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Saturday September 25, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to what has become the most popular day of the week around here on the fun astrology podcast. It’s medical moon in your sign Saturday with Stephanie. Stephanie. Welcome back. Thank you for having me back and so happy that everyone’s enjoying and loving this. Oh, I think loving is a, an understatement.

So we’re digging what you’re doing and I know you have prepared well, because. We’re bumping a little close to home this weekend. Aren’t we? Yes, we are. So I am a Capricorn moon NATO. So I was really looking forward to doing this and I can send some of my own, um, personal experience with this placement.

Well, why don’t you just rock and roll and then maybe we’ll talk about a couple of points around it. All right. So, yeah. So with this placement, these individuals tend to have a vital force. That can be a bit cold, but it extends itself conservatively, which gives them excellent stamina and endurance.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. So these are committed. Disciplined loyal, persistent, pragmatic, and structured people, Capricorns a Cardinal earth sign. So things need to be fresh and new and elements of structure and sensuality need to be incorporated for them. And they do best with a structured healthcare routine areas of health focus for them are the skeletal system, including the bones, cartilage, teeth, and joints, specifically the knees and the skin.

They are very hardworking individuals and they can really thrive with a discipline regimen and they will work hard to accomplish all their goals. To support bone and joint health and a budget friendly way, which is also very important consideration for them eating an implanted anti-inflammatory diet full of antioxidants, spices, like tumeric and cayenne, and lots of omega three fatty acid containing foods can be really helpful as well as doing some form of weight-bearing exercise daily, vitamin K2 and D three Glucosomine.

Um, a Sam , these are supplements that can be really supportive for bone and joint health. Uh, but of course, as usual, what I say is just please check with your healthcare provider before you start any. And I want to mention these individuals, myself included. They usually do not ask for help. They’re quite self-reliant in nature and they can often have restrained tense emotions in order to maintain a sense of public composure.

They can really push past obstacles that others get stuck on, but this often can result in physical issues. If not kept in check, they’re very prone to burn. So things like sensitive stomach, uh, deficient, digestive, enzymes, touchy, gallbladder, dry mucus membranes of the stomach lining can pop up. If they’re not keeping that in check and they’re burning the candle at both ends.

I know I myself have definitely, um, had issues with burnout. So that’s something that I’m very mindful of now going forward and also supporting digestion. So things like bitters herbs and relaxing before sitting down to a meals really crucial, and then looking into digestive support or so things like betaine eights, HCL milk.

Fennel Annie’s and apple cider vinegar, Kinesis digestion, and I myself use all of those at every meal. They also really helps support liver function. Those herbs I just mentioned, which can often be slow in this placement. Um, also sensitive skin can be a big issue for cat moon, natives and Capricorn in general.

So supporting optimal skin health, staying out of the sun, you know, avoiding sunburns, drinking, plenty of filtered water investigating whether common food allergens like dairy or weak could be contributing to things like acne or dermatitis and avoiding highly fragrant space and body products. And also using fragrance free laundry detergent are important.

Getting nearly skin checkups at the dermatologist is also crucial because these individuals are prone to freckles, moles and send them. And just in general, the skin for cat moon native seems to be quite fair and it’s sensitive. So just supporting that, um, in general can, can be something that’s really important.

I know I, myself, I’ve had a lot of reactions to different types of things on my skin. So I also have to watch for like fabrics that I wear, which is kind of fascinating. So I tend to prefer cotton, um, as opposed to things that are. You know, um, more manmade, like polyester. Another important to mention as that, even though the sign is known for their endurance and their credible amount of physical resources, they become depleted because they don’t know how to replenish and recharge often.

You know, usually it’s an illness or something like cold or flu or an injury that will actually finally get them to stop and rest. So what I learned, because I’m definitely guilty of this myself is that building and a little bit of relaxation time every day is vital to prevent and be more proactive. So, you know, even if it’s just like a half hour, each night where you, you take an Epsom salt bath, which can be great for the joints or meditating to reduce anxiety, you know, that can be something that’s really uplifting.

And actually, I feel like. Just as important as eating healthy and getting enough sleep for pat natives, because they just really don’t know how to turn off and recharge sometimes. Um, so putting it in a schedule, um, which is something also Capricorns love can really, really help ensure that they’re getting that every day.

Um, another thing too, is these individuals have high ideals for themselves. They set really high goals and they will go after it. But if they feel they’re not measuring up anxiety and depression can creep in so important to really take a realistic look at the goals and investigate whether this is something that’s really leading to personal fulfillment or it’s satisfying someone else’s aspiration.

All work and no play. Doesn’t do anyone, any favors either. And since these individuals are so working, they can often put play on the back burner. And, uh, they can think that, you know, play time is not productive and it’s not going to lead to anything. But something that I think is very important to keep in mind is that a life that has play and fun every day and itself is a really great accomplishment.

And it brings a lot of rewards. So fun things for play for cap can be like going for a hike, which is a wonderful way to get in touch with the. You know, the goat, the totem for Capricorn and the affinity for mountain climbing and the outdoors, and that also can help release pent up stress and just get your mind off the everyday grind.

Um, and flower essences that are really helpful for cattlemen natives are vine to help relieve some of the stress associated with big responsibilities that Capricorn moon natives will take on. And which inspires courage and confidence in the face of a lot of pressure. Stephanie. That was awesome as always.

Thank you so much. Uh, I’ve got a couple of questions for you. And the first one I wrote down was right there at the beginning. You mentioned you might want to even go back in your notes and look at this. You mentioned sensuality now. I’m not going to say what he said. You all have to buy the book if you want to, it would be in the book of earth, but Steve Forrest had a very interesting comment about sensuality and Capricorn.

It wasn’t derogatory and it, well, it could be misconstrued. Let’s just put it that way and I’m not going to repeat it, but. Let’s say, calling into question the sensuality element. Now I know this is your sign and I don’t want to get too personal here, but where does sensuality fit in with the, as we other wise, think of the, kind of, you know, the practical, uh, focused head down a little bit, furrowed brow kind of image that we would have of the mountain.

Yes. So this is a great point. Um, because I do think you are correct. Cap is probably the least essential of the earth signs, but they are an earth sign and they do have that affinity for nature and that connection. And then also they will over the skin. So I think touch is really important. And considering how things feel on the body for them?

Um, I know me personally, like I mentioned earlier, I need to have certain things on my skin that feel good. I can’t wear certain fabrics. I actually have an allergy to wool. Um, and my skin will get really red and scratchy. So I also don’t feel comfortable if my body’s constrained in certain fabrics or certain clothing items, and I need to feel kind of free.

So I like having a structure of clothing, but it can’t be so much that I can’t feel like I can move and I can breathe. And, and then also, you know, moving the body and that connection with sensuality, I think just kind of every day, that’s something that I keep in mind of my body movement and how I’m interacting with my environment.

And I don’t know if really fire signs or air signs think of that as much. So I think that’s where the sensuality comes into play. But I do think you are correct. I think it’s something that the, that Capricorn needs to kind of almost be a bit more mindful on to tap into that side. Uh, cause it is a really important component for that.

Well, a couple of things on the fabrics. This is really cool. There is an, you can do a study on this, and there’s not a lot online that you can search, but there is a little bit, and it’s around the energy of different fabrics. And you mentioned cotton, organic cotton is one of the higher ones Lennon and actually wool is too.

But of course I get the, uh, the, obviously sometimes that reacts, but you’re talking about needing to wear some high energy types of clothes. And I found just a couple of weeks ago up at a little shop, uh, an hour up the road here, some of the most amazing. Like really spiritual shirts. T-shirts and I am working with the people up there to see if we can figure out how to distribute them so that people can buy them off of the website.

So I will let you guys know if I pull that off, but that is something that you would really want to take a look at because they are so comfortable and they look so good. They’ve got this spiritual connotation. Oh, just great stuff. I’m excited. Yeah. That’s amazing. And I definitely want one of those shirts because it is really hard to find, I think organic cotton and I want to support any company that’s doing that kind of work.

Uh, it really does make a difference. I think personally, when I work hard and, and I think man-made fabrics like polyester, I think nylon and rayon, those kinds of things, they may be cheaper, but I find that they don’t last as long and they’re not as comfortable to wear. You know, the other keyword that I pulled out was burnout.

And then the whole connection. You mentioned that at the beginning, and then you were talking about was, I was hearing in my ears was kind of a push it forward, keep it going that strong energy of just do it. Aries and Aries and Capricorn of course our Cardinal side. But then also we were talking about a little bit of this work, focus Virgo.

So there’s kind of an interesting blend between Cardinal and the earth element. Mm, yes. Excellent points. You’re absolutely right. Yes. So the Cardinal that action oriented go get it done. Definitely in Capricorn natives, and then they are very service-oriented, but I think unlike Virgo, these individuals, they do tend to take leadership.

I mean, not that Virgos don’t take leadership roles, but I think Capricorn has the ambition to ascend to the top. They want to be on top of that mountain. They want to be the leaders that delegate and, and get things done. Um, so they definitely have that boss energy in my mind. Um, I’ve actually had a couple Capricorn bosses, um, and they’re really good at systems and structure and getting things done and implemented in a very prioritized way.

They just have that natural mind for it. They are excellent workers. My dad, as I mentioned, was a Capricorn son and, uh, he was promoted. He was a stockbroker retail stockbroker for years and years and years started back in the 1950s and was quickly promoted to assistant manager and then eventually manager of his branch and was so for 30 something years, I mean, just for a long, long time.

One other thing that triggered was he was holding any motions. And I know you didn’t address this particularly, but as you were talking about the burnout and that just keep your head down and push on, and it’s almost like not connecting with your inner self, right? Not connecting with your feelings. Is that a danger here and bottling up emotions?

Yes, definitely. Definitely. And I myself have been very guilty of this and didn’t even realize it. I didn’t even have the awareness of this when I was younger. And, uh, I think what it comes down to is this definitely is a sign that if I could assign any kind of like mantra to it’s the keep calm and carry on, like you mentioned, they will push forward.

They will go past difficult things. ’cause they feel like they can get it done. They can do it. They will take on whatever, even if it involves a bit of pain or exhaustion, they will go forward and get it done. And I will say they’re very responsible, but on a sense, it’s like, you’re not serving yourself because you aren’t really.

Checking inside often to see, okay, am I really doing this because I want to, or do I feel like I have to? And I, myself, I’ve had this happen where, you know, the burnout burning candles at both ends, it’s manifested in physical ailments. And I couldn’t really figure out why I didn’t, I didn’t know why these things were showing up in my body that way until I.

Quite a bit of therapy and investigated and tied it back by having a journal where I would have a mood journal each day. And I check in to see where, you know, what moods am I having? And then what physical symptoms are showing up. And I was able to tie it into a lot of this was high stress, high pressure work environment.

Um, and just feeling like I needed to keep the composure. I didn’t want others to see that I maybe was struggling a bit or didn’t feel like I was getting the support that I needed. And also I think caps, not only moon natives, but Capricorn in general, they don’t like to complain. They will hold it in and they will keep going.

And so that, that’s another thing that can just kind of come out in a physical way. ’cause they don’t, they don’t want other people to worry. They want to be the ones getting it done. They don’t want to make it seem like other tons of other people need to step in and help out. So by getting more connected to my moods, my, my physical symptoms, how stress affects me, you know, and letting the emotions come out has really helped me.

And also too asking for. That’s not something that’s been easy for me. And I think every Capricorn can relate to that, that there are times where we have personal limits and it’s okay to ask someone else to step in. And I’ve recognized as well. That being in a team is awesome because. Other skills that people have that I may not necessarily Excel in and I can ask them to support me and not see it as well.

I’m giving them a burden, you know, an extra thing to worry about by stepping in to help me. So those are, those are really important. Key things. Yeah, it’s amazing how astrology just paints these pictures and then it just fits in like a glove like that. Okay. We were talking about the correlation to Virgo, which is a perfect transition to what we are going to do here tomorrow.

I’ve kind of build it up as a surprise, but we had a great listener question come in from the conversation that you and I had back when we were doing Virgo, doing the moon in Virgo, and we kind of scratched our heads and we thought, you know, mercury is. How do we, you know, trying to fit it in? Well, somebody picked up on that with a great question and you and I are going to tackle that together tomorrow as a little special episodes.

Yeah. Excited. Thank you so much for sending in that question to the listener. And, uh, we’ve got some great at breakdown and key points and analysis as to there’s some good supporting evidence for what she was saying. I want to be fun having that conversation. So I’m looking forward to seeing you back tomorrow.

Let’s get out of here for today. Stephanie. Thank you so much. Awesome. As always applause heard from all. Thank you, Thomas. And thank you so much to the listeners. I’m loving this and we’re getting close to the end. So I hope all of you are getting your medical astrology questions ready? Because we’re going to start doing segments on.

Yeah. Send them to the speak or send them via email. If you would like, I’m really looking forward to getting all of your questions. And I can’t wait to bring you more information and helpful things to support and empower your life. Have a great week.

I’ll see you guys next week.

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