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Friday September 24, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to TGI Friday, Thomas Miller on the fun astrology podcast, September 24th. Glad you’re here. I got a little cleaning up or addition not cleaning up. Addition to yesterday’s. We were answering that question from Cana about Mars moving into Libra, and all of a sudden it triggered all kinds of relationship issues for her.

And we were talking about finding relationships in your chart. You know, that could be an, a particular area that has been triggered and astrologers have been pointing to this little stretch right here, the latter part of this week. So the 23rd, 24th, 25th retrograde mercury retrograde starts early, early Monday morning.

I know a lot of astrologers on Astro Twitter have been pointing to this little section of a few days. With some trepidation of what might be in store for planet earth. And basically what they’re looking at is, are a couple of things and one of them will occur tomorrow. And that is, we’ve been talking about this big grand trine with Saturn and Mars will that trine happens tomorrow evening, Saturday nights, 6:00 PM.

Eastern time. Now Mars has been moving into that aspect for goodness. We’ve been talking about this thing for what a week, I guess, but, so, I mean, this is not new energy, but it culminates tomorrow often that can be a trigger. The other part of that asked aside from mercury, getting ready to turn retrograde is the opposition that we talked about yesterday, between Venus and Uranus.

Uranus is sitting in Venus’s house Taurus. And today 12:56 PM. So just after almost just shy of one o’clock this afternoon, Eastern time, the moon conjunction Uranus. So there’s a little bit of a trigger on top of that little cherry pie of those aspects that a lot of astrologers have been looking at nervously.

And then of course we’re a couple of days past the, uh, square between mercury and. Now, this has been the look on the favorable side week. So we’re going to focus more there, but if you are experiencing, um, some mental turmoil, if you will, that is the shadow side of that aspect. And it is a scratchy aspect.

When you say two planets trying to work together, how might they work positively even amidst that square. Well PMA, positive mental attitude. Also a very highly connected, spiritual communication pipeline to the home office. If you will, like it could be on fire. If you were on the positive side of that aspect.

Now the keywords are basically reflecting the same thing because across the board, see the keywords haven’t changed that much all week. Crisis is still up there at the top crisis and chain. I would say that the keywords have a little bit more of a tense overtone today than they did at the beginning of the week, because we have things like nervousness, difficulty, even nervous disorders.

So see there’s that Pluto mercury theme right there showing up in the keywords. Boom. But we also have joy and love inspiration friendship, and. And see, that’s pretty much what we had at the beginning of the week. I would say at the beginning of the week, we had a few more of the more positive characteristics in the higher strengths category.

But these are not Trainwreck keywords. Like we’ve seen a couple of times before. Now as we look ahead that Mars trine Saturn is tomorrow at 6:00 PM. Good day for yard work tomorrow. The moon is void. Of course, most of the day nine o’clock tomorrow until 8 35 tomorrow night. When the moon leaves Taurus and enters Gemini Sunday has an interesting aspect.

We hours of the morning at 2:06 AM. The sun will trine the north now. And sextile the south node. So between that Mars training Saturn, that’s big part of that big triangle, that grand trine that we’ve been talking about, then the sun aspect ING the nodes in a positive way. Is this whole karmic theme just reiterated big time on Sunday, 2:06 AM.

Is that one? So yes, we have the Taurus moon today. We have the void of course tomorrow with the Mars training. The moon then moves into Gemini that opens up the whole mercury connection. Right? And then the sun hits the nodes. So, I mean, we are really setting this whole weekend up for karmic business. So stuff might come up and if it does allow it go back and listen to my last couple of subconscious mind mastery podcasts about pulling the Jinga blocks, because this was a great weekend to do that.

I mean, Now tomorrow medical astrology with Stephanie talking about Capricorn, Capricorn, moon, Capricorn, rising Capricorn sun, or if you have Capricorn in your chart, come on and listen to us tomorrow. We will be talking about that. Then Sunday, we got this great question from somebody when we were talking about the rulership of Virgo and it was a very interesting question that explores things like.

Series OFI. UCASS some of the dwarf planets and the constellation that isn’t the 13th Zodiac constantly. I don’t know. Just, it’s an interesting conversation. You’ll have to come join us on Sunday. We’re just going to sit and have a chat about some interesting stuff primarily. About what does the consciousness of the future look like from an astrological perspective?

That’s the real conversation. So have a great TGI Friday back tomorrow, back Sunday, and then mercury retrograde on Monday. So we’ve got a busy couple of three days. Take care, have a good Friday.

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