is our little orange box and you can leave it anonymously. You don’t have to even leave your name or your email, just record the message like she did, and we will be happy to tackle it. We’d love to hear from you also, if you’re more comfortable just sending an email question, we’ll do that to info at fun.

Astrology dot. Stephanie, thanks so much, you know, I’m just continually amazed and really shouldn’t be because there’s been more than ample proof over and over and over that the stars in the sky give us guidance. And when you are able to apply it, even to a medical question like this, it’s just incorrect.

It really is. And it’s. So for me, I found it incredibly empowering and I love to share with people how, you know, they can find these little bits and pieces and really learn how to support themselves and live the best life that they’re, you know, they’re supposed to live here in this incarnation. So I am so grateful to the listeners for sending him these questions.

And I really look forward to joining you all back. Saturday and to continue empowering you and your health. Have a great week, everybody. And look forward to seeing you back here for the next time.