Friday October 15, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Put another one in the books, it’s TGI Friday, October 15th, Thomas Miller on the fun astrology podcast. We made it through another week. Yay. Thanks for joining us. We’re going to set up today and the weekend and I’m actually playing up in the mountains. So this is recorded. And it’s like, I have been looking forward to this, been pushing hard, working hard, to be able to go take a little bit of extra time off, but I didn’t want to miss talking with you this week.

So we just got all of these taken care of in advance and I’m out playing today. Honestly. That’s what I mean. We’ll be here tomorrow with Stephanie. Yes, we are answering your questions. We start the first round of that. We have several already. If you’d like to leave a medical question, just hit the speak pipe on the website fund

Or you can email And we will, we’ve got about a month’s worth of Q there, but we’ll tackle those and would love to explore what you might want to know from medical astray. All right. First of all, today, you know, we’ve had this Aquarian moon for the last couple of days. It is going to be moving into Pisces and we have basically an all day again, void of course, the moon moves into void, of course at 8:32 AM Eastern time this morning and continues all the way until 10:21 PM east.

When it moves into Pisces tonight. So like eight 30 this morning, till 10 20, the seasoning east coast time. I really like how this corresponds with my own personal schedule and yours, because we get a Piscean weekend this weekend with the moon there. So it’s a great weekend to do this reflecting work to step back to tune in intuitively.

To ask for answers to questions that might be plaguing us that have been of concern over the past 18 months or past two or three weeks. Intuition will be running high perceptions and emotions could be running high. Be sure to have your spiritual game on high between now and Sunday night when the moon will go void.

Of course, again, staging to move into Aries on Monday. But this is really cool because after today, like all day tomorrow, all day Sunday, Piscean moon really tune in this weekend. You know, you might even think of doing some kind of a little mini lunar ceremony this weekend, because remember it goes without saying we have Neptune at home in Pisces and now the moon going through.

So that’s just like this triple shot of intuition. Perception also could be some confusion. So get on both sides of that coin. If things are foggy, do a, your intentions set your practice and your resolve that you will get answers over this weekend and spend the time doing it. So you want the, your a game on for the next couple of days.

And Venus gives us a nice gift to kind of punch this. Now, remember Venus is in Sagittarius, so we’ve got this amplified Venetian energy anyway, around love and beauty and harmony and all things wonderful and lovely. Well, we get a trine tomorrow with Kyron at 2:49 PM. And that just brings this whole, like, as we’re doing this work, what I see with that are wounded healer, Kyron.

You know, this thing that we struggle with through most of our lifetime Venus is just giving us a great big hug. It’s like, you know, and maybe that’s part of what you would want to get some answers. Is something around that wound. Why am I experiencing this? Well, Venus has just given you a lot of love in that area tomorrow and then tomorrow evening.

Now this is at 9 23. In the evening, east coast time tomorrow, Venus sextiles mercury. Yeah. Mercury’s in retrograde and it’s kind of a, you know, doing its thing. And it really hasn’t had a lot of major aspects, this, uh, this go around, but this is a sextile, it’s a favorable aspect. It’s a playful favorable.

So, what I’m kind of looking at this ass is maybe about a 24 to 48 hour little reprieve, where Venus says, Hey, mercury, come on. If you’re going to bounce off the wall, do it in a fun way, do it in a favorable way. Make me laugh, make me smile, make me happy. So maybe, maybe you won’t have. The frustration, maybe we all won’t from some of the things.

This has been a strong mercury retrograde. I know a lot of people have been feeling it. So maybe we’ll get a little bit of lightness around that as Venus comes and gives mercury a hug tomorrow as well. Then on Sunday, we have kind of an offsetting the sun in Libra, which of course is not the son’s favorite sign from this kind of perspective, squares, Pluto.

Now we’ll be feeling this through the weekend. The exact aspect, the exact square is at eight 12 in the morning on Sunday. That means that during this Piscean moon, that we’re going to be doing this work. That stuff is going to be coming up, that we’re going to be taking a look at as far as transformation.

So part of your practice would be to look at what needs to transform and just let it come. Because it wants to come to the surface. Now it’s saying I will get there one way or another. That square can be a little bit scratchy. Maybe something comes up, maybe something happens. Maybe any event may be whatever, but just be aware that the son, the ego self you is coming into this scratchy aspect with the planet of transformation, the planet of death, and.

But I’ll tell you what, when we get on the right side of just allowing things, even looking for things in our life to work with the universe, to say, if you will show me, see, this is what I’d be doing on. You could bypass that whole square on Sunday by just spending Saturday in your Zen zone, asking intuitively what you need to be working on and you will probably perceive it.

And then you can get your journal out and figure out five action steps that you can take toward it. And then by the time sun Pluto comes around on Sunday, it goes. Yeah, don’t need to bother with you. You’ve already done the work. Thank you. You just look up at the sky and wink. I hope you have a wonderful weekend sending you all kinds of love.

Venus in Sagittarius, big hug from old uncle Thomas. See you back tomorrow with Stephanie Monday here again, we’ll start the new week. Have a great one.