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Wednesday, September 22, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to hump day. Welcome to Libra season. Welcome to the September Equinox. Keep going. Okay. Welcome to mercury squaring Pluto this morning and welcome to avoid of course, moon later tonight at enough for you. Thanks for joining. No Thomas Miller on the fund astrology podcast. Thanks for stopping by to check out what some of the things are that are going on in our lives.

Collectively, as we consider the sky above today, it is hump day, September 22nd a day. I will never forget because 29 years ago, my life was blessed with my first son and I’m wishing him a big happy birthday today. Well, we do have a lot to talk about the sun moves into Libra. So let’s start there. We’re not going to go in chronological order here.

We’ll start with the big one and then we’ll kind of work everything else in. If we can 3:14 PM Eastern time, the sun moves into Libra 3 22. So a Neri eight minutes later, the September Equinox, I think so many of us love this season, right? It’s in the Northern hemisphere. It’s about pumpkins and crisp fall air and fairs and football and all kinds of wonderful things.

If you’re below the equator, you’re coming out of winter. So where’s the, I mean, it’s like, this is great either way you go. So Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac. It rules, the seventh house makes it a masculine sign. All of the odd signs are masculine. The evens are feminine and of course, Libra is ruled by none other than.

Which was in Libra last month. Now the ruler of Libra is in Scorpio, in therapy, dealing with its issues. So we do have some challenging set up in Libra. So first of all, its ruling sign has already left town. What it left behind is mercury right now at 24 degrees, but we’re in the pre shadow period for mercury retro.

Also Mars, which is not happy to be there because it rules the sign on the other side of the chart Aries and the sun just cracking in today. So let’s talk about mercury retrograde because that does happen in Libra. So let’s pick those numbers apart really quick. It begins on September 27th. We’ll be at about 25 degrees Libra.

When mercury goes into retro. It moves all the way back to 10 degrees. I mean, it just takes a wide swath all the way back through where it had just come and turns direct again on October 17th. So if you count from today through Sunday, Monday of next week begins mercury retrograde. So we have five days, but the shadow begins tomorrow.

The shadow period starts tomorrow. And then at actually 1:10 AM Eastern time on Monday morning. So just after midnight is when mercury goes retro. So that’s an all Leebron event. Now Mars is tracking through Libra. You might ask, will Mars make it out before the sun does answer to that is no. So when the sun moves into Scorpio, Mars will be at 26 degrees Libra.

So see that leaves Mars and mercury, just starting to crawl its way back out of retro grade. That’s going to leave a very interesting Libra in October. So we are going to need Libras, balanced scales. I know a lot of you appreciate the financial, just touching on some financial astrology. And one of the things that the financial astrologers are definitely watching for this October is the mercury retrograde as in surprises and volatility.

You know, it will also be interesting because this Libra season is starting off with a couple of interesting aspects. One of them is that grand trine. We’ve been talking about the last several days. Now the sun has crept into the range of that. So again, we have these three trines between say, Mars now the sun in Libra and the north node in Gemini.

I’m just wondering if there’s not some, some karmic mist in the air that will develop through this season. And there’s also a T-square. So that’s a two squares connected by an opposition. And we’re talking about there, the moon in Aries at 24 degrees. Directly opposite mercury. We just talked about that at 24 degrees squaring up to Pluto in Capricorn.

I know we won’t be around here when we talk about Pluto in Capricorn the next time, because it will take 250 years, but just set in your current. Plan for the future that you come back fully conscious and aware that when you hear Pluto in Capricorn, you know, changes are coming to old structures. And I think a lot of people are anticipating what happens when our three planets go direct again in.

The dates on these are in the section where the chart is on the fun website, but October 6th, I mean, right off the bat Pluto direct boom, October 11th, Saturn direct boom, October 18th, Jupiter direct. All of that while Mercury’s in retrograde and we’re kicking all this off with a karmic grand trine and a Plutonian with the moon as a trigger T-square.

So we haven’t even talked about the characteristics of Libra. Let’s leave that for tomorrow. We have a little bit of time because tomorrow the main big event is we have Venus opposite Uranus. So we’ll talk about that. Also today we have that mercury squaring Pluto. That’s at 9 0 5. And then the moon goes into void of course, tonight at 10 0 4.

So let’s enjoy the Equinox. Fall is in the air up north spring is in the air down south and we will just enjoy both. There’s a little sliver moon left. We could go howl at feel on the frisky of the fall. All right. Have a great day. We’ll be back tomorrow and then Friday and then Saturday medical astrology with Stephanie.

And we’re going to be talking about Capricorn. Have a great day.