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Saturday September 18, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Before we roll with Stephanie. I just wanted to remind you, if you’d like some weekend viewing about what might be ahead for the United States. This is an accumulation of the material that I’ve been studying with Robert Glasscock. We take a look at the natal chart and a couple of solar arc charts and the transits. I shot some of the beautiful country around here in North Carolina. It’s on the homepage.

Okay, Stephanie, let’s roll. Welcome in to the Saturday edition, September 18th, version of the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller, along with Stephanie Vickers. Hi Stephanie. Hi Thomas. Happy to be back with you. Well, and you know, if people have been having a little bit of a tough week, we had Scorpio moon last weekend, but boy, we have on our calendar.

Talking about medical astrology with the moon in. Are you ready for this Sagittarius? Yay. We get to smile and be happy today. Sad is all optimistic and fun. It’s ruled by Jupiter. So it’s very lively and adventure. So we’ve got some fun things here to discuss for those that have a Saje moon. So these individuals, they have a vital force it’s really outwardly.

It can sometimes be scattering and restless, and it can act as a stepping up transformer to the life force or the sun. So these are really revved up people. They are a mutable fire sign. So me things to be spontaneous and flexible and changeable. So anything too restrained or with too much pressure is going to deplete their vitality.

Areas of health focus for them or the liver, lower spinal nerves, including sciatic nerves, arteries, hips, sacrum, Coxix buttocks, thighs, and voluntary muscles. These individuals need to move. They can find it incredibly difficult to sit still and rest. They really need that mental, but also physical excitement.

If they can’t be physically active, they can actually get really on edge and anxious. These natives absolutely need a daily exercise routine in general, most Dodges love sports and athletics, but really any kind of activity that gets them moving, especially something that involves their hips and legs is really going to be helpful for.

If they do have a sedentary or a mainly sedentary lifestyle, what can happen is, is that muscular fire will migrate to their nervous system. And this will cause issues like restlessness, insomnia, possible addictions and mental malady. So, like I mentioned earlier, really incredibly important. They move their body daily.

The physical issues will show up if they don’t allow free movement of their body, but it’s important for them not to push themselves beyond their individual physical limits to prevent overuse an injury. Sciatica can be really common for these individuals. So being very mindful of proper body mechanics form and watching out for overdoing anything.

And especially if that is in a robotic or weightlifting type activities. Best prevention for sciatica really is strengthening the buttocks and thighs. And this helps with hip stabilization. So doing things like resistance training, even if you are using, you know, two pound weights, very lightweights or resistance bands, which we can all use at home can help tighten the glutes.

The quads and hamstrings nerve impingement happens when an area is overly tight and weak. So by training the areas I just mentioned regularly, it can really help ward off, not just say Attica. But lower back in knee pain, which a lot of people struggle with really important to incorporate daily stretching and lengthening after physical activity, just to keep that muscle tightness away.

So doing things like static stretching after you exercise yoga and Tai Chi can be really helpful. Sad mood natives are drawn to foreign or different health modalities as Sagittarians are in general. So trying something Eastern, if you’re Western born or vice versa can be really exciting and rewarding.

Like tourists and Scorpio, the thyroid can be sensitive in this placement, usually more so in a hyper or over functioning manner. And there’s a tendency towards graves’ disease, so essential to support thyroid and also immune system health. Since graves’ disease is an autoimmune. Jasmine natives love to do things big.

They’re really larger than life. So being mindful though, that this can sometimes lead them to burnout and exhaustion, bullish, mishaps, and insomnia, they are just so excited and consumed with an activity that they can get carried away. And these individuals can go sometimes days without sleep really important to ensure that they’re getting proper sleep every night, balancing that mental and muscular activity is vital for them.

And then a note of caution as well to stay away from excess caffeine. If you’re a Sargent native Sagittarians in general, love caffeine, because it gives them a great boost and it can amp them up, but it can really further deplete the body, the adrenals and exacerbate any existing insomnia. Also want to watch out for alcohol and saturated fat intake.

You want to keep that at a minimum, that’ll help keep body inflammation lower and puts less stress on sensitive livers, which signage new natives have. So overindulgence in alcohol. Sugar food, caffeine. These are things that they’re drawn to because they hate FOMO or fear of missing out. And they love to be a part of the party and they have such great exuberance for life, but they really need to keep in mind the mantra moderation is everything.

That’s, that’s the key for that. So further support, optimal liver health, choosing things like organic over conventionally grown produce when possible limiting artificial sweeteners, synthetic food, additives, and colorings, and looking into taking liver, supporting supplements and herbs such as milk thistle, dandelion.

Jim sene, beetroot, tumeric, and burdock root can be great. Of course. Discuss with your healthcare practitioner though, before you try, uh, some other things not eating on the run. So proper bowel flow and digestion can have. Segment natives are so active. They don’t like to sit down and eat and they want to go, go, go, and they can be guilty sometimes of eating on the run, but that really doesn’t allow your body to get into that parasympathetic state where proper digestion can occur.

And then any lots of liver supporting foods. So things like, uh, that are rich in sulfur and Coleen, which your liver loves and needs for multiple physiological processes. Uh, Lentils onions, garlic, cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cauliflower are really good. And then I want to mention, it’s really uplifting for them to include some exotic or foreign foods from different cultures in their diet.

From time to time, they really are the travelers of the Zodiac. And that’s incredibly limited right now with everything going on in our world, uh, in 2021. So incorporating something new and unusual from international cuisines can be a really fun out. And the flower essences that can be helpful for sodomy natives are vervain, which helps with physical and nervous system balance and moderation rabbit brush, which helps to focus on details that a bit less on big picture, because Saje can sometimes get lost in the bigger view of things.

And sometimes it needs to come down to earth a little bit and focus on the smaller things. And then Angelica, which helps with grounding and bolstering faith during difficult life transitions or crisis, which is currently what’s going on in the world. So I only have my us and such, but I use Angelica on a daily basis and find it’s incredibly powerful content.

I think you just sent the sized that perfectly. I really got into what it feels like to be a sad moon native. I do have a dear friend that has a sad son. Uh, so not his moon, but he has a lot of these qualities and they are amazing people to be around. They’re incredibly uplifting. They’re very fun. You know, you, you feel like you want to go on adventures with them?

Oh, absolutely. That’s a great way to put it, but I think just from a classic right up the middle way of synthesizing Sagittarius, you just did it beautifully. Thank you for that. Okay. Applause is heard from the gallery. All right. I’ve got a couple of thoughts here. So let’s spin a few things around and I’m going to surprise you.

I haven’t talked to you about this offline, so we’re doing it right here in front of everybody, but I’m realizing that we only have three more signs to go. So that’s three more weeks. When we get through, would you be open to taking on some medical questions? Yes, I would love to do that. And I’m so glad that you’re thinking ahead because yes, we do.

We only have three more signs left to go through. So I would love if the listeners could, you know, do the speak pipe or send an email, anything, you know, obviously we can’t diagnose on this podcast, but anything that they really want to know in how to support their body and physical and even mental wellbeing would be awesome.

And the question goes, we won’t guarantee that we’ll get to all of them, but if you would like to do that, then just like Stephanie said, go to the fun website, go up to the top and do the speak pipe and you don’t have to leave any information. Even your email. It’s all just wide open. Just record and go, please talk into your phone so we can hear you clearly.

Or just send an email to We’d like to get those in the queue so that Stephanie can start preparing those answers as well. Now, the next thing I was going down the list and I was thinking, okay, what about air? What about mutable? What about, you know, eating on the run? I love that.

That was perfect. Cause, uh, can relate to that one a little bit, even though I’m not there with Sagittarius, but what really came to mind was this. When you were describing the Sagittarian, so strong fire energy out there, life of the party on the edge characteristics. I think the biggest thing is not to make anybody wrong for the characteristics that are naturally inherent to them.

So, what you were saying is that Sach’s can run faster, farther, more furiously than most of us can keep up with and they should be free to do that. And supported to do that live free. Exactly. Beautifully put live free and be big. That’s it? I feel like that just sums up Sergeant general. No, we want to encourage and empower, you know, these traits.

Of course there’s the shadow side to every sign, but I think like you’re saying, you know, incorporating all the elements. Noticing that this is how you’re supposed to be. It’s okay. It’s good. And savages in general, if you’ve ever met one personally or. Uh, strong Saje placement in their chart. They’re just really amazing people to be around.

And they really do have that bigger than life persona. And I know for me personally, they’re really good at driving up my inspiration and yeah, usually they can do things a lot of far, like. Faster and farther than I can even go physically, but you just want to be around them. They have this wonderful energy and that that’s a beautiful thing.

It’s not something to downplay. Yeah. The chart is such a beautiful representation of all of these human characteristics. And when somebody exhibits those two. Well, it might be a little bit more than we like to put in our comfort, comfort boxes or a comfortable space, man. Let them be because the world needs your bigness right now.

For sure. We need you inspire us please. Yes. Yes. All right, Stephanie, thank you so much for just an amazing job now,

just like, remember when we were back at Libra and we had to say. We deal with Scorpio. Well, we have to deal with Saturn’s Capricorn next. Yes, that’s right. And, uh, I actually have a Capricorn moon, so I am going to be bringing you very real and raw information that will apply to you. If you have a cat moon, and I can personally speak to a lot of things.

And I think just like Scorpio cap can sometimes get a little bit of a bad rap, but there are some incredible qualities to it. So I look forward to bringing that next. Yes, there are indeed. My daddy was a Capricorn and a beautiful soul. He was so we will unpack that and we will give you guys great inspiration on Capricorn next week.

Stephanie, thank you so much. Great. Having you here again as always. Thank you so much, Thomas. I really love doing these with you and I am so happy that the listeners are finding this helpful. So thanks to all the listeners that tune in, and we will see you all back here next Saturday.